An Italian documentary reveals three Georgians who say they were the snipers on Kiev’s Maidan in 2014

(Let me see… mercenary snipers brought in from outside the country to post up in hotels and open fire on a large crowd of people down below. Hmmm. What does that remind me of? Christopher Boyenger, the American they claimed was in charge of the operation, is now fighting in Donbass on behalf of the Nazi regime in Kiev. He’s hooked up with the Georgians. Sometime after hostilities broke out in April of 2014, Boyenger OFFICIALLY started working with the new Nazi government in Kiev to attack the Ukrainian people in Donbass. Boyenger claims Kiev is an “important ally” of ours now that they staged a bloody color revolution and got them to stick with the EU. Makes you kinda wonder where he was on Oct. 1st huh?)

from RussiaFeed

The interviews with three snipers of Georgian nationality, conducted by the Italian journalist Gian Micalessin and aired as a breathtaking documentary on Milan-based Canale 5 (Matrix program) last week, still have not paved its way to the international mainstream media. That is hardly surprising taking into account the bombshell evidence against the real perpetrators and organizers of the 2014 coup d’etat in Kiev, generally known as the “revolution of dignity“.

The documentary features Alexander RevazishviliKoba Nergadze and Zalogi Kvaratskhelia, Georgian military officers  who were recruited to carry out a “special mission” in Kiev by Mamuka Mamulashvili, a close aid of Mikhail Saakashvili’s former defense minister Bacho Akhalaia. They claim that on Jan 15, 2014 they landed in Kiev equipped with fake documents and were transfered to Maidan. Having received 1000 USD each one and being promised to  be paid 5000 USD after the “job is done”, they were tasked to prepare sniper positions inside the buildings of Hotel Ukraine and Conservatory, dominant over the Maidan Square.

The facts they exposed afterwards, were shocking. Along with other snipers (some of them were Lithuanians) they were put under command of an American military operative Brian Christopher Boyenger (his Facebook page is here). The coordinating team also included Mamulashvili and infamous Segrey Pashinsky, who was detained by protesters on Feb 18, 2017 with a sniper rifle in the boot of his car and  later headed the first post-Maidan interim president administration of Ukraine. The weapons came on stage on February 18 and were distributed to the various Georgian and Lithuanian groups. “There were three or four weapons in each bag, there were Makarov guns, AKM guns, rifles, and a lot of cartridges.” – witnesses Nergadze.

The following day, Mamulashvili and Pashinsky explained to snipers that they should shoot at the square and sow chaos. “When Mamulashvili arrived, I also asked him. Things are getting complicated, we have to start shooting – he replied that we cannot go to presidential elections. “But who to shoot?“ I asked. He replied thatwho and where it did not matter, you had to shoot somewhere so much to sow chaos.”

I listened to the screams,” recalls Revazishvili. “There were many dead and injured downstairs. My first and only thought was to leave in a hurry before they caught up with me. Otherwise, they would tear me apart.

Four years later, Revazishvili and his two companions report they have not yet received the promised 5000 USD bills as a payment and have decided to tell the truth about those who “used and abandoned” them.

The full documentary with English subtitles is available below (in two parts):

[read more here]

23 Responses

  1. Sorry Scott, I think you are missing something here… who’s really to blame!
    These Georgians obviously lie (under heavy protection). Yes, there were snipers there. As in Romania in 1989. At the time too, snipers as such were not mentioned in mass-media, they were rather presented as terrorists (opposed to the “revolution”, supportive of the president, Ceausescu): clearly identified as Palestinians! Even for me, rather young at the time, this was a ludicrous notion, not to mention the lack of any proof! And still, there were real snipers, I even heard them shooting from the top of my parents’ house. Well, the snipers were in fact Israelis (officially “Palestinian students”) – that were released on the spot when captured by the military after they flashed their Israeli identity!. I suspect the same here…

    • why would you “expect” the same?

      Just laid out not only statements from Georgians who were INVOLVED alongside a link to an article about the US soldier fighting for the new Nazi regime in Ukraine with the Georgian soldiers…

      … coincidence?

      or maybe it’s best to try to throw people off by saying “Israel did it” than let them keep talking about US-sponsored terrorism in Ukraine perhaps?

      • I have a great respect for you, Scott. And I don’t try to take you in a wrong direction. No, I just tell you what I know for sure.
        I was there under the fire, by the way, a full night. I just mentioned the fire above the house because it didn’t sound like anything I heard before (I was there trying to sleep after 650 km on (slow) train and a night out under “regular” fire, trying to help the military against the “terrorists”). Later I was explained what it was (Israeli sniper rifles). I had been an officer in the Merchant Marine for four years at the time, and studied before for four years at the national Naval Academy, a military university – so I had some ideas about military stuff. All the people I talked about then, from all positions in society you can’t imagine… But you just go and believe those bozos that pretend they didn’t get their 5000 dollars and that’s why they “come clean” on MSM! 🙂
        No, you are right, this doesn’t prove that the same happened in Ukraine but I will ask you: why not? – when it already worked elsewhere? I tell you: as I had a “chance” to live it, these Israeli guys get free pass for murder in front of even a country’s military and this explains a lot if not ALL.

        • ” But you just go and believe those bozos that pretend they didn’t get their 5000 dollars and that’s why they “come clean” on MSM!”

          Now see they aren’t on “MSM” first of all. Do a Google search and see that shit for yourself. This comes from an Italian channel and believe it or not, every now and again you can find a little truth peeking out from behind the curtain over in Europe. And I am not believing them due to that, I believe them because I CONFIRMED THAT THE AMERICAN SOLDIER THEY MENTION DID INDEED WORK FOR THE UKRAINIAN NAZI REGIME WE PUT IN PLACE VERY EARLY ON AND WORKED SPECIFICALLY WITH THE GEORGIAN CONTINGENT. You seem to ignore that part of what I put up. Repeatedly.

          So I confirmed that the American was there and fighting with the Georgians with another independent source. And there are more if you chose to have a look yourself.

          Another point to make here is “why?”

          Why do you think they would lie about doing this and say it was the OPPOSITION that brought them in and paid them for it… when in fact… no one cares anymore and no one is really investigating it and everyone still believes the former Ukrainian president was behind it? Why would they do that if all they are doing is trying to protect Israel? Why bring it up in the first place? Why open up the possibility that someone else did it?

          Lets try this… since I obviously made the connection between this kind of operation overseas and the Oct. 1 shooting in Las Vegas… are you suggesting perhaps somebody brought in Israeli snipers to shoot up Las Vegas? Is that where you are going with this line of reasoning?

          Lastly, I don’t do “what ifs” meaning, even if Israelis were involved in the event you are making a reference to, how do you make that leap without any evidence at all to the shootings in Ukraine? Seems spurious at best.

          I don’t know how much the Israelis were concerned about Ukraine staying in the EU but I know the State Department was extremely concerned about it. I know we had a great deal to do with that particular color revolution and I have always known that we fight wars in this manner (as does the IDF) via Special Operations Command. Bringing in Georgians makes sense due to the ethnicity and language and Georgia is basically a satellite nation of ours and they would be concerned about Ukraine shifting a bit further to the Russia orbit in the region. Makes sense.

          Perhaps Israel played a role but the evidence isn’t there right now to support it. Certainly not enough to dismiss what these three men have confessed to. If you have such evidence, please feel free to provide links to it. I would be glad to take a look.

          • No, I don’t dismiss anything you wrote about US involvement.
            I know about it more than you think (do you know anything about the reinstatement some years ago of president Basescu of Romania, probably the most extreme fascist neoliberal this world ever saw, after he was democratically and overwhelmingly voted down by the people, through direct and obvious actions of the US?).
            It’s just that from what I see the US and Israel are one and the same. Except that Israel is the dark “intelligence” and mercenary military hub. Nobody can control what’s happening there. It can take the blame too, why not? It’s protected first of all by political correctness – for the general public, then by its all gate-keeping Jewish “critics”, then by the “intelligence” community and the military almost everywhere. (It’s the money, or their preferred quip: “it’s the economy, stupid!”).
            About that Las Vegas shooting: who controls the casinos and hotels there? Surely this is no point to be raised! 😀
            And again, I didn’t write anything here because I “believe something”, it’s because I lived it and I know it (from a “infinitely” lot much more than I wrote here).

          • By the way, the Georgians are there in the plot for the people to blame them instead of US or Israel. I thought it was easy to see…

            • if someone has their mind made up, no amount of evidence will ever suffice. People rely to much on what they “feel” is right and what has happened. Anything that is contrary to theirs will be met with hostility, followed by paranoia, followed by reaffirmation of their gut feeling.

              • Wow! Now we get some “psychologist” on the subject! 😀 In fact, to rather throw us off-subject! – isn’t this always their real goal? 😀

                • and you aren’t throwing things off-subject by suggesting israeli involvement with no evidence to support your “theory”?

                • p.s. — for the record, i despise the apartheid state of israel and i know they’re far from innocent concerning any number of events. but if you’re going to assert that they’re complicit in this tragedy, then you should provide some actual proof; simply saying that israel did this or that once upon a time means nothing in regards to this particular story. so please: put up or shut up.

            • except for the fact that they claim an American was in charge of the operation and other articles report that same Americans were there working with the Georgians. You do know the US will typically recruit assets from countries we neoliberalize because it’s better to use them than have US fingerprints on operations like these, right?

  2. I agree

    • First, belief in conspiracy theories is pretty widespread. Many people believe some conspiracy theories. Most people who believe them are not crazy, and they do not believe all conspiracy theories. Someone can believe one conspiracy theory and think that people who believe different, unrelated theories are nuts. For example, you might easily believe in JFK assassination conspiracy theories while thinking people who believe the moon landing was faked are nuts.

      • Second, there ARE some real conspiracies. There are examples of the government or powerful people doing bad things, and these bad actions that are true make people more disposed toward believing other conspiracy theories; if the government did something bad in the past that was proven true, then the conspiracy theory you believe in might just be another bad thing that has not yet been proven. It is also important to understand that sometimes, people in power will try to cover up their misdeeds by casting any accusations as just the ramblings of crazy, tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorists. Sometimes the people in the tinfoil hats are actually right, and the label “conspiracy theory” can be dismissive in ways that are harmful.

        Third, people are more inclined to believe in conspiracy theories when they feel powerless or vulnerable. This is true in politics, and it’s true of people from all political perspectives and backgrounds. Two political scientists, Joseph Uscinski and Joseph Parent, in their book American Conspiracy Theories, American Conspiracy Theories: Joseph E. Uscinski, Joseph M. Parent: 9780199351817: Books

        • found that conspiracy theories are not more common on either the right or the left; they are more common on whichever side is out of power at the moment. During the Obama years we saw an increase in right-wing conspiracy theories (like the Birther nonsense) because the right was the side feeling threatened and out of power. But during the Bush years, we saw an increase in left-wing conspiracy theories, such as the 9/11 Truthers. Being that we are now in a time of Republican control of government in the U.S., we should expect to see an increase in conspiracy theories on the left (and a corresponding condemnation of them on the right.) That this pattern holds up over time is pretty important to understand; neither “side” is more crazy or conspiratorial than the other. Uscinski and Parent, for example, found in their research that typically, around 20% of the population thinks that any election in which their party or chosen candidate lost must have been stolen in some way. This is true of every election, regardless of which party or candidate wins. There are always some people who believe if their “side” or candidate lost, it can only be because the other side cheated.

          Fourth, part of the appeal of conspiracy theories is that they help to impose order on a chaotic world. There is a natural human tendency known as “apophenia”, sometimes also called “patternicity”. This is the tendency to see patterns where none exist; to see evidence of connections between random events because our brains want the world to be orderly and sensible. If some random guy can hide out in a book depository and shoot the President of the United States just because he’s crazy, well, that’s random. It’s nonsensical. Our brains don’t like that. But if there was a carefully orchestrated plot by shadowy figures who have something to gain by the President’s death, well, THAT is a pattern. Patterns make sense. Our brains like patterns. So we see them, even when they are not really there.

          • Fifth, another part of the appeal of conspiracy theories is the sense of empowerment that comes from being “in the know.” If you look at Quora on some of the questions and comments on the moon landing conspiracy theories, you’ll see this in action. Some people who believe in the conspiracy theory are quick to call those who offer evidence debunking it as fools who have the wool pulled over their eyes by the powerful. They are “sheeple,” they are sleepwalking through life, while the people who know “the truth” that the whole thing was “fake” are the only awake ones, the only ones with their eyes open. This can be a very empowering feeling, which is part of why diehard conspiracy theorists will generally not be persuaded by evidence against them. They WANT to be the only ones awake. They like how that feels.

            And finally, all people, to one degree or another, have a tendency to accept information that reinforces previously held beliefs, while ignoring or rejecting information that challenges those beliefs. This is called confirmation bias, and everyone does it to one degree or another.

      • neither of these two possibilities brought up here qualifies as a “conspiracy theory” so your rant is pointless, unless of course, you’re whole purpose is something along the Cass Sunstein lines.

        the reader who suggest Israel may have played a role was putting forward an hypothesis: a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.

        the story about the Georgian snipers CONFESSING to their role in the Ukrainian sniper attacks is a theorem: a general proposition not self-evident but proved by a chain of reasoning; a truth established by means of accepted truths.

        neither of which is a “conspiracy theory” so your entire rant on that subject is completely out of place and seemingly tossed in for… other reasons.

      • as I have stated already, neither position is a “conspiracy theory” but what that term is used for is to stigmatize folks who offer other theorems and hypothesis other than the established allowed discussions on various subjects. Such attacks will not be allowed on this website. Use that term again and I will not only ban you (again) but I will erase all of these comments, leaving only the replies. I’m not kidding.

  3. I just don’t see why 3 snipers claiming anything is Believable. Sounds more like state ran propaganda. I looked around for a few hours and couldn’t find anything, not one thing, to corroborate anything they said. What am I missing?

    • well, first of all, you’re missing the sniper rifle in the trunk of that car and the guy standing there helping defend the sniper and let him get out was reportedly one of the men who helped the Georgian snipers when they landed in Kiev and were making ready for their job. And then you missed the article I linked to in the little comment I made when I posted the article at the top showing the same US soldier who they claim was in charge of them on this operation was exposed as someone helping the Nazi regime in Ukraine and working with the Georgians. You also missed the part of the story where it makes no sense to have someone come along and blame the opposition for the sniping when the official story right now still says they were there as an effort by the then president to retain power. So you missed a lot actually.

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