New Tax Plan: M.A.S.S.A – “And then we told them that shit AGAIN! hahahahahahaha”

The story of the new republican tax plan told through art. Enjoy.

And they fell for it again. That’s the funniest part of all of this shit. These criminal pundits, these complicit apologists for the oligarchy and the kleptocrats who rule our rulers are sitting there with straight faces trying to tell their viewers this shit works while we all know FROM EXPERIENCE that it doesn’t. Well, it DOES WORK FOR THE BILLIONAIRES and their servants in Washington and the media… but it doesn’t work for anyone AND WE KNOW IT.



Now there’s a fucking tee-shirt, huh? Anyone got any graphic arts talent around here? Here’s my best shot. Give it a whirl! Might get the Trumpster’s campaign manager’s attention for 2020!

8 Responses

  1. forget all the trimmings and flowers… put a small group of kneeling black and white men and women holding small plates up toward a tall suited man…. and they are begging for food.
    at the bottom…. “America takes care of its own.”

  2. True art—all of it. And, I suppose the Dems voted for it, too, enough of them, anyway.

  3. Almost everything going on today (identity politics, fake news/events, inner city war zones, endless imperial adventures, healthcare extortion,…) is because we are all fighting over table scraps. If we had a balanced and honest sharing of the wealth, nobody would care about most of the sh!t we are wrapped up in these days. But since we are all trapped rats in a cramped maze, we fight each other and herd ourselves into little protective groups.

  4. work and pray
    live on hay
    you’ll get pie in the sky
    when you die

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