Mugabe ‘We Are A Nation Born Out of Struggle’

(The New York Times, the scribes of the masters of the universe, are DETERMINED to tell their readers that NO MATTER WHAT, Mugabe is GONE. See? They got a regime change after all so the MOTU can relax… they will get some tribute. At what point are folks going to realize these FUCKS are literally sacrificing ENTIRE NATIONS to these fucking DEMONS? As Britain welcomes home their “ISIS” proxy terrorists offering them all sorts of benefit packages for the work they did TERRORIZING Syria and other countries, they CUT SERVICES to decent poor people and disabled people to pay for SUBSIDIZING FUCKING TERRORISTS. When are people going to understand? Neoliberalism is a MENTAL ILLNESS and it’s practitioners and it’s APOLOGISTS in the media (and universities) are in the business of RADICALIZING THE POPULATION with a DEMONIC IDEOLOGY? Islam isn’t EVIL but NEOLIBERALISM IS and that couldn’t be more fucking obvious to any RATIONAL human being on the planet.)

from TeleSur

“We are a nation born out of a protracted struggle” for independence and the goals and ideals of that struggle continue to “guide us,” said Mugabe.

With military officials to his right and government officials to his left, Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, addressed the nation on live television this evening. “Military officials share their concerns about Zimbabwe with me in good faith,” he said, adding that criticisms against the ruling ZANU-PF party by high officials gave way to the current political situation inescable.

“We are a nation born out of a protracted struggle for national independence,” Mugabe said, adding that the goals and ideals of the struggle against “those who occupied and oppressed us” continue to “guide” our “collective legacy across generations and times.”

He went on to say that that ZANU-PF was failing in its own rules and regulations and that the era of arbitrary decision-making must be “put behind.” The party’s official congress will take place next month and Mugabe announced that he would preside over it.

“We all embrace a new ethos,” he said…

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  2. I don’t understand your comment. Mugabe was a tool of the CIA: that’s how he got into power. See the Aangirfan article from March 18, 2013. He’s a thug and a murderer who had thousands of opposition party (ZAPU) members killed in the 1980’s. His job appears to have been simply to maintain, while the Anglo mining companies continued to strip the nation of its wealth. The election held in 1980 was not fair–Joshua Nkomo (although, granted, from a less populous tribe) was the real leader in the struggle for majority rule. Apparently Mugabe was getting too friendly with China, so had to go.

    The Telesur videos attached to its article are about South Africa and Mozambique, NOT Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. Rhodesia never had apartheid.

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