Processing the Rancho Tehama Shooting

At 5am on a Saturday, my UPLOAD speed has picked up a little so I thought I would try to upload this video I made Tuesday on the Rancho Tehama shooting spree.

links available after the break

California man killed wife before gun rampage –

Tehama County gunman’s wife found dead under floor of home article

Tehama shooter began spree by killing his wife, hiding her body, sheriff says

The Webster Ambush: No Motive, No Source for the Guns, Perfect Escape Route Via Lake Ontario and Canada


3 Responses

  1. our country is being flushed down the sewer … fast

  2. You are doing great work on these cases. I just wanted to point out one thing that feeds the idea that these are psyops. Look at Paddock’s photo and compare with the Rancho Tahema shooter. Also compare the Paddock high school photo and Dylann Storm Roof.

    I don’t care whether these people are the same or whatever, rather it is evidence of a psyop in how they are using these visual similarities.

  3. have you heard of the greenbaum speech? by dc hammond

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