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  1. The RT commentator left herself wide open when, in introducing Hedges, she FAILED to mention he was also an RT contributor/commentator. My progressive bias keeps from seeing any sinister motives in this omission but only an error. Just because the MSM does it doesn’t excuse RT for doing it. Journalism 101 “Non-full disclosure is unethical.” (So is making up your own quotes — like I just did.) Ha ha

    • He said he was, so the issue was addressed…

      • I know. It’s a small point, more worthy of a journalism blooper reel than something as part of a serious discussion. Ha ha
        I was just being a stickler in critiquing the young woman. Journalism 101 you know.

        You can’t always count on the subject remembering to fill in the bio for you can you? Or should you!

        And it’s an absolute nothing compared with the unlimited line up of military experts whom the networks routinely refer to them only by their retired status rather than their current employment for the big military/weapons contractors and corporations. That’s not mistake. That’s misrepresentation!

        Color me pixelated.

  2. Scott, thank you for this RT video and the one on Pay Day loans below, keep up the great work!

  3. Righteous indignation from gate keeper Chris Hedges….
    The very same guy who said 9/11 was “payback” for our bad deeds:
    “”Our brutality and triumphalism, the byproducts of nationalism and our infantile pride, revived the jihadist movement. We became the radical Islamist movement’s most effective recruiting tool. We descended to its barbarity. We became terrorists too.”
    Hedges is not as stupid as to believe that the wars the US has waged over the past two decades have been “a product of nationalism.” He is smart enough to know they were GLOBALIST wars. He simply lies. He knows 9/11 was not blowback with box cutters. He simply lies.

    Like Amy Goodman he feels the pain of the MIddle East nations we bombed and destroyed (but they tread softly on cat’s paws about the pain of those whose lives are destroyed — on our dime– in occupied Palestine). He and Goodman “understand” why 9/11 happened and explain it all to us. Yeah, right…
    The very same Hedges whose site (he manages it with Robert Scheer, I believe), Truthdig, did not “dig” too much before publishging this cartoon of Assad, the “dictator” who, you know, gasses his own people…

    He says the restrictions imposed on RT are a blow to our freedom of speech and he got that one right but is what bothers the ruling elite about RT its criticism of “capitalism” (never saw much of it on RT) and “imperialism”? He got that one wrong, and intentionally, I think.
    More importantly, from RT the American public can find out what the MSM doesn’t tell us: that Russia thwarted the PNAC/Oded Yinon scheme for Syria, that Iran and Hezbollah helped defeat ISIS, which gives Israel a grand mal seizures:
    To claim that RT– a state outfit– has an “anti-capitalist” stance is a hoot. Kosher marxists like Hedges and Bernie Sanders type kosher “progressives” still peddle the rancid old chestnuts of the 50s and 60s that have no relevance to today’s Russia.

    That a gate keeper like Hedges who does his level best to suppress any legitimate questioning of 9/11 poses as a defender of freedom of speech/information is sadly comical.

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