UPLOAD TEST – Spectrum Seems to have Greatly Reduced My UPLOAD Access

Hi folks. Tried to post another video yesterday but it would not upload. Speedtest showed UPLOAD speeds at .41 Mbps, .21 Mbps and .19 Mbps respectively. I contacted Spectrum this morning (5am) and they couldn’t even send a package to my router for testing. They say it’s some kind of signal corruption in the line. The earliest they can send someone out here is Weds. morning between 10 and 12.

So right now I am testing to see if I can even post articles with images from my computer.

Here’s a pic of me

Here’s a pic of Church.


A flower in my yard.


And there we have it. It took 3 minutes to upload that one image of me from my system. It usually takes about 5-7 seconds.

So… I will still be able to write and post but will not be able to download images and highlight areas of them for reposting on the site. I will see what happens on Weds. but something tells me Spectrum may not fix it.

I don’t know what happened to suddenly develop feedback on my signal right after I posted the video and photos I did yesterday. Go figure. I may have to switch service providers.

3 Responses

  1. good picture…..

  2. Keep up the good spirit and the excellent work.

  3. You did the wrong test.
    Try posting a photo montage of the portraits of Bill Clinton, GW Bush, Tony Blair, Obama, Clinton (the ‘she’) Netanyahu, Trump, aso, with the title (in large print): True Leaders in the Global War against Terrorism, for Democracy, Peace and Human Rights.
    See how long it takes to upload.

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