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  1. Great presentation, Scott.

    There is no scenario that explains this. Had he parked his truck there earlier… or was it his wife’s truck for which he still had the keys? Then parked a different car at the gas station?

    Yeah, that’s the best way to do a mass shooting… I mean like, driving a vehicle and parking IN FRONT OF THE CHURCH, getting out and start shooting a bunch of UNARMED churchgoers would be way too easy.

    I mean, who plans these things? If it was staged, were the “heroes” and the car chase an ad lib to a different scenario?

    All nonsense.

    • think about it. if you were a gun owning Texan and charged with coming up with one of these Gladio events… wouldn’t you want to make sure a “hero” in a white hat was there to save the day with a gun? an NRA member and former instructor no less?

      remember, these things aren’t about taking “good” people’s guns away… just the “bad” ones.

  2. There always has to be a designated spokesperson at these FF events to keep the story on message, probably one of the “must haves” for these event planners. Great sleuthing, including noticing all those shells yet somehow no broken windows!!

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