“We should be the party of BUSINESS” says Spoiled Billionaire un-Democratic Party Donor/Brat Stephen Cloobeck

by Scott Creighton

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In a follow-up to this morning’s article, I just wanted to share this with you.

How many times over the years have I written about our “one party system… The Business Party”?

I found an article by Caitlin Johnstone on her Medium webpage about how a billionaire oligarch supporter of the un-Democratic Party is MAD AS HELL at party leadership for even PRETENDING to go along with the 99% and their populist message of equality and social justice.

“I told them just STOP IT! Stop talking about the billionaire class. JUST STOP IT! Everybody wants to be rich. We should be the party of BUSINESS! This is sending the WRONG MESSAGE” says the angry billionaire you has just had ENOUGH of the un-Democratic Party pretending to move even SLIGHTLY to the left.

When asked if he thought the party was “moving to far to the left” the fat oligarch nearly choked on his vomit as he screeched he is thinking of quitting the party and taking his precious money out the door with him. He says we need a new “brand” for the party though he couldn’t say what that “brand” would look like other than “tax reform”.. right… the republican give-away plan for Big Business and billionaires… like this fat oligarch on MSNBC.

Here is what Caitlin wrote about this aspect of the interview:

Ruhle and Cloobeck then dove down a wondrous rabbit hole of the imagination to discuss a strange fantasy land in which the Democratic party has gone “too far to the left,” so much so that Cloobeck and his plutocratic peers will withdraw funding from the party if it doesn’t stop. Such fanciful assertions are a common hobby of the elites of both parties, who use the baseless narrative that the Democratic party has moved too far to the left in order to walk the entire US political spectrum even further to the right.

All they want is to push this country further and further to the extreme, reactionary right. All the way past Pinochet and the Shah.

This ties directly into what I wrote and said this morning. The Dems have no intention at all of becoming what folks like Cenk Uygur and Donna Brazile are pretending they want to be because their donor-class, the billionaire oligarchs whom they all cater to, would leave them in a heartbeat and they in turn would be left sans big paychecks.

This fat bloated fish monger of a man claims if the Dems go “further to the left… I’m out. I’M OUT!!”

Who the fuck cares if he’s “out”? If the little spoiled brat takes his ball and goes home?

Jeb Bush got a hundred million in 2015 from entitled pricks like this guy and Jebbie-boy was one of the FIRST ONES OUT OF THE RACE.

Hillary out-raised Bernie by trillions basically and she had to STEAL the nomination like some third-world despot.

And of course we all know how much more Killary spent on the general election than Trumpster spend… and how did THAT work out?

He’s OUT?! Good. I hope the door hits him right in his smelly crack as he pouts and stamps his feet all the way home.

Do you know what we do in other countries when they have the audacity to “vote the wrong way”? I mean aside from sending terrorists into their countries to kill civilians or dropping some “humanitarian bombs” on them until they get their minds right?

We get Big Business to torpedo their economies like we are doing in Venezuela right now so ass-wipes can say “look! see what SoooOooOoOocialism gets you?”

And that is what this asshole is threatening. Make no mistake about it. He knows damn well a grass-roots campaign can produce enough campaign revenue to beat their hand-picked apologist assets like Bush and Clinton.

He’s threatening all out economic terrorism against the party and against the left in this country if they don’t get their minds right and cater openly to filthy rich, greedy assholes like him.

Then he starts screeching “you wanna talk about assault weapons?!? GET RID OF EM! GET RID OF EM!”

Nobody was talking about assault weapons. But part of his holdings are in the Vegas casino industry.


From this performance I wonder if this guy is even a billionaire. He seems more like a … I hate too say it… crisis actor who’s forgotten his lines and gotten lost in the script, than a billionaire.

He donated a million bucks to a Clinton PAC back in 2016. Guess he feels he didn’t get his money’s worth.

The interviewer keep bringing up the sticky problem of all the people in the country being tired of “business as usual” in the one party, the Business Party, we find ourselves living in and she asked him why he thinks it is folks feel that way:

“maybe they are confused” was the angry billionaire’s reply.

Yeah. We are confused. Confused at how wrongly we see the world where for decades under this neoliberal economic policy we keep working harder and getting less while folks like him work less and less while making more and more.

We are just confused. Need to get out minds right I guess.

Anyway, the article by Caitlin is worth reading and here is a bit of the disgusting interview. Have some mouthwash ready because you will vomit as you watch it.

9 Responses

  1. His kind of thinking is what has killed the democratic party as far as I’m concerned. Another party of money? Well, unfortunately this seems to be just what we have.

    They can take their stinking money and cram it — they can walk, they can jump, or they can run. This guy sounds like a republican and he wants us all to be republicans.

    He’s not a very good speaker and certainly seems like he has been given talking points.

    My American Dream does not include rich, arrogant A-holes. Maybe we need a new idea of the American Dream or something.

  2. One characteristic of failing empires is a lack of talent at the top. Not entirely sure why that happens but it does. This fellow, Hillary, DNC’s Donna, Biden, none of the Dems spokespersons are in any way believable nor compelling. I’d love to see a real third party emerge from all of this but I don’t think we will be that lucky. Thanks again for yet another great article.

    • The answer is easier than people think because it doesn’t require party-infrastructure money, just a well-chosen plank based on what nearly two-thirds of Americans want, including a majority in each party. All that would be required is the candidate endorsed agree to the push the plank regardless of party affiliation and to vote that way regardless of party leadership pressure. It’s basically a butter not guns platform, along with fixing wealth inequality, full healthcare, no SS cuts, no foreign involvements, transparent food labeling along with clean food, aior and water, and legal marijuana. Call it the 60% Platform Party and you’re in business.

      Whenever people finally make this platform real there will be a permanent change in US politics.

  3. That interview was seriously creepy. She may as well have gone down on him then and there.

    • Yeah, she looked like she was about to karate chop the glass table to get to him. Something about his spray-on tan that she finds totally irresistible.

  4. Anyone who still believes that ordinary citizens still have a say-so in politics needs to have their head examined. That era is long past, if it ever existed. Neo-liberal economics is what rules the planet these days and it will not end well. And yes, your are correct about Venezuela. It’s part of the same play-book, but this time the chickens are coming home to roost, as the same will be applied here. The party structures are thoroughly corrupted everywhere and global chaos is now assured. The only emerging answer to globalized corruption is nationalized corruption – which may be containable, if there is enough time. But the planet is being wrecked by multinationals and UNDENDING consumption habits in the West, and with China mirroring that model. I know that you don’t believe the global warming models, but even if you don’t global pollution of the entire environment is reaching all time highs, wrecking any hope of more sustainable infrastructures. The entire Green Industry is also mostly hype, since even pristine environments are actually now traded in equity markets. The super rich might survive awhile longer than the rest of us, but eventually, they too, will succumb to their own internal power struggles.
    Every so-called ‘libertarian’ paradise has failed miserably long term. But not to worry: once AI takes greater control over all business transactions, every thought even remotely connected to fairness and the notion of any kind of merit or equality will expunged from the ‘knowledge based’ planetary infrastructure, where mass poverty is simply erased in the ‘smart cities’, or rather enclaves, until there is a prolonged power failure. I suppose, Puerto Rico is merely the newest testing ground for this, but not nearly big enough in scale. The mainland is proceeding more slowly, but right on course…lots of fracking to be done, and Nestle can procure more water rights everywhere on the planet. Halleluja 😦

    • Agreed. Seems like everyone loves talking geopolitics. But not so much the boring old geo part of geopolitics. I imagine this is (at least in part) due to the PTSB’s strategy of promoting green-washing with one hand and climate change ‘skepticism’ with the other. Perhaps if these issues were reframed as a population carrying capacity problem (and not an environmental one) there might be hope for building sustainable infrastructures and effective resource management policies. Naturally, that’s a tough sell these days with the Bircher-in-chief running the show.

      I think your assessment of the elites’ plan to hold out in secure enclaves managed by AI is probably correct. I guess they’re counting on GMO miracle crops protected by Craft International brute squads to somehow come through for them. Unfortunately most of the formerly productive soils in close proximity to cities have been destroyed. And most of our rural area soils have been so badly compacted and/or soaked in chemicals that, without cheap fuel and fertilizers, they won’t be productive enough anytime soon. Game over, man.

      With an idiot radio talk show host running USDA/NRCS (https://www.npr.org/2017/09/04/547934012/trumps-nominee-to-be-usdas-chief-scientist-is-not-a-scientist) we’ll be in real trouble when the west dries out. Like Old Testament Wrath-of-God kind of trouble. From the Grand Coulee dam to the Capitol… nobody’s going to fix the dust storms this time.

      If these unDNC Quislings and their 5th-column Heritage Foundation friends have their way we’ll still be busy adding new lanes onto the freeways and replacing our aquifers with fracking waste fluids right up until the end. So sayeth the Oracle of Issaquah:

      Here’s the man with teeth like God’s shoeshine
      He sparkles, shimmers, shines
      Let’s all have another Orange Julius
      Thick syrup, standing in lines
      The malls are the soon to be ghost towns
      Well so long, farewell, goodbye

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