Establishment “Hack” Donna Brazile’s Crass Attempt to Rewrite the History of the 2016 Primary and Rebrand the Corrupt, Neoliberal DNC for 2018

by Scott Creighton

You must remember that the desire of the establishment hacks isn’t get you to believe 2+2=5. That would make you an idiot. What they want is for you to ACCEPT that 2+2 CAN EQUAL 5.

A week ago on Nov. 2nd, the establishment hack website Politico published a little sneak peak of Donna Brazile’s “ground breaking” new book “Hacks” on their website. It served it’s purpose. The public got all excited about the upcoming publication and the WWE-style “debate” began to rage between the establishment “hacks” who back Clinton and the defenders of Brazile who pretend they are somehow different from their detractors.

It’s a show. Nothing more.

Politico is an establishment rag who would never publish anything of substance that dared address the real problem with the un-Democratic Party today.

For that matter, Brazile’s book is being published by Hachette Book Group, one of the 5 big publishing houses here in the states (French owned but based out of New York city of course):

Its headquarters are located at 1290 Avenue of the Americas, Midtown Manhattan, New York City.[2] Hachette is considered one of the big-five publishing companies, along with Holtzbrinck/Macmillan, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster.[3]

Why would these massive, establishment-backing entities publish and promote a book that claims to be attacking the Clinton machine which serves their interest so well?

Perhaps because her book doesn’t do that at all. Instead what it may do is help them to remake the tarnished image of the corporatist left, the neoliberal “centrist” left, in time for the 2018 mid-term elections.

Let us be very clear about what happened in 2016. The corporate DNC stole the nomination from Sanders voters and had they not done that, we would be evaluating the first year of his presidency instead of Trump’s. That’s a fact that is unavoidable.

They didn’t merely “tip the scale”… they STOLE the nomination.

Everyone of her dogged supporters right now say Hillary COULDN’T have rigged the election because they are all run by the individual states and not the national DNC ergo… they could not possibly have “rigged” the election.

That is ridiculous. If you don’t think the state and local chairmen of the party would be willing and eager to appease the Clinton machine and the national DNC establishment by doing their bidding and helping them rig the primaries in favor of Killary, you are a moron.

Exit polling proved they were doing just that before they decided to stop allowing exit polling because it was exposing their theft of the primary.

Millions of Sanders voters were PURGED off the DNC registration rolls just prior to the election. They were forced to fill out absentee ballots which were shredded and never counted.

Rules were changed in states where caucuses were held so Hillary would “win” them and when the members reacted angrily to those acts, the DNC and their friends in the establishment media tried to make it look like Sanders supporters were violent thugs attacking poor innocent Debbie Wassserman Schultz.

The 2016 DNC primary was absolutely rigged and it was rigged by the leadership of the DNC in collusion with the heads of various state DNC chapters for one very specific reason… to keep someone with SLIGHTLY progressive opinions OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE.

The corporate DNC understood that Sanders polled much better against Trump than Hillary did. She was the most unpopular candidate they ever fielded. Period. Her corruption was legendary and her history of backing neoliberal economic ideology goes back to her days as a Goldwater Girl.

Hillary Clinton isn’t just a “right of Reagan” republican… she’s a neocon and as such, she was eventually BACKED by the vast majority of the neocons. The same neocons that made up the Bush/Cheney regime.

Killing off the Sanders bid for the White House became the DNC’s primary goal even coming before her “winning” the general election and you know that by how much time they spent alienating his progressive base. Yes, they called the angry Trump supporters “deplorable” but they were even harsher on Bernie bots if you recall.

To the neoliberals in the DNC, it would be better to have a neoliberal Trump in the White House than a SLIGHTLY progressive Sanders and so it made them work very hard and risk a lot to make sure that goal was met. Even if that meant burning down the un-Democratic Party in the process.

But what would they care? They’re republicans anyway.

Keep in mind also that Donna Brazile is a life-long establishment neoliberal “New Dem” and she was working right alongside DWS the whole time since 2012 when she was Debbie’s vice chairman of the party. For her to come out now pretending to be “shocked” and “heartbroken” at how all this  played out is the biggest and most obvious rewrite of history I’ve seen in a long time.

Donna’s book is full of lies and mis-characterizations which all serve to throw the Clinton team under the bus in such a way that the “new” Dems can try to rebrand themselves as somehow a more populist institution. But none of what she actually writes in the book is new or revealing.

Take for instance the blurb published by Politico in which she says the DNC was in poverty and the Clintons came along and offered to fund it in exchange for taking complete control. That’s not news. We knew that crap a year ago but nobody bothered reporting on it back then because it didn’t serve the establishment DNC’s agenda like it does now.

Brazile’s melodramatics cast a purposeful haze over a few important details. She writes that she learned about the post-2012 debts that motivated the DNC’s agreement with the Clinton campaign after becoming interim chair in 2016. In fact, the DNC’s financial woes were widely reported in the years after the 2012 election. The murky specifics she describes of the joint committee’s fundraising arrangements—99 percent of gathered funds, which should have been split between the Clinton campaign, the DNC, and state parties, were only shared between the campaign and the DNC—would not have been news to the Sanders campaign. Their lawyer, Brad Deutsch, sent a pointed open letter accusing the joint committee of violating campaign finance law in April 2016. That, too, was reported on. Slate “The DNC Cancer is Donna Brazile”

The notion that the dreaded Clinton team was the bad apple and therefore responsible for all the ails of the DNC back then is laughable. It doesn’t hold water even now as the DNC just a couple of weeks ago purged progressive leaning Democrats from the DNC making ready for another round of “elections” in 2018. And who did they put in their place? Clintonites, of course. And by “Clintonites” I mean fascist, corporatist, neoliberal fake-Dems:

The Republican Party isn’t the only political establishment in shambles following the shock election of Donald Trump last fall. In a move that exacerbated the vast intra-party rift exposed during last year’s presidential primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez has stripped a number of longtime party officials of their “at-large” delegate status or leadership positions, while appointing a slate of 75 new members that include Clinton campaign veterans, lobbyists, and neophytes. Vanity Fair

You might recall the Dems in California did basically the same thing when they picked an insurance industry sellout to chair their state party via the use of “super delegates” after the VAST MAJORITY of the state’s party members wanted more progressive leadership.

Do you see how the state’s DNC parties work with the national one toward the same neoliberal goals? You think that didn’t happened during the primaries?

In spite of Donna Brazile’s ridiculous claims on various TV interviews this week, the DNC is NOT trying to remake their system to benefit the average working person in America like the Democratic Party of old USED to do.

Instead what Donna is trying to do, like the good neoliberal foot-soldier she has always been should do, is try to convince progressives across the country that they should believe the propaganda rather than what they see with their own lying eyes.

To that end, Donna is steadily trying her best to promote all the important establishment lies being pushed by the same Clintonites she pretends to be fighting with over silly details in her silly book. The “Russian hacking” myth being primary on that list:

She claims that the murder of DNC employee Seth Rich terrified her and that she shuttered her office blinds and installed surveillance cameras to evade snipers and other potential assassins. A who’s who of America’s most prominent conspiracy peddlers have tied Rich’s killing to the Clintons and Democratic leaders. Brazile had other theories. “With all I knew now about the Russians’ hacking, I could not help but wonder if they had played some part in his unsolved murder,” she writes. Slate “The DNC Cancer is Donna Brazile”

Ah. So Seth Rich didn’t leak the files to Wikileaks… and he certainly wasn’t killed by Clinton cronies for committing that treasonous act. No. It was da ebil Roooskies who did it all… according to our new whistle-blowing “hero” Donna Brazile.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson last night Brazile did everything she could to defend the DNC’s refusal to hand over their servers to the FBI for an investigation once they claimed they were “hacked” by the Rooskies.

The title of her book should make it perfectly clear where she stands on that myth.

And isn’t it funny how the Cold War was the creation of the “crazies” back in the day and now the “crazies” are called the “neocons” and the corporate centrist Dems are doing everything they can to help those “crazies” rekindle a New McCarthyism?

Almost like they are ALL neocons, right Donna?

Brazile also seems to have political aspirations as she tried her best last night to sell her new book. She did her best to rewrite the history of her own collusion with Killary.

During a wide-ranging interview, Brazile said she leaked questions at a Democratic primary town hall to members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign because she didn’t want the candidates to be “blindsided.”

“That’s the greatest spin I’ve ever heard” Carlson laughed in response. “I didn’t want them blindsided? That’s so good, you should do this for a living. That is hilarious.”

“Wikileaks sought to divide us,” Brazile responded. “These were active measures where you got to see the things I gave to Hillary. You never got a chance to see the things I gave to [Sen.] Bernie [Sanders] or [former Maryland Gov.] Martin O’Malley.Fox News

Brazile’s apparent love of melodrama would make the average WWE writer blush or vomit with disgust. The sappiness of her book is only matched by that of her recent interviews.

Oh she was weeping as she figured out the DNC had been bought off by the (sexist and arrogant) Clinton team. She just loves democracy so much much she had to put on some gospel music and weep as she prepared herself for a call with Bernie Sanders. Oh she was so distraught. Can you feel her pain?

Brazile has turned herself into a performance art satire of what she in her republican heart imagines the dissatisfied left to be but it’s a hollow, one dimensional caricature she’s fabricated. But one that she seems to think will help her sell her book and possibly even usher her into some form of elected office in 2018. And maybe this cynical, trite effort of hers will work. Amazon has sold out of her revisionist book and I am sure her establishment publisher is busy on the second pressing.

As the DNC doubles down with their purge of all things Democratic and progressive in THEIR party (you might recall the DNC lawsuit exposed the fact that they believe they had every right to rig the primaries) establishment “HACKS” like Donna Brazile are working diligently to try to remake their image. Yes, they will get the sellout Sanders to do another “unity’ tour again in a couple months and more phony Dems like the Young Turks will do their best as well to try to put some new shade of lipstick on this tired old worn down pig… but in the end, they will fail, like they always do. Because folks aren’t fooled as easily as they used to be.

You want to know why the DNC was in trouble financially after 2012? Because folks figured out around that time what I figured out in 2007 and that was… President Peace Prize was not progressive and he wasn’t a Democrat. At least not what folks believed the Democrats to be back then.

That’s why.

And after the primary of 2016, folks got an even clearer picture of what they are.

So, ultimately, even if the Donna Braziles of the country continue their efforts and fail miserably at them once more, they still get what they want don’t they? Far-right, neoliberal Republican economic ideology and policies being hammered out in D.C. and all of us “little people” being forced to sit back and suck it up for another couple of years. And make no mistake about it, that’s just fine with the Donna Brazile “HACKS” of the world no matter how much melodramatic weeping they do on TV.

After what they did in 2016 to make sure progressive ideas didn’t win the day in the election, the establishment hacks of the DNC had a choice: allow the will of the people to take the party further to the left for real… or double-down on their centrist neoliberal ideology – crushing popular opinion and any dissent along the way – and try to use the power of their spin to make folks believe an apple is really an orange. That they are a progressive left-leaning party of the Democrats of a by-gone era.

They went with the latter.

In this case it isn’t important to make progressives think the DNC has really reformed… only that they CAN reform in the future… if they BELIEVE hard enough.

Therefore, in order to be a good liberal, not one of those trouble-making “letting the perfect be the enemy of the good” liberals out here, you must ACCEPT that 2+2 CAN EQUAL 5 no matter what your lying eyes tell you.

An apple can be an orange.

George W. Bush can be a great president (says Keith Olbermann).

Reaganomics can be progressive.

FDR can be a damn commie.

And professional wrestling can be real.

If you want them to be hard enough.

And you progressives out there can be happy with your New Dems DNC again… if you want to.

The trick isn’t convincing the people 2+2=5. The trick is getting them to believe it can be.

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5 Responses

  1. The Clintons are like a virus…. they make everyone they touch, sick.

  2. Fabulous article, thank you.

  3. Thank you Scott for the great summary of who knew it and when did we know it. And yet, the Hillary fans glaze over and go back to their Hillary worshiping. Willful ignorance at this point. Thanks for all your work.

  4. Once again, brother, in a perfect world you’d be writing for the New York Times.
    I’m still curious as to why none of these people, who get the chance in the major media, talk about how Clinton started her career working for Barry Goldwater – yeah – BARRY GOLDWATER. I think perhaps younger people may not know, or of course, remember what a “states rights” reactionary figure this guy was. I mean no George Wallace voter had much trouble pulling a lever for that guy.
    Without following this too far, I mean, this was the inchoate chapter of the great era of “plants” – from Jane Fonda to Gloria Steinem.
    Don’t think for a moment these folks are not thinking long term – follow the (real) career of Our Peace Prize President – they are quite accomplished at planning our future.

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