Sutherland Springs Shooting: UPDATES and Sane Progressive WRONG AGAIN

Seems like the shooter in Sutherland was wearing a mask much like our Special Ops guys wear. So, no way at all to tie Devin’s dead body to that church… other than the testimony of our “heroes”

Plus… Debbie at Sane Progressive goes off yesterday, has to remove yet another video and today she gets one thing WRONG after another.

Like one commenter said on her Facebook video yesterday, seems her cheese has slipped off her cracker. She’s sounding more and more like a female Di$info Jone$ everyday.

14 Responses

  1. I agree with your assessment, they really want those guns don’t they.

    • no. they want to set up boards across the country which will determine based on online footprint and other factors whether or not people are allowed to maintain various civil rights. Yeah, they want to ban semi-automatic assault-type rifles again as well but that is secondary to them being given the ability to strip people of that right… and others. Like freedom of speech for instance. In the end they will also say certain people should be banned from the internet because they “contribute to the radicalization of others”

  2. Seriously? The truck flipped or the sign flipped? That’s it?

    I had to play it back several times to get that he was talking about the sign… Getting your point about the need for accuracy, I sense a real “gotcha” moment for you. You might want to look at that.

    And about saying she’s becoming “a female Di$info one$”… She has no advertising on her site, whereas, to my surprise, your site advertises Alex Jone’s products. How much do they pay you for that?

    Like someone else said, Why don’t you contact her by leaving a comment, or an e-mail to point out your disagreements with the info she’s putting out?

    Way to trash someone who does good work……

    No more donations from me.

    • In her rant video from yesterday (plus the one she deleted from the day before) she says over and over again she is SICK of hearing from her viewers via email about how “wrong” she is. So. To answer your question… she wouldn’t pay attention to an email or give a shit about it anyway… THAT is why I didn’t just email her. Because she basically told everyone NOT TO.

      Yes it is a big deal. It’s the ENTIRE POINT of her fucking rant. She was saying they got their stories messed up, that there were two different versions. And she was WRONG. He did NOT say the SUV flipped over and she should have KNOWN THAT by checking the story and finding the interview HERSELF… like I did.

      And if you know anything about WordPress you would know I have nothing to do with those ads. They are put there by WordPress. That is why they give me a FREE SITE to host my website on. So I have NOTHING to do with them and in fact, when logged in, as I always am, I can’t even see them.

      And no, she is NOT doing good work right now. She is not doing good research, lying to her own audience as I showed in the other video, ranting and screaming and making a fool of herself (like Di$info Jone$ does)… no. That’s NOT good work… aside from the part where she is basically calling victims and their grieving families all LIARS. That’s not good work.

      • [sigh] Sorry. I have to say I agree with you, on this.

        The ranting and raving without the backup facts, is not helpful.

        Every event has to be looked at on it’s own “merits”.

        I’m just pissed because there are so few people out there willing to speak “truth to power”.I think she’s just suffering from burnout and extreme frustration at this Gladio bullshit.

        And I still would have tried to contact her privately first, and then you would have been able to mention that in your videos, making a much stronger point.

        Anyway, sorry and thanks for responding to my post… guess I’m having my own moment of frustration. Please keep up the good work.

        • She seems to have been on edge for a little while now. I don’t know what it is. I think maybe she has seen a glimpse into something many of us have known for a while
          and she has taken a very dark turn. She’s not unstable, she’s just angry. And when her own viewers and fans have tried to pull her back a little she seems to get angrier.
          The video she pulled down from two days ago was spiteful, even hateful, towards some of her long time viewers even.

          I understand it seems Im being overly harsh on her but you know, after doing this kind of thing for as long as I have sometimes folks had to be a bit harsh with me when
          I got hung up on something. That’s how I learned sometimes. The only way sometimes.

          The other possibility for her, which might explain some of it, is the desire to dismiss these events as staged, all them, not just some, but all, because it’s almost too
          horrible to conceive that someone in a place of authority is doing this now… to us. Listen, it’s bad enough exposing this crap week after week, year after year… it puts
          you in a pretty terrible place. I get there sometimes. She could easily be there now. I don’t know.

          Maybe you are correct. I will see if I can find her email address and send her an olive branch and see if she wants to chat.

          thanks for the comment and no worries about the previous. I have always said I liked her work and respected it, and her. That’s one reason it bothers me as much as it does. I know how you feel. Really I do. Lots of folks have
          contacted me on this subject either through comments or emails and empathize with em and you.

        • she just posted a video to Youtube. A new video in which she makes the same erroneous claim. This is the comment I left on it.

          “You and I need to speak. Please check any of my videos for contact email address. This is the second video in which you claim Willeford said Kelley “hit the road sign and flipped his SUV” in an interview. I heard you say that previously, checked it out, and what he says is the SUV hit the sign and THE SIGN flipped over the SUV. The sign flew over the SUV. My latest video includes his statement, which NEITHER of yours does by the way. If you are going to do this work please do the research and get it right.”

          at least she has toned it down and isn’t ranting this time.

        • and she continued with the “no road sign” story as well. I left her this comment

          “He also said in his interview the road sign was about “100 yards” from where he “crashed”… clearly the car didn’t crash and I agree with you on that… but… if you BOTHERED to Google Earth the location and you followed route 539 down south, the direction the came from, you will see a road sign which warns of the intersection coming up. Again, I showed all of that, in real time as I DID THE RESEARCH on my previous video, which features you, by the way. You need to contact me.”

  3. “Her cheese has slipped off her cracker.”…. said by a previous commentator….. and I agree…..

  4. Yep, she’s damn evil, that Debbie. No doubt about it.

  5. Jan10 you beat me to it….I laughed out loud when I read that!

  6. I think you made a good point in that the only evidence linking Kelly to the scene of the crime is the testimony of the two “heroes.” What do we know about these guys? Not much.

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