Sutherland Springs Shooting: Assailant was Wearing a Mask – Victims COULD NOT SEE HIS FACE (patsy suicided)

by Scott Creighton

Image result for skull maskThe Texas shooting in the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs on Sunday is coming into focus.

Yesterday I wrote about how the gunman “dropped the weapon” at the scene and fled to where he was supposedly found by those two “heroes” who followed him there.

My conclusion was simple: with the gun left behind at the scene and NOT in the vehicle and the perp wearing gloves, there is NOTHING to tie Devin Kelley or his lifeless body to the crime forensically.

So of course, the only OTHER thing we have to go by would be eye-witnesses who would tie him to the event.

and of course…

The killer was first spotted in his massacre gear at a Valero gas station across the street from the church, where “he was obviously suspicious to others,” Martin said.

At that time, I’m not sure if he had the mask on or not — but [when he entered the church] he was wearing a black mask that had a white face, skull face, to it,” he explained.

The madman then drove across the street and opened fire outside the church with a Ruger AR-556 rifle, killing two people.

I couldn’t see his face. I could only see his body shaking and shaking as he shot the gun,” Terrie Smith, who was walking into Teresa’s Restaurant when the carnage began, told Yahoo News. NY Post

When writing this article I remembered seeing something. Thought it might be relevant.

Image result for us special forces skull mask

Those are some of our Special Operations guys sporting the same, rather popular head gear.

Image result for us special forces skull mask

This is a member of an Iraqi death squad, trained by US Special Forces.

Image result for us special forces skull mask

This guy is from SEAL Team 6.. those are the guys who pretended to kill bin Laden in Pakistan in order to help Obama win an election.

So the deceased asset Kelley had nothing on him or in the truck that could tie him directly to the church and since the shooter wore a mask, no one can identify him that way either.

All we have is the testimony of our two “heroes” who supposedly chased the SUV from the church to the location JUST OVER THE COUNTY LINE where it was found in a field.

Image result for devin kelley suv

You notice there are no skid marks on the road leading to the car? No tracks in the grass on the shoulder where he “crashed”?

Here is a view of the scene from Google Earth. Pretty desolate place.

I imagine it wouldn’t have been too hard to have an SUV sitting there, waiting, with a patsy dressed out in tactical gear, waiting, like James Holmes out back of the Century 16 theater.

The only thing is our “heroes” and the story they tell of their heroism.

And of course, the assailant “took his own life


7 Responses

  1. You are right…. no hedges seem to be roughed over either…. but there is a tire mark curving down toward the parked SUV…. at the front of the picture… see a clear tread mark leading from somewhere and curving toward the parked van…..

  2. Jesusflippingchrist … Are you kidding me? I mean I know you’re not but … Are you kidding me?
    I just haven’t had the time to read but 1 or 2 articles, no one mentioned any mask.
    I confounds me how people are just ready and willing to do/believe anything that TV says. Stunning!
    How did John Judge express it … “Goebbles would have cut off his saluting arm for television.”

  3. If you zoom out a titch on goggle earth there’s several houses/farms not too far from the SUV site. So not exactly the most desolate spot in the area. If one was staging a scene like that then why not do it on a little county road in the woods, instead of a hayfield within line of sight of homes?

    • depends on who is in the homes doesn’t it? maybe they aren’t home. Not hard to figure that out these days, is it? maybe Devin’s body was in the SUV the whole time and they just met up with a third vehicle at that spot and that’s when the “heroes” called it in and the other car simply drove away. who knows.

      • Right. But if there was a big white SUV in the hayfield beforehand it should be easy to confirm with local residents (odds are someone was home watching football) and/or passersby. Any investigator can get landowner contact information from the county assessor and ask these people about it.

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