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  1. I understand it’s a global business world these days, but I just don’t like the idea of government officials having funds invested in corporations foreign or domestic or other governments. I think government officials should have the interests of the people of their nation as their first priority. Anything else leaves an obvious door open for the official to put his or her personal interests ahead of those of the people.

    “There’s nothing wrong with it.” I disagree. Either the interests of the people are first or business interests are first. The two do not share the same interests, and it seems the crossing of this line may be what causes so much difficult for the people. Having “businessmen” and/or the super wealthy as government officials just seems like very bad ideas and practices.

    Worrying about Russian meddling in this case seems beside the point. Is this Russian investment considered a tax shelter? Was he hiding this? Does he pay taxes on his earnings from this investment? I’m not getting the whole picture from this video, but these are questions I’d like to have answers to. And then we need to ask the same type of questions of every government official and anyone else who is hiding their money from the U.S. tax system while leaving us regular folks to cover them.

  2. This is about as believable as Wikileaks releases. The fact that a miniscule proportion of the Queen’s multi-billion dollar fortune has been identified here is not unexpected. It does not harm the British Royal family. But, just like the Panama Papers. this “leak” includes links to President Putin of Russia. That’s who they are trying to hurt with this propaganda. They are trying to sow doubts about Putin among the Russian population, especially the young. it couldn’t be more obvious.

  3. They don’t have a search engine, making it a bit of a problem to look for crooks like the Killer Queen, who is bound to have loot stashed all over the world, kinda like a pack rat, always grabbing and stashing shiny objects.

    What a break for the Texas church massacre, instead of covering that, the MSM can bark and howl about Putin again and again and again…

    I don’t believe in Hell, but I sure as hell hope there is one, because I know some SOB’s who deserve the hottest parts.

  4. When the Panama Papers hit a while back, I did due diligence and looked into ICIJ. I found that their website and those of many members were highly polished. I then found that their major funding came from groups like the Ford Foundation, Omidyar Network and Open Societies Foundation. I’ve said before and I’ll say again, Soros news is NOT news.

    Great job sir, BTW. It’s no reflection on your work. You’re still one of the few good sources out there

    • Hi Peter, how are you. Yeah, I seem to recall coming to the same conclusion on ICIJ a while ago. Not sure if it was Panama Papers or another “leak” they were involved in. But I agree. This smells. I will look into it a bit more.

  5. I read the lead story in the Sueddeutsche. Out of 1.6 million files they and other western outlets focus on Trump/Russia. Sueddeutsche is a neoliberal paper. Used to be great paper, but that stopped ca. 20 years ago. The essence is the FIRST story which most people will focus on. They do mention, but during a subsequent article, that out of many offshore accounts at Appleby the vast majority of them were American. 33,000.
    Their biggest story today was Apple and other multinationals like Nike and Glencore. Apple alone with $ 287 billion offshore. Billion with B. That the REAL scandal here. Basically, we’re talking about legalized corruption on grand scale and it’s global.

  6. They’re also pushing the myth that taxes pay for government spending.

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