Sutherland Springs Shooting: What We Know So Far

by Scott Creighton

The official story goes something like this:


Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, dressed head to toe in black tactical gear, shot dead 26 people and injured 24 others in Texas when he walked into First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs in Texas and opened fire on Sunday morning. Donald Trump had just touched down in Japan on his first of five visits with local leaders kicking off his 13-day tour in Asia.

Stephen Willeford, 55, a local plumber, saw Kelley enter the building and start firing (outside) so he retrieved his own rifle and fired at Kelley as he left the church. They exchanged gunfire as Kelley made his get-away in his SUV, dropping his weapon on the scene… the only weapon used in the attack.

“Hero” (there is always a “hero” or two) Johnnie Langendorff, just HAPPENED to be there at that moment and just HAPPENED to stop close enough to Willeford for him to tell Langendorff what happened and get him to chase Kelley in the SUV.

Langendorff was on the phone with police as they sped through the county making their way to the county line where SUPPOSEDLY Kelley “lost control” of his vehicle and crashed in a field where he either succumb to his injuries or took his own life.

Early reports stated Langendorff “forced him off the road” but in a later interview he said Kelley drove off the road on his own.

This was the scene when police arrived.

Since the rifle used was dropped at the scene, the ONLY thing connecting that SUV in the field (right over the county line) and the dead man in it, will be the testimony of the two “heroes”. Police did not follow the vehicle. They were TOLD what was happening by this guy:

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Fox “News”… all of them this morning are talking about the suspect’s “mental health”

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been covering the American Gladio campaign for years since the Aurora shooting when James Holmes was used as a patsy for that mass casualty event in the ongoing strategy of tension campaign. And I became convinced a long time ago that it was all about getting “common sense” gun control passed in the United States.

“Common sense” gun control seeks to impose a new system where certain people can and will be denied constitutional rights based entirely on the findings of various new “boards” that will be created in order to evaluate the kinds of things that are not considered now when stripping someone of their 2nd amendment rights.

As it is now, felons and people DIAGNOSED with serious mental health issues are prevented from purchasing and owning firearms.

“Common sense” gun control will allow people to be stripped of that right WITHOUT the felony finding of a court and WITHOUT the diagnosis of a trained mental health professional.

Factors that will be considered will include things like FACEBOOK POSTS and comments left on websites and EMAILS and TWEETS.

I don’t think I need to explain to you just how frightening that kind of rights-stripping process will be in terms of making sure folks censor themselves online and on social media.

Say the wrong thing, you lose your rights because it wont stop with just the 2nd amendment.

Everyone on the complicit media INCLUDED FOX are saying “law enforcement supports this kind of new legislation” because “something has to be done or else these attacks WILL CONTINUE”

CNN has been going on and on about it since 6:00am. “Something HAS to be done in the face of this epidemic. THE TIME IS NOW” they say. “If they couldn’t get something done after Sandy Hook after CHILDREN were murdered, what can we do now? But this happened in TEXAS… in a CHURCH… ”

Almost like it was tailor-made to change the “hearts and minds” of those gun-toting Trump supporters when you think about it.

Five weeks ago there was another mass casualty event which ALSO targeted Trump voters at a country music festival. The official story of that shooting has changed dramatically on multiple occasions leaving local law enforcement to make statements about “conspiracies” and then to put a halt to press conferences back on the 13th.

See a pattern developing here?

President Trump issued this statement on the subject of the attack yesterday evening in Japan:

“I think that mental health is your problem here. Based on preliminary reports, a very deranged individual, a lot of problems for a long period of time… This is a mental health problem at the highest level”

That statement has opened the floodgates for those seeking to politicize this event event before the bodies were picked up off the floor of the church. Former president Obama called for new gun control laws mere hours after the event.

Kelley was listed as working as a security guard when this happened.

There are questions about his departure from the military. Devin joined the military in 2010 and left officially in 2014. The circumstances and official termination of his service are disputed:

CBS News reported that the suspect is former “US Air Force E1 (2010-2014). He received a dishonorable discharge. He was court martialed in May 2014.” The network also wrote, “Kelley is a former U.S. Air Force member who served from 2010 to 2014. He was dishonorably discharged and court martialed in May 2014.” However, other reports indicate the end result was a bad conduct discharge. According to Daily Beast, “Kelley was court martialed in November 2012 and a judge sentenced him with a bad-conduct discharge, 12 months confinement, and two reductions in rank to basic airman, according to an appeals court decision in 2013 that affirmed the decision against Kelley.”

Heavy has confirmed that a petition for review of Kelley’s appeal was denied in March 2014. The case is listed as No. 14-0387/AF. U.S. v. Devin P. KELLEY. CCA 38267. The National Correspondent for the Los Angeles Times wrote on Twitter that the court martial was because Kelley assaulted his wife and child. Kelley married the woman he was married to at the time of the shooting in 2014, according to online records and her own Facebook page. However, the New York Times reported that he was the subject of a 2012 divorce filing in New Mexico. Heavy

Since then Kelley has had no real run-ins with the law.

He lived on his parents property outside San Antonio. The New York Times says their property is worth a million dollars.

Recently Devin’s FACEBOOK page has taken a dark turn, so to speak. A black semi-automatic rifle was featured prominently on it, one that looks an awful lot like what has been described as the murder weapon. Devin has also lost a lot of FACEBOOK friends recently because he has been attacking them.

FACEBOOK accounts can be hacked, by the way.

The FACEBOOK header featuring the rifle sounds a little like the famous photo of Lee Harvey Oswald holding the sniper rifle and a paper in his back yard if you ask me. Of course, hacking a FACEBOOK account is a lot easier… especially if the owner of FACEBOOK supports the notion of “commons sense” gun control… which he does.

The quote from Mark Twain is a nice touch.

They are trying to build a connection between Devin and the church through his wife’s mother yet nothing has been proven so far that I can find. Remember Sandy Hook and the stories about Adam’s mother working there and when that fell apart they tried too say Adam was at the school the day before fighting with teachers in the parking lot. All of that was bullshit in the end.

Keep in mind, the only connection between that truck in the field in a neighboring county and the shooting in the church are those two individuals who happened to be there and happened to give chase, calling law enforcement and TELLING them where they were during said chase.

Aside from that, there is nothing at this point. The gun was left behind and the shooter was wearing tactical gear from head to toe.

Right now the entire story that we know is based entirely on FACEBOOK posts and what Tex of the neck-tattoo tells us. And that is it.

That is all it takes to get every complicit media outlet and the president and all the fake-dem politicians to call for new laws to separate YOU from YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

Gee… I wonder if people will lose their rights in the future due to FAKE FACEBOOK POSTINGS.

Kinda makes FACEBOOK a mighty powerful entity does it not? Good thing it’s owner will be our NEXT BILLIONAIRE PRESIDENT.



20 Responses

  1. Just interesting, that this happened at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, while there was a fatal bus accident in March involving members of the First Baptist Church in nearby New Braunfels.

    There were many highly suspicious things about that church bus accident, such as the guy who hit the bus being observed weaving and texting for many miles by people in a car behind him, who reported it to police (and there was no response); the failure to arrest or charge the perpetrator with any crime for months; and the coincidental introduction of a bill in the Texas legislature to ban texting while driving, with huge publicity about the necessity for it, all pointing to that crash.

    Methinks the First Baptist Church is on the payroll.

  2. He dropped his weapon……. strange…. men are shooting at him and he drops his weapon… he had gloves on…. so no one really knows who held that weapon….maybe he thought he could run faster without the weapon. then I wonder why the ‘Texans’ didn’t shoot the ‘horse’ out from under the shooter? Real Texans know how to stop another shooter.

  3. Every notice these “heroes” always seem to be wearing light colored hats (Carlos Arredondo, the white helmets, etc.)? Like you’re watching a Western or something. The white hats always told you who the hero was. They always seem to have a photo of the perp available immediately as well, and it almost always resembles a mug shot, even if they haven’t been arrested before. I mean, who poses for a photo like that? BTW, when I first followed this story yesterday, the guy had reportedly converted to Islam and was using a Muslim name, and then they were calling him Sam Hyde, which we are now told was a Twitter hoax.

  4. Why can’t he be the one who did it?

    “Who benefits from the crime?”

    Certainly not the dead patsy. That doesn’t prove anything, but it does suggest productive avenues for investigation.

    • am I just becoming more indoctrinated?

      Why don’t you ask some of the rationally-minded college professors what the scientific method tells them about the 9/11 event, and then get back to us about who’s more indoctrinated?

      I understand that there’s something called the “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” — that sounds like a fairly highbrow place. Let’s see what one of their leading scientific experts has to say on the subject:

      Well, I guess even experts have odd opinions, sometimes. But maybe some of their other opinions can provide greater insight:

      The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum — even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.

      Well, it all makes sense now. I’m glad we cleared that up.

    • Are posts containing hyperlinks prohibited here? Because they seem to disappear into a black hole.

    • Nothing I write or say should be interpreted as me claiming all of these mass shooting events “have to be” a conspiracy. That’s a strawman argument and you’re in college, you know what that is.

      I look at every event LONG before I write about them. This one took over 22 hours AFTER the event before I posted ANYTHING about it. I apply the scientific method to my analysis. What makes sense in the story and what doesn’t? Do aspects of the story change over time that shouldn’t because those aspects should be very easily determined at the beginning? Is there a motive? Are folks in the media trying to FABRICATE ONE? Are the laws of physics suspended suddenly in order to believe the official story? Does it follow the cliched pattern that we see developing with these stories these days? Is there a LARGER AGENDA SERVED and NO MOTIVE FOR THE SHOOTER?

      Once I look at it and answer these questions, then I decide to cover it or not. Believe it or not, there are a LOT of mass shootings that I don’t cover on this website. A current example is the ongoing serial killer down here in Tampa that’s still out there right now shooting people in an area less than 10 miles from where I sit.

      And don’t EVER compare what I do to AJ again. I don’t do lizard people, I didn’t come out saying this guy was “ISIS” or antifa right after the shooting, I don’t LIE saying “I have the documents”… and I am not a Mossad asset posing as a “truth teller”. He’s a scumbag and aside from making strawman arguments, now you are trying to discredit me by association… which is another cliched troll tactic and if you do it again, you’re banned.

  5. I just don’t see why there has to be the feds doing the shooting and making a patsy out of some dumb sap EVERYTIME when it would be a lot easier to just take the events as they come.

    Maybe such events WOULDN’T just come, if somebody wasn’t making them come. If many of them (Columbine, 9/11, Boston bombing, Sandy Hook, etc) can be proven to be manufactured, what should we assume about the ones that are currently inconclusive?

    • I didn’t say this was a “false flag” did I?

      Nor did I ever write that Las Vegas was a “false flag”

      People have the WRONG understanding of that term. New York could be considered a “false flag” because they made up some story, literally, about him having an “ISIS” flag in the truck and claim he did it for “ISIS”, a murkily described group, we finance by the way, who is everywhere all the time and whom some want a new AUMF in order to combat. That’s a “false flag”

      Paddock and this Devin guy do NOT represent an enemy, real or imagined, so they are not “false flags”. They are something different. Patsies? Yes. False flags? No.

  6. Noam,
    Of course you’re correct. It could very well be that it is an event that is exactly as reported for the reasons being reported. It could also be a collective hologram or anything else mythical.
    The point is that there is no way to know. And that is the very essence of the exercise of these demons. To distort reality.
    I’ve heard it said that in an earthquake the thing that is upsetting the most is that the very foundation of everything, the ground itself, is moving and fluid. Our entire life we believe that this rock we stand on is solid, and during those brief moments reality itself changes and slaps one in the face causing deep psychological upset.
    I think this is the same. Those who are searching have felt the tremors and now can no longer trust the senses they’re used to relying on. 911, Sandy Hook, Boston: fairly confirmed hoaxes or pseudo hoaxes, the rest, Pulse, Bataclan, Nice France, and more recently the 91 festival. maybe/maybe not. The information has been confusing at best and deceptive at worst. That is the ground moving. Where does one turn to find reliable information? What do you do once you realize it’s not solid anymore.
    Keep in mind this is a psychological war first and foremost. A war on the mind and soul. Fear, terror, upset, panic; this is nourishment for these demons. Not gun control. There is a power that is behind this and it ain’t govt, bankers, jews, NWO, or whatever. They’re just tools. The power is evil itself.
    I always appreciate Scott’s tenacity in trying to get to the bottom of things. Never forget though that however these things were orchestrated, lone wolf or jason borne, the point is to create powerlessness, panic, and over-reaction. If lone nut, then there is no defense, random violence with the associated powers clamoring for new powers to control more. If deep state, then there is no defense because they’re too rich, powerful, and superior. Both leave us as victims with the current culture and press feasting on our victimhood and identity politics keeping us separated, and yet again even more defenseless.
    So ask the questions, dig to find “truth”, but never forget that it’s all meant to rape us psychologically. Find your own best way to defend against that.

  7. Just chucking a couple questions out there. Apologies if these points have been previously addressed, but my POS phone doesn’t want me watching no more videos no more, and I can only lean on my shovel pretending to work for so long.

    a) Sheep-dipped Devin: stationed at Holloman AFB, a major NATO drone “pilot” training and NASA bio-research facility. After he got in trouble for cracking a child’s skull he was only “confined” for a year (whatever that means?) and apparently not sent to prison. And even after he was supposedly let go from the service (conveniently w/o a felony record), he moves to a trailer park in another USAF town, Colorado Springs. Weird.

    Eerily similar to a ‘former military’ dude in my neck of the woods, Steven Whiley Rowe, who was arrested this summer for beating a two year-old boy to death… but then mysteriously released with no charges filed (despite a history of domestic violence, drunk driving, and unlawful imprisonment). McKULTRA get-outta-jail-free card, perhaps?

    b) Spooky parents: Michael and Rebecca (Ivey) seem to be fairly well off, travel frequently, and seem to like buying McMansions with plenty of privacy. Good luck finding any information on their occupations. Incidentally, New Braunfels major employer is a quarry/cement plant owned by Martin Marietta (they provided the concrete for the “Stolz der Nation” Chris Kyle Memorial Hwy).

    Looking at aerials, their little place in the hills has an oddly large outbuilding, like aircraft hangar size, for what purpose I don’t know but it sure ain’t for livestock (for which they receive a huge tax break). A white SUV-looking vehicle shows up May 2015 parked at the smaller outbuilding/Dev’s “barndominium”, at the big outbuilding December 2015, in the house driveway May 2016 (maybe Mom and Dad are gone… Dev has a one man pool party), and back to the “barndominium” this January. Some sort of object(s) show up this January on the dirt two-track leading to the big outbuilding… maybe gate posts, or (if I put on my tinfoil glasses) several dudes with rifles.

    • Are you a farmer? (leaning on your shovel)
      What a mystery you tell….. be careful…
      and I guess if you have money, you can get away with anything….. killing a child is usually murder…. strange…..

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