Vegas Shooting Updates: Lombardo – The Casino Industry’s Sheriff from Day One

As I watched Sheriff Lombardo transform the official story of the Las Vegas shooting over and over again, I wondered why it was he seemed so eager to appease MGM Resorts International. Now I know. The casino industry made him sheriff. Now he owes them.

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In Clark County sheriff race, Joe Lombardo, Larry Burns will pit police brass against police union

Jesus Campos, guard injured in Las Vegas shooting, back at work

Las Vegas shooting: Jesus Campos to get subpoena to testify, report says

Craig Fienerar

Las Vegas shooter had been losing money for two years and ‘was going in the wrong direction,’ sheriff says

Armed security WERE on 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay while shots were being fired, statement claims

Officer accidentally fired weapon in Las Vegas gunman’s Mandalay Bay suite

Lombardo wins Clark County sheriff’s race


Four more years: The Metro Party Continues

Metro’s Joe Lombardo: The Educated?

5 Responses

  1. Why no 100 rd. Clips in guns those there are 30 or 40 rd clips in guns ….most volleys of shots were 70 or more of bumpstock full auto??? None on floor nowhere to be seen ???? Humm…and never ever have we seen muzzle flashes anywhere….impossible basically…

    • P.s. i foutch also wanted to add those guns there with bipods with the legs in the configureation there in (length) wouldnt be able to even accomadate a long 100 rd. banna clip anyways……??? Hum. what did he do remove 100 rd.clips and install smaller that work and then shoot himself in the head… corky…..not……big red flag again.

  2. Any thoughts on the flight records and transponder data for the helicopters (owned by a Army vet) that appear to have been operating in the vicinity of the shooting around the time of the shooting?

    • the only thing I know about one of the flights was the copter was right between the two buildings when the shooting began. I know nothing about the transponders reading as commercial flights.

    • The transponder data are interesting. But not sure I buy the whole helisniper insertion-exfil hypothesis…sounds kinda $toney/Jone$y. Like the ‘foreign mercs fleeing via private jet’ notion, it seems a bit overly complicated and difficult to test.

      Given the apparent complicity of MGM in the attack, I don’t see why the attackers needed to fly in, or out…like some Hollywood action movie. Seems much more likely that they just checked in to the hotel, and then afterwards went back to their rooms and took a shower.

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