3 Major Problems in Criminal Complaint Against Sayfullo Saipov and Lionel Nation’s Orwellian Idea

The invisible black bag, the note that doesn’t say what we are told it says and the mightily convenient 2nd cell phone with all that crucial “ISIS” evidence. Couple that with calls from “alternative” commenters like Lionel Nation for televised video “confessions” ala 1984 and you got yourself a real winner with this case.

links available after the break

criminal complaint https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/11/01/us/document-U-S-v-Sayfullo-Saipov-Complaint.html

video of suspect running from scene with no black bag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAYoAzya_go

Lionel’s big Orwellian idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYRKKr_y_Ro

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5 Responses

  1. (A deep, coarse sounding background voice is saying, “I’m BACKKK!!!”)

    The gift that keeps giving! There’s something to be said about a tried and true name brand.

    A Family Like Any Other? CIA Releases #1 Terrorist Osama bin Laden’s Home VIDEO


    Here’s the ‘smoking gun,’ except all it shows is kids being kids…somewhere…

  2. If ISIS was real, it would have been infiltrated and destroyed a long time ago. It’s run by spy agencies. So, it can go on forever, in theory.

    Any time the elites need an excuse for a war, air strike, or military occupation, they can say that “ISIS” is there and there’s their justification. Any time the elites need an invasive law passed, they can arrange an ISIS attack and there’s their justification again. The Fox News crowd believes it every time without fail.

    It’s funny how the far right says it doesn’t believe in “Big Government” but they want a higher military budget. Nothing creates big government like a $600-700 billion military budget. The Pentagon is the world’s biggest bureaucracy. It’s the world’s biggest employer too.

  3. nuttyyahoo’s butthole is a comic genoius, who knew!
    former military intelligence analyst named “Zach” called in to “The Alex Jones Show” with special guest Shepard Ambellas on Tuesday claiming that a Saudi Arabian-based risk management company was “on the ground” before, during, and after the Las Vegas massacre in which 58 people reportedly lost there lives.

  4. my comments got eaten again…..😭😭😭

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