What We Know About the “Tampa Man” Who’s Attack in New York Will Help Mattis and Tillerson Get Their New AUMF

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: They are now saying they “found” social media accounts, NOT IN HIS NAME, that have “ISIS™” related material on them. How much more proof do you need? I guess Facebook, Google and Twitter better get started “cleaning up” the internet.

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On  Monday Oct. 30th, Sec. of Defense Mattis and Sec. of State Tillerson went before a congressional committee and begged them to pass a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) which would grant them the ability to wage an endless war (no time restraints. Mattis said a limit would “embolden the enemy”) anywhere on the planet against anyone they deemed an enemy.

The new AUMF is expected to be a difficult vote in congress at this time. Congress is divided even among parties and we have been using the old one (drafted after 9/11) since 2002. But that one says we are at war with al Qaeda and al Qaeda affiliates… and as we all know… we have been partnering with al Qaeda and al Qaeda affiliates in places like Libya and Syria and the new enemies may not be associated with that old boogeyman so an updated law is required in order to continue with Dick Cheney’s “long war”, “thousand year war”

Less than 24 hours after Mattis and Tillerson made their plea to congress for endless war against anyone, anywhere… New York suffered what is being called a terrorist attack. It is the first such attack supposedly linked to “ISIS™” since Jan. 6th 2017 (still the Obama administration)

What a coincidence, huh?

Supposedly the attacker rented a vehicle (a Home Depot pick-up truck) and drove down a street on the west side of Manhattan striking pedestrians and bikers on a bike path killing 8 people and injuring a number of others. He was chased briefly carrying a paintball gun and a BB gun before supposedly being shot in the stomach and captured. He was taken alive and is expected to fully recover from his wound. There is video of this part of the event.


It sure seems like he wasn’t really in a rush to get away now doesn’t it?

Funny how he decided to take a pellet gun and a paint ball gun out of that vehicle with him when he got out. Almost as if he wanted to be shot. Either that or whoever planned this figured they would need an excuse to “shoot” him and they didn’t want to give him actual weapons… just in case.

The police chief in New York says a “witness” claims the man yelled “Allah Akbar” as he got out of the truck yet there is no other evidence of this. It should be noted that the New York police department is very close to the FBI and other federal authorities involved in the Global War OF Terror run out of my hometown, Tampa Fl.

The suspect “may have” left a note pledging allegiance to “ISIS™”

Saipov may have left a note pledging allegiance to Isis in or near the truck, law enforcement officials told several US media outlets, however this detail has not been confirmed. Independent

Unconfirmed reports suggested a note or notes had also been found in or near the truck, but these could not be verified. Guardian

The New York Times reports that “handwritten notes in Arabic near the truck … indicated allegiance to the Islamic State”, while CNN says a note was written in English, also indicating support for Isis, and was found inside the truck. Guardian

CNN is currently reporting the stories about him saying “Allah Akbar” and the note as if they were verifiable facts.

The suspect, a truck driver by trade and a family man, has been identified as Sayfullo Saipov from Uzbekistan. It is being widely reported that he is a legal immigrant having been in the U.S. since 2010 and he has ties in Ohio, New Jersey and Fort Myers Florida. What is reported less are his ties to Tampa Florida.

“In Tampa, Saipov had an address at the Heritage at Tampa apartments off of N 56th Street, north of Sligh Avenue, according to a commercial database that aggregates public records information about individuals from a variety of sources. A woman at the apartment that was identified as Saipov’s on residential records would not give her name, but said FBI agents were at her apartment Tuesday night, that she had lived in the unit less than a year and that she didn’t know Saipov” TampaBay.com

This publication describes him as “the Tampa man”

This one says he STILL lives in Tampa.

Why is his connection to Tampa being downplayed in the national media?

Well, this might have something to do with it:

MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa Fl. hosts the following:

Which makes it easy to understand this:

They were among about 300 people, most in uniform, who filed Monday into the Joint Intelligence Operations Center at U.S. Central Command to hear President Donald Trump make his first speech at a military base.

CentCom oversees U.S. military operations in a 20-nation swath running east from Egypt to Kazakhstan, and including Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, the Gulf States and nuclear-armed Pakistan. U.S. Special Operations Command, also headquartered at MacDill, coordinates the global war on terror and provides fully equipped and trained commandos. TampaBay.com

Did you know the CIA has a long history of running BlackOps in Uzbekistan?

Did you know US Special Operations forces have been training troops in Uzbekistan since the early 2000s and that this year we just upped the ante over there thanks to the new defense budget?

So let’s sum this up, shall we?

Right at the same time the MIC wants a new authorization to make war anywhere in the world they want under the guise of the Global War On Terror, a man from the same city where the GWOT is being run just happens to attack a bunch of people in a city with close ties to the agencies running the GWOT and he supposedly gets shot and survives holding fake guns and meandering around in the middle of the street waiting to get “shot”

We clear so far?

And guess what? The Israeli Mossad-linked website called SITE Intel Group, run by Rita Katz, has a connection to this plot as well.

A photo taken in August obtained by SITE Intel Group shows an ISIS supporter just blocks away from where Tuesday’s attack took place, although Saipov’s alliances are still being investigated, and authorities have not said publicly that they suspect anyone else as being involved in the plot Heavy

With what happened recently in Niger and the revelation that we have all sorts of undeclared “little wars” taking place all over the globe, there are calls for congress to reign in the out of control military which apparently thinks 9/11 and Dick Cheney gave them a free hand to blow up anyone anywhere at anytime it suits them and their “national interests”

With that said, clearly, now is not the time to be asking for a new free pass for the endless war of aggression. But that’s what Trump wants because that is what his glorious generals want.

The revelation that the US is at war in Niger, without Congress even knowing, is adding to the sense among many lawmakers that they really need to get a handle on this whole war thing, if they want to even pretend to have their Constitutionally assigned war-making powers.

The idea of replacing the 2001 AUMF with specific AUMFs with obvious limitations is being loudly opposed by the Trump Administration, which insists that such limitations don’t make sense in the era of “non-traditional” warfare. AntiWar

In the wake of that, in the wake of the new call to get congress to regain some democratic control on our war-making and in the wake of Tillerson and Mattis going to congress and asking for EVEN MORE power to wage endless war, anywhere, anytime, against anyone… a guy from the hometown of the Global War OF Terror (a guy from a country where Special Ops recruits and trains terrorists) runs up to New York with their GWOT-friendly police force and commits the EXACT kind of terrorist act that will HELP those men get the congress to act in the way they want.

And folks still wonder why “conspiracy theorists” exist.

18 Responses

  1. Rita Katz clinches it for me. I know you have criticized some of her videography in the past in your typical nit-picking way but you cannot deny she always has the goods in a super-timely manner.
    Another definitively convincing detail for me is the fact that he left a note near (or in) the truck with proper attribution to ISIS. This is crucial because it is a signature of these Islamoterrorists: a testament in the trunk of the car left parked at the airport rings a bell?
    A little touch that is also present: shouting Allahu Akhbar.
    The fact that he only had a paint gun and a BB gun can only puzzle the uninformed and the forgetful. The mayhem the Islamo terrorists can do with just some box cutters is known to the world now.

  2. He wasn’t trying to get away. Looks like he was waiting to be captured, and they shot him. Maybe they used a blank…. he fell. They take him to the hospital and from there he will be put some where safe and out of sight ?
    Congress can’t allow the military to have more control of our laws than our congress. They can’t do that. Wouldn’t the military then get rid of Congress? Who would need them?
    Military take over…. dictatorship …. the complete end of America.

  3. At around 0:28 of that embedded video you can see the clapperboard logo on the white truck’s passenger side door. Production truck? Hmm…

    • that is interesting isn’t it? notice how it’s blocking off the street and the guy is “shot” right behind it. you can almost make out the name of the company in the video.

    • Good catch. I tried to drive by the intersection a couple of hours after the incident, but couldn’t get closer than 4 blocks. Nonetheless, there were at least two different blocks leading to the corner (where the truck came to a stop) filled with these types of movie production trucks.

      That said, these types of production trucks are somewhat ubiquous in NYC where hundreds of movies and TV shows get shot every year. The truck you spotted in the video is one of Haddad’s Movie Production and truck rental company, which I believe is the largest in the northeast. I don’t want to exaggerate, but, I drive to work every day, and even if it might simply be my (mis)perception, there’s hardly a day when I do not see their trucks with their very easy to remember name and logo, on the road or parked on a street where there is a shoot going on,. So it’s hard to say if its presence right there is a coincidence (which is pretty probable) or if it had any part in the “staging” of the incident.

      • Yeah, could certainly be coincidental. But I now look out for things like big white cargo trucks inexplicably blocking traffic (and the view) around these “emergencies”. Their presence at events requiring crisis actors is also probable. They apparently function as actor transport, and as wardrobe and makeup trailers when there aren’t any other local options.

        • I hear ya… This one seems to be strategically placed there to block the view from up the street where the video is being taken. Then again, the truck leaves all other 3 sides totally exposed. I also just noticed that as he is meant to have been shot and the cops are surrounding him, a single lane of traffic seems to be driving by to the left of the frame.

          Another thing is, the street that the white truck is driving into (Chambers St) is a two-way street, and the truck is clearly on the left (as in the wrong) side of the street. But, could have been trying to drive around the truck and schoolbus that would have been blocking the right side lane.

          I m also yet to see a single photo that shows any kind of close relationship between the truck and the bus… If there was such a high impact collision, I would assume both vehicles came to a dead stop when that happened. One almost expects the truck to be either fused into the bus, or a couple feet away from it in case the bus bounced away after the collision… Even though we have videos and photos moments after the collision, none show the truck and the bus together. In fact, the photo that shows the firemen frantically working inside and around the school bus is taken a whole block away, on the corner of Chambers and North End Ave.

          I am trying hard not to jump to conclusions just by looking at incomplete details… I am yet to find a single witness who was actually on the bike lane and either dodged the truck, or was just out of the path and saw the truck drive by. Feels like there is no way this truck could have driven 1.6 miles down this bike path without that kind of thing happening… Although peak hour for that bike lane would probably be a little later than 3:15pm, there must have been a lot more than 15 people on it on such a long stretch. (my guess would be at least a couple hundred)

          • the officer who shot him just gave a brief statement to the press saying he was “just doing his job” and that he will no longer be addressing the press in any way. I wonder if they will put him up at the MGM Grand?

        • I think that is why they used a tractor trailer in that Berlin Christmas market attack last year when you would think it would have been just as effective and much cheaper to just use the tractor by itself. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=truck+attack+germany&qpvt=truck+attack+germany&FORM=IGRE

  4. Looking through all of the available photos, I have a bit of a problem with the angle of the truck’s final position. If you look at the bike lane in question on a map, you will notice that:

    1. If he drove straight out of the bike lane onto Chambers Street, which is exactly perpendicular to the bike lane, he would have had to make an extremely sharp turn before crashing in to the school bus, which would have greatly reduced the truck’s forward speed, which, in turn, does not reconcile with the amount and the angle of the damage on the truck or the school bus.

    2. If, instead, the truck exited the bike lane a little before Chambers street (it’s a wide sidewalk with plenty of room to come out of the bike lane) then there would be no way for the truck ending up in the position that it is photographed, which, once again is perfectly perpendicular to the bike lane.

    So, unless the photos show the truck after it has been moved out of the way to make way for backed up traffic (I don’t know… would the police move the truck before proper investigation takes place?) it looks more like the truck came from the direction of the river on Chambers street and rammed in to the bus at the intersection.

    On a side note:
    The “authorities have announced that he entered the bike lane at Houston street and sped down the bike lane mowing people down. This is an exactly 1.6 miles long stretch, which definitely had more bikers, runners and pedestrians on it than the total of 13-15 people dead or injured. The fact that there has not been a single witness interview so far with witnesses who were on the bike lane but dodged the truck is a bit suspicious. Not to mention that along this 1.6 mile stretch, there are quite a few piers (old piers with buildings on them) with security guards in front of it. One of these piers, Pier 40, is a very busy one as it houses a parking garage, a sports complex with indoor and outdoor soccer fields, etc. where taxi cabs and cars are constantly dropping off and picking up people… So, it’s not like it’s just the people actually on the bike lane that would witness this truck speeding by…

    Lastly… The west side highway (aka West Street) has traffic cameras facing both directions at every intersection. There should be many cameras that caught the action.. Which, you guessed it, we shall never be shown.

    Financial Tip: Invest in bollard manufacturers…

  5. Why is there a photo that appears to be a mugshot, and that NPR is crediting to, “A handout photograph, obtained courtesy of the St. Charles County Dept. of Corrections in Missouri, shows Sayfullah Saipov. In April 2016, a warrant for Saipov was issued in Missouri over an unpaid traffic citation.
    St. Charles County Dept. of Corrections/AFP/Getty Images”

    Why would they have a mugshot for a traffic citation? It says that a warrant was issued, not that he was arrested. I must be missing something.


  6. […] and more likely, there’s this. As is noted over at the American Everyman blog (see here), there may actually be a very good reason why this attack unfolded on the Tuesday […]

  7. He said he was planning on damaging a bridge , but he ran into the school bus. He wants an Isis flag in his hospital room….

    really pushing all the buttons…

  8. Any chance the Rand Paul beating is part of this? My guess. Yes.

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