AE Donation Drive – Could Really Use Some Help Folks

Things are really bad over here these. Please help if you can

Independent journalism depends on viewer support.

You can click on the nifty gif thingy for PayPal or contact me via email ( for my home address.

Thank you very much.


30 Responses

  1. Back in school we were told ours was the greatest country in the world. I’ve been in other countries, was never a citizen of one, but I have my doubts.

    Over the years I’ve come to believe it’s only those who have enough money that believe that kind of crap.

    Anyway, I’ll get something in the mail soon as I can.

    • Thank you Roy but I will be alright. And it is a totally different country for a few of them that is for sure. no wonder they want to keep things exactly like they are.

      • Uh, oh. Too late, Scott. So, buy yourself a Cuban cigar, or something

        • yeah, you know how I love those Cuban cigars. I don’t think we can get those anymore now that the crickets ran Trump out of Cuba. Kinda sucks. We still get a bunch of baseball players, so it evens out I guess.

          thanks Roy

          • Si. El Baseball es muy importante, pues. (My Spanish sucks. It’s been called Border Lingo, or worse—Tex/Mex.)

  2. Check your e-mail, please. I can send a small donation within the next couple of weeks. Yahoo address.

  3. don’t worry about it Noam. I will be ok. And no… I have nothing to do with the ads on this website. WordPress puts those up when a site like mine starts getting a certain number of page views. It’s the payback for them hosting the website and giving me access to the format for free. In fact, when I am logged in, I can’t even see them so I don’t even know what is being advertised on my own website. So, I thank you for the concern and the offer but I will be fine and clicking on ads would not help me in the slightest.

    • Noam, I am broke as a joke but I have a few followers on Twitter, plus I comment on a few websites. I’m sure Scott could use some free advertising. He sure deserves it more than the propagandists on tv.

  4. In coming via paypal.

  5. The hope is that you get a positive outcome and the distribution of a year and a half of SSDI back payments.

    Just dropped you twenty small pieces of worthless digital fiat.

    Best of everything, Scott!

    “Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor.” – James A. Baldwin

  6. So you won. That makes you a weiner.

  7. AH I see the problem. Yes but as I was saying – this site keeps eating my comments. It can’t all be WordPress.

  8. Scott,
    I hope your are managing to get through the rough times and that more of us can continue to throw some support your way. Sad loss today with Ed hermann leaving terra firma….

    Despite Chomsky’s delusions on 9/11… his partnership with Hermann on writing MC was quite an achievement.

  9. Don’t know where to put this, so I’ll put it here:

    I once worked in a nursing home. My father-in-law was in there, too. Every time he saw me he’d say “Take me home, Roy.”

    I had to quit that job.

    What do they do with their old in other countries? Is it only in America this happens? Just wondering, cause I’m standing on the doorstep of old age.

    Anyway, I’ll get something in the mail soon as I can. I like this site.

    • ah, you ain’t that old. I don’t know what other countries do. Some respect them I suppose. Some turn em into Soylent Green I guess. The neoliberalised ones just consider them “takers” and ignore them until they fall over in the street, wornout from the weight of that “HUNGRY PLEASE HELP” cardboard sign in their hands. They should start doing us like Logans Run. We could fly around on cables people aren’t supposed to be able to see until a stupid looking thingy in the ceiling shoots us with a death ray or something. They could televise it and have it on every Sat. night right after COPS and LIVE PD.

      • In Gabriel Marquez’s “One Hundred Years Of Solitude”, in a swampy part of a jungle, they let them be, to talk to the walls, whatever…

        • In Greece, back before the fraudulent Syriza party came to power like our previous president of “CHANGE”, an old man, tired of having to eat out of trash cans due to all the austerity measures forced on them by the IMF and World Bank, wrote a note, sat under a tree in a park outside their parliament and set forth a revolution that he would never know he sparked. Of course, Tsipras the fraud came to power and things got worse not better. Today the congress critters are so proud they have cobbled together a tax plan that will allow Big Business to suck more out of this nation and return less all based on making a “smaller Gubmint” and a larger pool of desperate people who will work for pennies. It seems the more neoliberalism is exposed as the first choice financial plan of fascists, the more they try to shove it down our throats no matter what the cost.

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