The Scary Shape-shifting Official Story of the Las Vegas Shooting as Told by Lombardo Himself

Today is Halloween and it’s time for a spooky story. Imagine yourself sitting around a camp fire as the overwork camp councilor settles in to share a spooky horror story with us campers.

Someone from sent me a link to these. It details the ever changing official story of the Las Vegas shooting as told by Sheriff Lombardo himself. It’s great work. Three videos. I am going to show them in their entirety and in sequence.

So settle in. Turn out the lights. And prepare to be frightened of the state of affairs in our criminal justice system here in the Shining City on the Hill.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks Scott. Very interesting. 2 minutes left to Halloween. Hope you enjoyed a great one and thanks so much for all of your info sharing. You are an anchor of humanity in these seas of humanity’s discontent.

  2. Just found this quite interesting article from the WaPo, wherein MGM openly disputes the LVPD story yet again. Apparently, two armed police officers and two armed security guards were on floor 32 shortly after Campos reported the shooting, but they did not immediately act. Also, the article indicates that Campos did not work for the Mandalay Bay directly but instead worked for a contractor. Differing opinions are presented regarding whether the officers should have attempted to stop the shooting or whether they were correct to wait for backup. I appreciate that the author of the article had the cajones to question the official narrative:

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