Las Vegas Shooting: Why is Debbie from Sane Progressive Deliberately Misleading her Audience?

I caught her manipulating videos and ignoring footage of blood-soaked scene to maintain the “no victims” hoax story. Very depressing and the more she does this the more her previous work will be diminished.

This is my last video dealing with Debbie and the “no victims” line of inquiry. It’s clearly bullshit and Debbie needs to answer for it.

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I caught her manipulating videos and ignoring footage of blood-soaked scene to maintain the “no victims” hoax story. Very depressing and the more she does this the more her previous work will be diminished.

This is my last video dealing with Debbie and the “no victims” line of inquiry. It’s clearly bullshit and Debbie needs to answer for it.

my video showing her misidentifying person in wheelbarrow and excluding part of the video which shows it is clearly a young woman

Debbie’s video from Oct. 18th

the video showing the shots fired which starts the crowd moving away from the shooting

GRAPHIC Live Leak video from the scene which Debbie dismisses as “a poorly done Hollywood haunted house theater” scene

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18 Responses

  1. but she manipulated two videos in order to convince her audience of various aspects of her story. That goes a little beyond wanting to be right. I can buy that with her viewing of the bloody Live Leak video through tainted eyes… but manipulating videos so her audience doesn’t hear the shots that got them moving… that’s different.

    • are you referring to the video where the lights were turned off & some official said that everyone still there was dead? i’m not buying the “no victims theory”, but that video is problematic in several ways & leaves me with no easy answers re it’s origin/purpose, etc.

  2. 2 trivial oversights &
    The “wounded” scene is obviously staged.

    Methinks host protestest too much.

    • what makes it “obviously staged”? and when did they stage it? the night before as Debbie suggests? Gee, that would mean the ENTIRE HOTEL could see them staging it and said NOTHING in the days since about all the bodies and the injured being out there days before the attack on Oct. 1st. Wonder how they got all those hotel guests to play along with the ruse. not to mention all the people who live/work in the area who are saying nothing. man, this conspiracy of silence gets bigger and bigger every day doesn’t it.

      You ever seen this?

    • O yer sarc slays me

  3. I hate to say it, Scott, these dark blurry spots in the wheelbarrow don’t look like anything recognizable [ie. torso] to me.

    This whole thing seems like folks calling out cloud shapes [it’s a bird, no it’s a bear]. Nothing is conclusive about this photo one way or another.

    Where did all these wheelbarrows come from? Where are the real EMT’s? Why aren’t there ambulances on site instead of these civilians hauling them around. This whole scene reminds me of Carlos at the Boston Bombing event. Makes for great Anderson Cooper stories… the citizen cowboy rescuers. God Damn! That’s what makes ‘merica great.

    Don’t think you’re giving Debbie enough credit. As you say, you haven’t watched all her material on the subject. She’s just pointing out things that look like bullshit, like we all do. She’s always said she’s open to new evidence…

    It seems like you making conclusions about her deliberately misleading people… is like what you fault her for doing about her “no victims” conclusion.

    This is not what we need right now.

    I’ve always hated the line “I really love Debbie BUT…” Then you go on to tear her apart. Did you ever think about contacting her privately and showing her the videos that support your conclusions and concerns, rather than calling her out publicly?

    Anyway I’ll continue to tune in to both your viewpoints. I’m not ashamed to say “I don’t know” what happened. You have raised some interesting points… but I’m not convinced yet.

  4. Totally agree, Scott. Bummer that Debbie went Full Flat Earther.

    Perhaps Roger $tone paid her a visit recently? Trick-or-Treat, it’s Rog!

    I suppose we’ll know for sure when Debbie starts telling us about how the lefty FPCC secretly colluded with Castro and Khrushchev to bump JFK (except he wasn’t really killed, just secretly sent to drug rehab in Tahoe)… and the commie ACLU secretly covered it all up.

  5. She’s damn evil, that Debbie!

  6. I like Debbie too. But with this ‘analysis’ she’s going too far down the rabbit hole. Me thinks, she’s a bit obsessive/compulsive with anything she covers. Doesn’t mean, she’s a bad person, but basically NOONE can draw definite conclusions based on video evidence alone. Fact is, she left out parts of the video you mentioned and neglected to take into account the very graphic stuff you also showed. the problem with this is that people are looking for evidence that supports a foregone conclusion. Sometimes things are a hell of lot more complicated than this.
    Please note, that she’s recently also supported everything Dane Wigington says at face-value. This is also a mistake. Sure, a lot of Wigington presents or questions is absolutely valid, but at other times he simply goes too far without any evidence and too much conjecture. I believe this is due to her close relationship with Cabin Talk, who is also a pretty down to earth person, but woefully ignorant of world events. Anyway, I’m glad you pointed out the discrepancies in her narrative – just wish the two of you would have communicated privately before all this. This certainly makes it far more difficult for anyone questioning ‘official’ narratives, and as you pointed out, deliberate infiltration is always a possibility to kill off any movement, but in this case, I believe she’s simply too overzealous to prove something. You sometimes make the same mistakes, but I continue to read your blog, because because some of the angles of investigation you tackle are never something to be dismissed outright.
    Furthermore, you seem to have a much better understanding of globalized neo-liberalism. So, regardless of the election shenanigans which Debbie so brilliantly exposed, these are merely the symptoms of a much, much bigger problem. The immense power that this ideology has had on almost the entire leadership of the West, but also taking hold in Russia and China, is something that most people underestimate. It started under Thatcher and Reagan, continued under Clinton + Obama, but really went into overdrive after the collapse of the USSR in 1991. So, it’s taken over 30 years to perfect. Most people have no idea what they are up against. You seem to be an exception.

    • I checked her Facebook a little while ago. She’s asking for people to send her info on how they don’t see any blood at the scene of this new attack. Folks are saying because the gruesomeness is blurred out in the publications, it must be fake. All fake again. They admit to seeing crushed and mangled bikes on the road and blurred images that are probably people, but because they can’t SEE BLOOD… it must be fake.

      And if they saw it anyway, like they did with the video from the Vegas shooting… they’ll just dismiss it saying it was staged no matter how ridiculous that claim may be.

      It’s ghoulish really when you think about it.

      Like they think someone drove down the street tossing mannequins and broken bikes out the back of a truck or something and no one on that busy street would say anything about that strange behavior. And she is not only encouraging it, she’s inciting it… asking for it. Of course, when you run an echo chamber with like minded folks, what do you expect to find? Echos of your own confirmation bias.

      Frankly I don’t know what happened there yet. Could be staged but would be hard on a busy New York street in the middle of the day. Much easier to hire a goon and payoff a few cops to make sure he was taken alive and then bring in the Feds. But that’s just me.

      I might have been a bit harsh on her in my last video about her but when I saw her deliberately manipulating a video so as to bolster her fraudulent claim about that crowd leaving before the shooting started, I saw her in a much different light than I had before.

      Not too say she is on par with him, but I did that before when I figured out Steven Jones wasn’t just wrong about “nanothermite” but was deliberately misleading people for a reason. It was depressing. And angered me to a point. it took YEARS for other 9/11 activists to figure that out.

      thank you for the comment

      • scott, would you like to comment on the vid from liveleak (the one where the lights are turned off & some official declares everyone to be dead)? that whole thing looked screwy to me & i’m wondering if you have any thoughts about it.

        • yes I have already seen it. Anything could have happened to shut off the lights. But from what I understand the thinking was that they needed to shut off lights so that the shooter couldn’t see all the people trying to help in the field. Don’t know if that is true or not. But it could be something that would run through the mind of the light board operator or some low level cop on the scene who figured everyone on the field trying to help out were targets for more shootings. That would also go along with his telling the guy with the cell phone making the recording that “everyone was dead” out there so they should get off the field and under cover.

          Let’s assume for a second it isn’t a ‘staged scene” performed out there DAYS BEFORE the concert (as stupid as that sounds, it is the suggestion of Debbie and other folks)… just for kicks… you know, people react differently in stressful situations… and when you think about it… shooter had NOT been reported DEAD at that point (again… in spite of what DEBBIE and others tell you “must have been the case”)… so think about it… it makes good sense doesn’t it? Even IF some of the people were wounded and on the ground still alive (not many of them judging from the video) turning off the lights and trying to get the other people the hell out of the kill zone… makes PERFECT SENSE doesn’t it? Even if you had to tell a couple of them to forget it “they’re all dead” in the end, trying to save the lives of those who are staying behind to help would be a RATIONAL thing to do.

          wouldn’t it?

          Is it the choice I would make? No. Possibly cutting the lights, yeah. Why make it easier for the sniper.

          You ever watch a movie where a sniper is outside trying to kill someone in a building, an apartment or something? What’s the first thing the experienced character does? Kills the lights.

          Kills the lights.

          Why is it even a question I wonder?

          Me? I have no idea how I would have reacted. If it was real. Which I think it was.

          Would have probably pissed on myself.

          I would like to think I would have ordered the light booth op to kill the lights and then told all the able bodied people to find a wounded survivor and drag their asses off the field to cover. Had it been me, that is what I would like to think I would have done. But I probably would have just pissed myself in the fetal position.

          anyway, that’s what I think about it.

          • well that’s at least something i hadn’t considered. i’m not sure it works for me, but i’m also left without a good explanation for the video otherwise.
            thanks for your response.

          • Killing the lights during the active shooting event makes perfect sense to me. Why have the targets illuminated by high powered lights?

            • right. I understand the logic. It’s funny how folks like Debbie can’t seem to wrap her head around it but, like you said to another reader, this kind of disinfo was prevelant in the Truth community way back when. I even had a guy try to get me to start pushing a narrative that the Twin Towers were not only empty when the planes hit them, but they were hollow shells and had been since they were created. It’s kinda like the disinfo assets who pushed the story about nuclear bombs being built into them when they were constructed. total bullshit. but there you have it.

      • You’re welcome. I just lost a whole lot respect for Debbie. This is depressing, because it discredits everyone asking legit questions. Yes, it happened with the 9/11 movement, too 😦

  7. I live in Las Vegas and I personally know people who were at the concert, including somebody who was injured by gunfire. This shit pisses me off to no end and Debbie had BETTER NOT ever step foot in Las Vegas and try this shit here, she will not like the response she gets! There has been a complete blackout by the news media on this case and I think they are PURPOSEFULLY trying to make people think it was a hoax to silence the victims!

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