Las Vegas Shooting: What is the “No Real Victims” Theory and Who Does it Serve? (AE video)

Yes there are crisis actors being used in various staged mass casualty events. I have exposed MANY over the years. But that does not mean this event was staged and there are NO VICTIMS. The evidence in this case is overwhelming that there were.

By far the hardest video for me to make since I have to call out a citizen journalist whom I have a great deal of respect for. But it needed to be said and nothing about the work I have done over the past 10 years has been particularly pleasant anyway.

links available after the break

Sane Progressive Las Vegas Shooting Coverage Part 2, Staged Before Our Very Eyes

Judge grants order to stop MGM Resorts from destroying evidence

unedited photo from the Route 91 festival (graphic)*aepZBSRKez*flqgnPZ95T1a0ATj*6MVJA4hSJrOIBAOvy3KFx5CHpNq8/mandalayshootingaftermath.jpg

video showing person in wheelbarrow, not a “dummy”

Paige Gasper court filing (PDF)

list of my work on 9/11

Partial list of my previous work on Gladio, psyop and false flag operations:

American Gladio

  1. 002 Scott’s 911 Writing
  2. Abu Nusaybah Woolwich Psyop
  3. Alexandria GOP Shooting
  4. Andrews Air Force Base Shooting
  5. Antifa fraud
  6. Attack in Arizona
  7. Aurora Massacre
  8. Bin Laden death Propaganda
  9. Boston Bombing
  10. Canadian Gladio
  11. Chapel Hill Shooting
  12. Charleston Shooting psyop
  13. Charlie Hebdo Attack
  14. Charlottesville attack
  15. Chattanooga shooting
  16. Chelsea bombing
  17. Christopher Dorner
  18. Clackamas Town Center Shooting
  19. Dallas Sniper Attack 2016
  20. Dallas standoff 2015
  21. Dylann Storm Roof
  22. Ebola Psyop
  23. EgyptAir Flight MS804
  24. fake Hapless Haruna beheading video
  25. Fake James Foley Video
  26. Fake Japanese “ISIS” Video
  27. Fake Kenji Goto video
  28. Fake Steven Sotloff Video
  29. Fort Lauderdale airport shooting
  30. Fort Riley bomb plot
  31. Ft. Hood
  32. Garland Texas shooting
  33. Germanwings A320
  34. Ibragim Todashev
  35. Innocence of Muslims Psyop
  36. Jacob Tyler Roberts
  37. James Austin Stumbo
  38. John Cantlie (ISIS spokesman)
  39. Kansas airport plot
  40. Kansas terror plot
  41. Kony 2012
  42. Las Vegas shooting
  43. Libyan bombing campaign 2016
  44. Lindt Cafe “ISIS™” Siege
  45. London bombing 7/7
  46. London Bridge attack 2017
  47. London Bucket Bomb
  48. London car attack thingy
  49. Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
  50. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
  51. Manchester bombing 2017
  52. Miriam Carey
  53. Mohawk Psyop
  54. Munich shooting 2016
  55. Neo-Gladio
  56. Oklahoma City bombing
  57. Oregon High School Shooting
  58. Ottowa Shooting
  59. Paramus mall shooting
  60. Paris Attacks
  61. Phoenix Freeway Shootings
  62. Pulse shooting event
  63. Pussy Riot
  64. Redneck Dixon White phony
  65. Russian “hacking” Psyop
  66. San Bernardino shooting
  67. Sandy Hook Massacre
  68. Santa Barbara Shooting
  69. Santa Monica College Shooting
  70. Sikh Temple Massacre
  71. the anthrax attacks
  72. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab
  73. Webster Ambush
  74. White Helmets psyop
  75. Woolwich Psyop
  76. ZIKA BABY!
  77. Zika virus scam
















14 Responses

  1. Sane Progressive overwhelms everyman on LiesVegas Drill/Exercise
    (sure wish i understood why s.c. Is taking such an impassioned
    acceptance of OfficialStory.)

    • Because, Steph, you seem predisposed to believe every false flag or staged terror is 100% fake with no dead bodies… Because you were saying the same things and had this same attitude just a couple days after the “shooting” when you really had no way of knowing… Because, until you can actually demonstrate or prove that there were no dead bodies, that aspect is nothing but speculation based on crumbs of information, misinformation and disinformation.. False flags and real victims are not mutually exclusive, and historically, having real dead bodies in a false flag is actually the norm, and not the exception…

    • Many leftists, liberals and progressives are also blinding defending Spain’s balkanization out of emotional need. Puidgemont and the Mossos do not look to be benevolent progressives, by any stretch of the imagination. We’re most likely getting an Israel or Kurdistan by the Pyrenees, with the same dubious megacorporations (with the added possibility of a new regional tax haven) and intelligence forces as other Westernized countries. This is my last post on this subkect.

      • Not sure wtf this has to do with Vegas? Any excuse to field BLAND Corporation talking points I guess.

        I wonder if these “leftists, liberals, and progressives” blindly defending Catalonian self-government are the same sort of “emotional” types that fought the fascists in the 30s? How dare they.

        • What part of Open Society Foundationinvolvement, ethnic supremacist sentiments among some Catalans, less than half of the population turning out to vote either way, thousands of Spaniards in the capital protesting the regional governments’s decision, and other documented phemonema don’t you understand? You’re being played like a fiddle.

          • You can make all the goatshit slippery slope arguments you like, Corn Trollio. But I don’t buy it.

            And even if we assume for the sake of argument it’s all a racist corporatist Usraeli ruse, I still say they have the right to govern themselves if the voters say so.

            • Attacking me is where I draw the line. If you want to buy into propaganda crafted to be appealing over actually investigating a topic, fine. But call me names again, and you’ll regret it.

    • so the official story is a merc team was shipped in from overseas and they opened fire on the crowd from various sniper locations and were whisked away by a waiting plane at the international airport across the street and the FBI and sheriff’s office is covering for them?

      gee, I hadn’t read that version of the official story. please provide links.

  2. Explain this:

    And the Lawyers are never prosecuted or disbarred either Learn the truth:

  3. Reply to Steph did not post.

  4. I’ve thought Debbie was a right wing plant, along with that Caitlyn Johnstone thing, for a long time.

  5. Debbie’s heart is in the right place. Like many of us, she’s new at this. She’ll become more disciplined if she keeps it up. Like a scientist or investigator, one learns from their mistakes and becomes — like Scott — more discerning with experience. What’s great is that she is passionate, fearless and vocal and her social media sites serve as support sites and gathering places for many, like me and many others (after the 2016 Dem primary), to discuss how to forge a path forward in a newly-discovered (for us) reality that is controlled by oligarchs, banksters and mobsters.

  6. If the goal is to divide all of the “citizen” investigators, then it would be logical that the only available videos are fake or inconclusive. This way we can argue till the cows come home one side or the other and get nowhere.

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