Kurdish Peshmerga Death Squads Attack Kurdish Parliament as Dictator Barzani Resigns

(After the sham referendum and Iraqi forces retaking the oil fields of Kirkuk, the dictator Barzani was stripped of power by the Kurdish parliament last week. He and his vice president and staff had been ruling illegally since 2015. Looks like the rest of the government of “Iraqi Kurdistan” have decided to oust him before the Iraqis move in and wipe the Kurds out completely. Israel and the U.S. are their only backers in this conflict and neither will take up arms to support them in this conflict. Seems like the Peshmerga death squads who have been ethnically cleansing areas in Iraq know full well with Barzani gone, they have no political cover, so they might be held accountable in time for their crimes against Iraqis and Kurds alike. Greater Kurdistan is falling apart.)

from Press TV (my title)

Angry demonstrators, some carrying clubs, have reportedly stormed the parliament of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region in the region’s capital city of Erbil as the Kurdish lawmakers approved a request by president of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Massoud Barzani, to step down early next month.

According to witnesses, protesters were angry at Barzani’s decision to resign from the presidency of the region.

Some reports indicated that gunshots were heard as protesters, who claimed they were Peshmerga Kurdish fighters forced their way into the parliament building.

Other reports noted that Kurdish lawmakers were trapped inside their offices at the parliament building. Angry demonstrators also attacked the crew of NRT news channel, who were reporting in front of the parliament. NRT is known to be very critical of Barzani and his policies…

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3 Responses

  1. The Kurds are sounding like Prohibition-era Chicago mobsters, fighting over a shrinking piece of the action.

    • they went from sucking up to the empire for a new Saudi Arabia sized nation of their own, with all the wealth and power that comes with it, to being kicked to the curb and told they will have to wait a little longer for their champagne dreams after doing all the dirty work for the U.S. and Israel. In a way, I kinda feel sorry for the scumbags.

  2. I hope the Peshmerga angry over Massoud stepping down at least stall for a while confrontations with the Iraqi Central Government.

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