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  1. Look at the obvious disparity between the Catalan and Spannish nationalist crowds in the footage at the start. Men and women of all ages on the Catalan side vrs the balaclaved, all male, military aged nationalists. Tells you all you need to know.

  2. Lookie what I found from last year. George Soros may have been involved in financing the organizations in favor of Catalan secession:
    The article is in Spanish, but it contains a jpeg of an Open Society Foundation document in English. More links:
    This affair smelled fishy to me from the very beginning.

  3. It seems that Madrid is sending Soraya de Santamaria, the horrible midget, to take care of the Catalonian autonomy. Carles Puidgemont’s words were good but not enough to resist every despicable thing that Madrid will do to end the Catalan dream. Remember that Spain is the country of Franco and the Inquisition. In Portugal, we have a saying about the spanish: «From Spain, no good wedding and wind».

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