FBI Informant Orest Pena Testified in ’78 He Thought Oswald was a US Agent

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE at end of article

Here’s one of the documents released yesterday. Orest Pena was an FBI informant from 1959 living in New Orleans and testified that he knew Oswald and saw him several times with other federal agents. At the time Pena worked for another agency, probably CIA. FBI and the CIA were at odds back then and the FBI was investigating the training camps the CIA had set up for the anti-Castro Cubans they were using in their proxy war of terrorism in Cuba. Pena also didn’t believe Oswald received that passport on the day they claim he did nor does he believe he went to Mexico.


Here is the location.

The Mary Ferrell Foundation has an archive of previously released documents from the JFK files that relate to Orest Pena.

If you go here you can find the mention of Orest Pena from the Warren Commission report which is vastly different from this testimony he gave to the FBI in 1978.

During an interview (July 24, 1964) before the 1978 one and after the FBI interview (June 1964) which is detailed in the Warren Commission report, Pena makes it clear the WC report misrepresented what he told them on several points.

Mr. LIEBELER – I have a report before me, Mr. Pena, of an interview of you in the presence of your attorney, Mr. Tamberella, which was made by Mr. De Brueys and Mr. Wall. That was in the FBI office on June 9, and on page 2 of this particular report, which is page 14 of the larger report, it says, and I quote: “Orest Pena specifically stated he had never told anyone, including Carlos Bringuier, that Oswald had been in the Habana Bar with a Mexican prior to the assassination of President Kennedy. He also said he never heard his brother, Ruperto Pena, say that Oswald had been in the bar with a Mexican. He also stated that he had no information that the FBI was ever looking for a Mexican who had ever patronized his bar.” Did you tell the FBI that?
Mr. PENA – I don’t think so.
Mr. LIEBELER – In fact, you did tell Bringuier that you had seen Oswald in the bar?
Mr. PENA – When we were talking after the assassination, we were talking about it.
Mr. LIEBELER – Did you tell the FBI agents back in December that Oswald had been in the bar and that you had seen him?
Mr. PENA – Yes.

It’s an interesting interview.


Pena thought he was an agent of some kind and folks on my site here are debating whether or not Oswald was actually an employee of the FBI. So… read this review of the topic

J. Lee Rankin, the Warren Commission’s General Counsel, was told in January 1964 by a reliable source that it was common knowledge among journalists in Texas that Oswald had regularly received $200 per month from the FBI. If Oswald had indeed been secretly employed by a federal agency, the Commission would of course have found it almost impossible to make a convincing case that he had acted alone. Rankin and Earl Warren were determined to silence the rumour…

Whatever the basis for these particular rumours, there is strong circumstantial evidence that Oswald had been an undercover agent of the federal government, at least while he was:

  • a defector to the Soviet Union between 1959 and 1962, and
  • a duplicitous pro– and anti–Castro activist in New Orleans during the summer of 1963.

There is some evidence to support the proposition that Oswald had been employed by federal agencies in various capacities:

  • A member of the FBI’s office in New Orleans, William Walter, claimed that he had seen an FBI teletype that showed that Oswald had been an informant for that office: NARA RIF no. 180–10076–10413.

  • A former CIA payroll officer claimed that it was widely assumed among his CIA colleagues that Oswald had been a full–time employee of the agency: HSCA Interview of James B. Wilcott, 22 March 1978. See also James B. Wilcott, ‘The Assassination of John. F. Kennedy: A CIA Insider’s View,’ Stray Magazine, February 1989, p.38.

Also keep in mind a new development from the newly released files (see above where it is said that Hoover really wanted to make sure people thought Oswald acted alone so they wouldn’t suspect a connection between him and Hoover’s agency):

J. Edgar Hoover Said Public Must Believe Lee Harvey Oswald Acted Alone

Katzenbach is known from previously released documents to have shared Hoover’s concern, writing in a memo the next day, on Nov. 25, 1963, that “the public must be satisfied that Oswald was the assassin; that he did not have confederates who are still at large; and that evidence was such that he would have been convicted at trial.

Here is part of the genesis of this story:

On Thursday, January 23, 1964 Secret Service Report No. 767 was brought to my attention. This report is dated January 23, 1964 and summarizes an inteview by Agent Bertram with Houston Post reporter Alonso H. Hudkins III. A pertinent paragraph of the report reads as follows:

“On December 17, Mr Hudkins advised that he had just returned from a weekend in Dallas, during which time he talked to Allen Sweatt, Chief Criminal Division, Sheriff’s Office, Dallas. Chief Sweatt mentioned that it was his opinion that Lee Harvey Oswald was being paid $200 a month by the FBI as an informant in connection with their subversive investigation. He furnished the alleged informant number assigned to Oswald by the FBI as “S172”.”

The report concludes with the request that Chief Allen Sweatt of the Dallas Sheriff’s office be interviewed regarding the above allegation. Upon being informed by representatives of the Secret Service that this subsequent interview had not yet taken place, I requested that it be done immediately. source

It would seem at least a bit like some of the new info coming out in yesterday’s release goes a little way to confirm this theory.

28 Responses

  1. It goes to show the incredible penetration depth of Russian/Soviet spies! So, Oswald was an FBI informant who worked for the Soviets who directed the JFK assassination. I for one am not surprised.

  2. So they were also investigating Pena as maybe shooter of JFK ?
    When was he telling the truth? 1963 or 1078?

    • he didn’t testify in ’63. it was ’64. Twice. And in ’64 remember who was running that “investigation”… the people Pena figured killed a seated president and a couple key witnesses by then. What would YOU tell them?

      • well, guess I would try to save my scrawny neck….. 🙂

        • it’s one thing when a citizen decides to keep silent when a gang is involved in a killing and the authorities come to them looking for a witness to testify… it’s another when it’s the very authorities asking you what you saw. “nothing. nope. not a damned thing” would be my reply as well.

  3. It’s been established for some time that Oswald was on the FBI payroll. There are payslips, etc.

  4. I was under the impression that FBI, like the bulk of the government in the 60s, was basically a vassal state of CIA. Something to do with some Angleton Kompromat pictures of Hoover and his buddy doing the forbidden dance. So, sorry to be nitpicking, but I’m not sure about the CIA/FBI being “at odds” (and ditto for the fake “Deep State War on Trump”).

    Perhaps they didn’t like each other, but at least in regards to Mongoose they seem to be fully cooperative, even giddy. And as we’ve seen more recently, just because the FBI is investigating something (i.e., terrorist training camps in LA) doesn’t mean they intend to do much with the results.

  5. Breaking news will be they found a Quran at the site! It was *ozombo bin nuttyahoo larden* killed JFK, with mossad provided firearm(s).

    (and I mean it!)

    “A British Newspaper Got an Anonymous Call 25 Minutes Before the Assassination

    Less than 30 minutes before Kennedy was gunned down, a senior reporter at the Cambridge News in eastern England received an anonymous tip about “some big news” that would soon erupt in the United States, according to the documents released by the National Archives.
    “The caller said only that the Cambridge News reporter should call the American Embassy in London for some big news and then hung up,” read a memo from then FBI deputy director James Angleton to director J. Edgar Hoover.”

    Put this next to the BBC report of the crumbling of Building #7 in its footprint on 9/11 some 20+ minutes before it actually happened and ponder it. The Brits scoop not only the entire American MSM on American events, they scoop the events!
    The only logical explanation is that they employ prescient analysts/reporters/sources who are authentic seeers. Scoff all you want at paranormal events, the proofs are undeniable.

  7. Another revelation is that Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell was a CIA asset.

    His brother Gen. Charles Cabell was deputy director of the CIA alongside Allen Dulles, a corporate lawyer, until both were forced to resign by JFK following the Bay of Pigs. Their contempt for the president became an open secret.

    Mayor Cabell was the *first* to suggest a ‘lone nut’ had perpetrated the assassination when he told the Dallas Morning News that it had been “the irrational act of a single individual” and further said it “could only be the act of a deranged mind.” (Dallas Morning News, 11-23-1963) This was while the city police and district attorney’s office were still investigating the possibility that accomplices were involved.

    He had direct influence on plans for the trip, the motorcade route and, of course, all aspects of the local investigation. His father and grandfather had both served terms as city mayor and so you can only imagine the scope of influence, both formal and informal, that he had there.

  8. Take this with a grain of salt. I’ve heard that the Seattle FBI field office shares office space with the CIA. When I asked about proximity, they said adjoining cubicles. That seems a bit too intimate for any deep animosity to exist, at least at that office.

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