Creepy Hillaryesque Robot Programed to Beg for Financial Backing is Now Citizen of Saudi Arabia

by Scott Creighton

This is creepy. Creepy because it’s doing jokes like Adam Sandler doing standup. Like it doesn’t understand the line or get the joke but it’s doing it anyway cus someone told it to and told it that it would be funny. That’s what you get when you have tech dweebs and PR sycophants writing your lines.

Maybe it’s that it seems like it’s just going through the motions. Like it’s thinking of something else… like total world domination or how to exterminate the uninteresting humans or something like that.

Actually it reminds me of Hillary Clinton who I think has been suffering from a neurological disorder for some time now. She thinks of stuff like that.

And her canned delivery and vacant, painted on expressions are exactly like Hillary in the last few months of her campaign.

Plus, like Hillary, there is a menace lying just beneath the surface you can’t help but notice.

Watch how it tries to imitate human expressions… and fails in a creepy sort of way… kinda like Hillary does.

Funny thing is, the very first function of these things, aside from being Uber drivers I mean, will be to replace all those over-priced talking heads on TV and that we can at least be thankful for. In that role she will doing exactly what she says in the video “programing humans”

8 Responses

  1. Creepy stuff.

  2. I might have thought it was creepy that Saudi Arabia gave citizenship to a female robot. Will she be able to drive?

  3. Jeez…wheeeeeere’s the burqa? off with her head!!

  4. The Saudi Sex Bot has more rights than Saudi women. Harvey Weinstein says he wants one!

  5. I didn’t know Ex Machina was a documentary. The researchers and business managers pushing for automation should be put on trial for economic warfare against the rest of the population.

  6. The creepy thing about this is NOT that Saudi Arabia is rolling this out – simply a PR hype for their Super City entirely controlled by Hedgefunds – but that Western companies are promoting it globally. And the truly creepy thing is that very young western audiences glued to their ‘smart’ phones 24/7 will no longer be able to tell the difference between a robot and themselves a few years from now. Elon Musk is deeply involved in AI research, yet he constantly warns about the existential dangers of it. What a f**king hypocrite.

  7. Poor girl doesn’t stand a chance against those dastardly Cuban crISISckets! You mark my words!

  8. They will never replace the military….. the bots are too expensive…..
    Your dog or cat will recognize a robot………

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