Like Magic: Distractions Abound as JFK Files Released (AE video)

You may not have been alive when the coup took place but it changed your life and you should know everything you can about what happened that dark day in November 1963.

As Trump’s people prepare to release some of the remaining files from the JFK investigation, the Deep State’s Mockingbirds at the MSM dump one distraction story after another.

You have to ask yourself “if they really believed the official story, would they hide any of their investigation for 50+ years?”

4 Responses

  1. On Nov 22, 1963, my husband and I were driving back from the port of Hawaii. We had gone to pick up our car which had been shipped from California by the Navy. My husband had just been transferred to Navy Sub.station in Hawaii. Our radio’s were blaring about President Kennedy being shot…. I pulled over and stopped. My husband followed. We were both shocked and then filled with grief. I will never forget that day.
    the televisions were talking about nothing else….. and the grassy knoll and three shots heard…. but later saying only one bullet and no one on the grassy knoll… we did not believe them. No one we talked to believed the ‘official’ story.
    We believed Johnson had been responsible.

    • It’s amazing how detailed people’s memories are of that moment. Talk about “shock and awe”. I think the majority of Americans know JFK wasn’t killed by Oswald and yet we all move through our lives as if he was. Not much we can do I guess but it’s strange how hollow the foundations of our world really are, over here in the Shining City on the Hill. And they wonder why the 60s were so fucked up. As you sow…

  2. Shouldn’t we wait until we see what the heavily redacted files have to say?

    • well, if they all said Oswald did it alone, don’t you think they might have released them 25 years ago?

      Who knows what will be in them. Who knows if he will actually do it. Hasn’t yet to my knowledge and the law says he has to today or sign a new order keeping them secret. he might buckle under to the pressure, God knows he has MANY times already. And, they might be so heavily redacted that you can’t tell what kind of paper they are on… but… he may… MAY… release a number of them or all of them and I think that is what TPTB are afraid of. And my video isn’t about their content or Trump’s decision, it’s simply about the distractions the MSM are creating to keep folks from looking at the documents IN THE EVENT they are released.

      but that in itself should tell you something.

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