Las Vegas Shooting UPDATES 10/26/17

A new “New” timeline, missing hard drives, arrested family members, Feinberg gets involved again and Jesus makes a pilgrimage to Mexico.

The official story going from bunk to junk right before our eyes.

links available after the break

the New New timeline

Tucker asks some inconvenient questions about Jesus

Jesus takes a trip

kiddie porn for bro-man

hard drive takes a powder exits stage left

Zero Hedge covers it

Kenneth Feinberg gets his slimy hands on the hush fund

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27 Responses

  1. Great update covering all the bases. Thank you.

    Have you seen this one hour video, shot from MGM Grand, showing police cars and ambulances in front of Hooters. Di$info Jones and some youtoubers are billing it as “body after body, victims being taken out of Hooter’s, although the video shows no such thing. Not that I can see, anyway. Others say it is a staging and triage area sat a safe distance from the shooting.

    Was wondering what your take might be about this video (if you’ve had a chance to check it out already)

    • yes I have seen that. I also saw a couple statements by victims who reported the night of the shooting that they ran and made their way to Hooters Casino. I didn’t even notice it was a casino in that video from that guy saying they were bringing “bodies” out of the building. It’s a common practice to hold the first responders at a distance nearby in an event like this one. The video shows the event as it was unfolding. The cops hadn’t even kicked in the patsy’s door at that point. What were they supposed to do? Drive up into the “killzone” and load bodies and wounded out like something out of a SWAT movie? It doesn’t work that way. The injured coming out of Hooters were ambulatory and made their way there or others helped them get there. There were some videos showing folks taking wounded people from the scene in various cars but I imagine they didn’t decide to just drop them off at Hooters as opposed to figuring out where a hospital was and going there so I guess the ones who were there, walked or were carried by someone on foot. So yeah, I have seen it and it is absolutely a either accidental or deliberate misunderstanding of what was going on.

  2. Miracle boi Jesus found the HD, took it over to Mexico and sold it for 3 fiddy to alien oops Ellen!

  3. Hello Scott,
    I believe that Paddock is a patsy like Oswald, and most likely killed before the firing began, or abouts. But, there’s no way that one one man did all that shooting, and killed and wounded that many people in a short space of time.
    Fom my time as a grunt marine in Vietnam I’ll give a sense of why I believe there was a team of shooters.

    First about the numbers, a Marine Battalion in Vietnam may number some 1,000- 1,100, but that includes Battalion medical hospital/aid station, plus supply and clerks et al back in the rear. I’m just dealing with the numbers in the bush.
    In Vietnam a Marine rifle battalion was made up of four rifle companies. Each company had 3 platoons (herein PLT). Each PLT had 3 squads of 12 men broken into 3 four man fire teams per squad, or 36 grunts if at full strength. Plus 2 Corpsman, (medics), an LT and Plt Sgt and two 2man machine gun crews. Say two radio operators; 1 for the LT and 1 for the Plt Sgt.
    Total: 46.
    But, the radiomen may not be separate from the 36 gruntd. My 1st tour, the LTs radioman; was trained as one. I was a grunt who carried the radio for the Sgt; after one month of dodging snipers I was told “you’re Ok.” You don’t usually hear that till 2-3 months. I asked why, and Hall said “there were three others who carried that (radio) in the last 4-5 months.” Dead and wounded.
    So let’s say 45 men to a platoon. Times 3 Plts= 135 men in the Company (Co). Plus, HQ- Co Capt., Sgt, 2 corpsmen say 2 radiomen. Let’s add 9 more to get 150 for a company

    Times 4 companies = 600. Add Battalion HQ. CO, XO, SGT, 4 radiomen(I’m inflating figures as I don’t know precise numbers). Add 30 men on 81mm and 60mm mortars, plus 2 two man machine gun crews, 3 Corpsmen and 1 Forward Air Observer FAO.
    HQ = 45 + 600 = 645. Round it to:
    Battalion =650 in the bush on operations. Most of any military unit is logistics, supply etc. Inflated numbers.

    How many were allegedly dead an wounded in Vegas: 547? A little less number wise than a Marine battalion was wiped out in Vegas in 12? Minutes??
    Second example next post

    • quick correction: 58 dead and 548 “injured” (no way I know of to tell if they were shot or injured running away) so about 606 or so give or take.

      • Thanks Scott,
        I never watch these things right after they happen. I tell myself there’s a 95%+ chance it’s a False Flag, and wait a day to three before I read stuff.
        During that time I ask myself, what besides the agenda to strip people of their weapons, is going on that this may be about. Living in Galicia, Spain, I was aware that the shooting in Vegas happened while I was watching the events in Catalonia on referendum day.

  4. A combat example of why there had
    to be a team of shooters in Vegas.

    In late Feb 1969 my company Golf 2/3 (2nd Battalion 3rd Marines) were flown atop Co Ca Va ridge in the A Shau valley. When discharged, in May 1970, I learned I was on Fire Support Base (FSB) Cunningham; the Marine HQ for ‘Operation Dewey Canyon.’

    A very scary and deadly place. Incredible beauty, a triple canopy jungle and mountains. Before we arrived the 812th Regiment of the NVA had launched a major ground assault against the base to rub it out. It was repulsed, but they launched sapper attacks every night.
    Suicide bombers. The crème de la crème of the NVA army. See: Sapper Attack in the A Shau During the Vietnam War | HistoryNet
    Sapper Attack in the A Shau During the Vietnam War | HistoryNet

    We didn’t know it but we were relieving a company that was breaking down from repeated night sapper attacks. Casualties, panic and dread. My team leader, was Paul, a Seminole Indian, who saved my life a month earlier when I was walking point. I made it to the top of a hill and froze. I had a premonition that my next step could be my last. Paul came up to have a look and saw a trip wire against my chest… a booby trap- anti-tank and an anti personnel on either side of me.

    That first night on Cunningham we met 3 of the marines we were replacing in the morning. One sobbed and said “we’re all gonna die. They (NVA) get in the wire (perimeter) every night.” Sappers. It was a WTF moment for me.

    Then we heard were terrifying screams from beyond the perimeter wire and a loud explosion. The man said “see that’s the 4th LP (listening post) in a row. 4 marines X 4 nights blown to bits. That company left in the morning.

    The next night we were the 1st 4 man listening post to go out for our company. We came back in early as we’d detected movement near us. And we weren’t going to be No. 5 in a row.
    And here’s the point about the Vegas shootings.

    As we came running through the concertina wire a trip flare went off and the whole hill began firing. I was the last one to come through the wire, and before I emerged I thought it must be a ground attack, and we’ll be in the middle. I was wrong. It was that delightful thing called ‘Friendly fire.’

    The other three were on the ground. Paul looked at me as if to say WTF are you doing standing up. Get down. I tried to drop, but bullets tore up the ground. I went to drop in another direction and bullets ripped up the ground there, and sent tree limbs flying. I gasped, and just fell where I stood, and when on the ground shifted a bit. I got ‘a fright’ as the Irish say. I had tears.

    I screamed into the radio “You MF..kers you’re shooting at us…and more. The answer I got was “you’re using incorrect radio procedure.” Swearing, and not the normal protocol. I was like FU. Within 20-30 seconds tops the firing stopped.

    Now, let’s say 30 Marines each emptied their magazine at us that’s 540- 570 rounds. Say 550. Add in a 100 round belt from an M-60 machine gun. 650 rounds.

    So let’s say a ballpark figure of between 600 – 650 rounds fired at the four of us by combat marines with a flare lighting up the kill zone, and unlike Vegas, we were at the most…20- 25 yards from the marines shooting at us.

    Guess what? Not one of us was hit! I did wonder, after what score those Marines got on the rifle range in boot camp.

    The Vegas shooters had to be very high caliber marksmen. Experts, that probably practiced the whole event beforehand..plenty of practice. Every aspect of it. It wasn’t Paddock. He was a patsy!

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    • Not one of us was hit! I did wonder what score those Marines got on the rifle range in boot camp.

      The difference is, there were four of you, and a whole lot of empty space, where the bullets ended up, fortunately for you.

      If you’re shooting in the general direction of a packed crowd of 22,000 people, YOU DON’T HAVE TO AIM. Wherever the bullets go, they’re going to hit somebody, not because the shooter was aiming at that particular person, but just because there was nowhere it could have gone that it wouldn’t have had a very good chance of hitting SOMEBODY.

      As you know, this is what belt-fed machine-guns are for — you don’t take aimed shots at particular people (nor could you, on full auto), you just open up in the general direction of a crowd of people, and statistically, some of them will inevitably be hit.

      Which appears to be what happened in Las Vegas. None of which proves that Paddock was anything more than a patsy, as you say.

      • That’s true, but I’ve seen a lot of videos of battles in Vietnam, and some companies were decimated in ambushes, But, even when larger formations were hit in well coordinated attacks at close range with rifles, machine guns, booby traps, grenades and mortars I don’t know of a unit that was decimated that way to the extent casualty wise.

        At the same time firing into a large group of people doesn’t mean everyone will get hit when you’re firing into the dark. Some survivors reported that there people shooting at ground level. When we were shot at we were in a very well kill zone, and we were the only targets.
        Thanks for bringing up the point you did.

    • more than one of the victims in Vegas was hit more than one time. I think I read about one being hit 3 times. That kind of grouping, IMO, is impossible with an AR-type weapon using a bump-stock at a distance of well over 1,000 feet. The nature of the weapon and the action of the bump-stock is what I base that on. Plus, the photos. There are certainly not enough shell casing in that main room for all that weapon firing. Plus, again, as we all heard in MULTIPLE videos… there was CLEARLY more than one weapon being fired at the same time… from multiple locations. Period. End of story. We heard it. The police scanner recordings show the officers on the ground knew it as well. They can manage and manipulate the story all they want, they can plant as many trolls and influence peddlers on websites spouting talking points all they want… but I’m not weak enough or stupid enough to let them change what I remember and what I know. Paddock was the patsy and it was a TEAM of shooters from different angles.

      • agreed. I think he was with isis. He just recently went on a cruise to the Middle East by himself. And then isis states he was one of them. And first thing out of the officials mouths is he definitely isn’t a terrorist or with isis. And nobody has questioned that since. Isis makes sense. All the other crap we see like Bolshevik Revolution, Al Gore, and gun running are probably red herrings.

        • …except that isis is bs. depending on the theater, isis is either working for the west (syria) or is simply some group labeled as isis, since they’re the new boogeyman (iraq). you’ll notice that isis is everywhere the u.s. wants to be militarily.
          i’m sure the powers-that-be would love to say that paddock was working for isis in syria & use that as an excuse to escalate our involvement there. but since they’re not making that claim, it’s clear their agenda with this shooting is domestic.

          • depending on the theater, isis is either working for the west (syria) or is simply some group labeled as isis, since they’re the new boogeyman (iraq). you’ll notice that isis is everywhere the u.s. wants to be militarily.

            It’s the gift that keeps on giving. It’s almost like somebody planned it that way.

            A not unreasonable assumption would be that ALMOST EVERYTHING that gets labelled as “Islamic terrorism”, not just “ISIS” and “Al Qaeda”, is either manipulated by, or actually created by, US imperialism.

            Notable exceptions to the above rule would include Hamas (Sunni) and Hezbollah (Shia). (Although Hamas was initially sponsored by Israel, but later escaped their control, in much the same way that Al Qaeda is said to have escaped US control, contrary to all available evidence.)

            The important distinction is that these two organizations terrorize nobody, except the Israeli military, whereas all the others terrorize EVERYBODY, except Israel. And Saudi Arabia.

            But no right-thinking person would want to ponder the implications of inconvenient facts like that.

      • Have you read Margaret Kimberley’s “brilliant” rebuttals to us “conspiracy theorists” over the Las Vegas shooting in her Freedom Rider blog? I believed she was on our side.

        • no I have not. just went over there and didn’t see an article about the shooting. do you have an example of her responses?

          • According to her, we are “distracting from real conspiracies” if we speculate that Paddock’s supposed shooting is being taken advantage of by advocates of gun control. Chris Rulon’s Twitter account features a quick link to the article.

            • thank you. yes I hear that all the time. Been hearing it since my early work on 9/11. We are “distracting” from “real” conspiracies. “Real” meaning the ones alternative folks are ALLOWED to discuss without fearing repercussions. That’s why folks like her never look at the evidence. Never consider what researchers find. I’m sure Dore feels the same way. Not to put her in his category. She’s actually a fine reporter and writer… to a certain limit. Dore just talks about other people’s work. Never seen a damn thing he researched and did on his own. I will check Chris’ feed and find the link. thanks

              • I hear that all the time. Been hearing it since my early work on 9/11. We are “distracting” from “real” conspiracies. “Real” meaning the ones alternative folks are ALLOWED to discuss without fearing repercussions.

                Beware the wrath of Gnome Chomsky, and his legions of rabid coincidence theorist zombies. A single bite from them is fatal to your status as a Respectable Progressive. We all know the US government is evil, but they’re not THAT evil — Gnome told us so, himself.

                All Hail, Gnome! All Hail, Operation MK-CHOMSKY!

              • The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum – even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.

                — Gnome Chomsky


              • Scott,
                I agree with your take on what she said. Even good people like Margaret, actually all of us grew up hearing the terms ‘conspiracy theorists’ or ‘whackos’ etc. But, it was the CIA who brought the term ‘conspiracy theorists’ into use suggesting it’s use against those who questioned the veracity of the Warren Commission’s findings. So we all grew up hearing that term use to disparage truth seekers.
                But, all anyone needs to do is read about the ‘Strategy of Tension’ or Gladio, and the fact that nearly every single terror attack in Europe after WWII was the work of the intelligence services, special black ops military units, right wing militias and coordinated by the Pentagon, NATO. Like the kidnapping and murder of Aldo Moro 9 May 1978,
                like the Bologna train station bombing on 2 Aug. 1980 (85 dead over 200 wounded), the Brabant Killers 1982-1985 (28 dead and 40 injured)…

  5. From the first article Scott referenced, I highly recommend everyone check out The NY Times timeline comprised of 30 videos taken. Absolutely the most comprehensive version we have seen yet.

    Would love to hear what everyone’s thoughts are after watching it (I hate videos but this one was good)

    • Just a note on The NY Times timeline, it’s not considered official since they created it themselves. So the official timeline is still the one with Campos being shot 40 seconds before shooting.

      As a side note, I’m beginning to think that Campos is being used as a ploy to reduce liability and that the cops are working with mgm on this. None of campos’ alleged actions fit into ANY timeline. His story is sketchy and everything about him raises suspicion.

      Lastly, as far as the hard drive, it seems like that’s a tried and true method to fool cops investigations that a lot of these lone gunmen do. Given the likely one year of planning paddock spent on this, it is conceivable he looked up other mass murderers and decided to chuck his hard drive on the last day. He would have to take it out of the laptop to ensure it was properly destroyed, as hammering up a laptop is messy and doesn’t necessarily destroy the actual hard drive.

  6. Scott, I have a simple question for you –

    Regardless of whether Paddock was a patsy or not, do you think the Las Vegas shooting incident was a staged hoax, with no deaths and no injuries, or alternatively, do you believe people were in fact killed and injured?

  7. At 4 a. m. EST a girl gave an interview about a woman who started a brawl near the stage and git shushed by security and she was dragged off screaming that everyone was dead
    No go, the coincidences in this case just start rolling on the very first day.

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