Government’s Hush Money Payout Master, Kenneth Feinberg, Managing Las Vegas Victims Fund

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Here is a link to my earlier article on Kenneth being tapped to dole out the cash from the Orlando hush money fund

UPDATE: dead patsy left me a reminder on Twitter about Feinberg helping to raid people’s pension funds for our previous president.

They are hoping to collect a paltry $15 million dollars for the Las Vegas Victim’s fund to be dispersed to the families of the slain victims and to those injured in it’s aftermath. It’s a small number considering the number of people injured or killed (600+) as compared to previous Victim’s fund totals of the past and the relatively few numbers of those applying for compensation. The Boston Bombing victim’s fund was something like 61 million dollars while the Orlando nightclub shooting fund totaled about 28 million when it was all said and done.

Put in charge of doling out that cash to the victims, once again, is Kenneth Feinberg. That decision was made VERY EARLY ON in the process.

“Distribution of the millions of dollars donated for those injured or killed during the Oct. 1 mass shooting will be overseen by a nationally recognized victim compensation expert who spearheaded the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.

Clark County announced Tuesday that attorney Kenneth Feinberg has agreed to lead the effort to distribute funds from the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund established by Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak and Sheriff Joe Lombardo” Las Vegas Sun

Kenneth Feinberg has a long history of serving as the paymaster when it comes to such events. Here is a partial list of some of the projects he’s worked on and currently works on.

From the assassination of a president to BP’s pollution of the Gulf to Jerry Sandusky being allowed to diddle little boys at Penn State to the first American Gladio op (Aurora) and all the way up until today, Kenneth Feinberg is the go-to guy when it comes to doling out the hush-money.

It’s a remarkable record especially when you consider the fact that he gets it wrong so many times.

Here’s a story about a couple of brothers who collected over 2 million dollars for their dead aunt who they claim lost her limbs in the Boston Bombing.

A Boston man convicted along with his brother of scamming the Boston Marathon victims’ compensation fund out of more than $2 million using the name of a dead aunt has lost his bid to remain free while he challenges the conviction.

The state’s highest court Monday upheld the decision of a single justice who ruled that Branden Mattier failed to show that the evidence against him was the result of an unlawful arrest and “virtually nonexistent.” Boston CBS

Here’s Kenneth posing for a photo-op with one of the scammers. Kinda makes you wonder who the real scammer is, now doesn’t it? Kid’s in prison. Kenny’s got a new gig.

Branden Mattier posted this photo of himself with One Fund administrator Ken Feinberg on May 7, 2013. (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

In Orlando, several recipients of the Pulse nightclub shooting victims’ fund tried to sue to get a peek at the books before Feinberg distributed the cash. They questioned his credibility to no avail.

“In the 46-page complaint, Amador’s attorney questions the credibility of fund administrator Kenneth Feinberg” Orlando Sentinal

And we all know who he was working for when he was in charge of the massive slush-fund put together after the BP oil spill:

But Mr. Feinberg has become the man the Gulf Coast loves to hate. Residents yell at him in meetings, coastal politicians and the news media accuse him of acting in bad faith, and plaintiffs’ lawyers say he is working for BP.

A federal judge has ruled that while Mr. Feinberg’s work may benefit BP, his claims decisions are independent. New York Times

Working for BP as opposed to their victims when it came to their “victims’ fund”. What an interesting concept when you think about Mandalay Bay, MGM Resorts International and the victims’ fund he now oversees.

Feinberg was hated by most of the victims of 9/11. One set up a website called “Fix the Fund” on which he called Kenneth “patronizing, manipulative and at times, even cruel.” Worse things than that were written about him over the years.

Did you know Kenneth Feinberg was a member of the board of overseers of the RAND corporation’s Institute for Civil Justice. He’s been a Trustee at the RAND corporation since 2013.

Wrongful death lawsuits are still being filed against MGM Resorts International and security company Contemporary Services Corp. as we speak and it is unlikely the paltry payout expected as the thousand claimants split the 15 million bucks will persuade the lawyers to give up on that course of action. CSC was handling event security for the festival.

And we all know Sheriff Lombardo and the FBI are doing their best to reshape the official history of the event in order to protect MGM from these lawsuits.


12 Responses

  1. The talent of managing money is a gift. A gift from G-d, bestowed on those people whom G-d deemed morally superior. They have proven themselves worthy of being divinely chosen through their altruism: they focus on managing other people’s money.
    Any criticism of their efforts, albeit indirectly and unintentionally, is obtuse and biased and we know where that leads if we don’t watch out….

    • G-D also left commandants which Israel continually breaks most of them…. stealing, killing, coveting other people’s property, lying,
      and they are the ones who wrote the old testament….mostly as stories to make a point.. in their favor….. I don’t believe they can handle your money … except to figure out how much to charge you for doing it…. and maybe skimming a little off the top.

    • …then da ebil jews’ll git ya? For real?

      That’s the most significant aspect of this story in your view?

      • The fact that Feinberg is a Zionist Jew and he is being dishonest about
        how he handles the funding…… just makes him a regular Zionist. That is my point…. what’s yours?

      • Good imitation of how those who take the Jews’ name in vain speak — all of them uneducated, stupid Goyim. I am pretty sure though that’s not the case of Jan 10.
        She simply made a hypothesis, i.e., that only those Jews who break the judaic commandments (zionists and mostly Israelis, she thinks) might be evil. An honest mistake. Dov Zakhein, the author of the unforgettable (but now sadly forgotten) novel “Remembrance of Trillions Past” (translated into French as “A la Recherche des Trillions Perdus) is a rabbi. He knows from commandments like nobody;s business and is respected by other rabbis.
        You will be pleased to know I disagree with her. Religious Jews cannot be evil since they religiously obey the tenets of the Talmud and zionists cannot be evil either because we cannot re-victimize the victims: they are eternal sufferers of the PTSD inflicted on them by … us, all of us. It’s good that you are monitoring the comments: an old Yiddish proverb says, “when the Yids are away, the Goyim will play.”

  2. Clark County announced Tuesday that attorney Kenneth Feinberg has agreed…

    He agreed? More like Clark County was TOLD to hire Kenny Boy.

    The rat hole gets deeper and deeper.

  3. Clark County announced Tuesday that attorney Kenneth Feinberg has agreed…

    He agreed? More like Clark County was TOLD to hire Kenny Boy.

    The rat hole gets deeper and deeper…

    Looks like problems posting?

  4. Isn’t the correct term, “hush money”?

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