Sellouts Jimmy Dore and Greg Palast Push Sickening Establishment Propaganda About Stephen Paddock

He claims he knows him and WHY Paddock did it… BUT HE DOESN’T EVEN GET HIS F-IN NAME RIGHT!?! Calls him “Pollock”!

Palast says “Trump stole the election from Hillary” and offers a BS motive for Patsy Paddock’s rampage: class warfare (as in he was the underclass believe it or not)

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Jimmy Dore vid with Greg Palast

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  1. Good Afternoon Scott,
    I’m never surprised when hearing
    that once good people like Greg Palast
    give up and surrender. Jimmy Dore I’d
    known about long.
    The only two blogs I follow consistently
    is your and Black Agenda Report.
    When I lived in the US I was ‘constructively discharged’ from the local mental health agency where I was a counsellor. My crime: I didn’t turn my head to unethical conduct like all the others save one or two. I reported two other counsellors and they were toast. Gone.

    I was not trusted after that. I broke an unwritten rule: I won’t say anything about your unethical conduct; you don’t say anything about me. When I left I told my director that the difference between me and him is “I can look at myself in the mirror with a clean conscience, and the only thing that matters is I’m leaving with my integrity intact.” Or like words.

    George Orwell said “In times of universal deceit telling the truth is a Revolutionary Act.”
    We are living in such times. An empire is collapsing, and we are close to war.

    The only thing that matters is speaking truth to power, being kind to people, doing Good, enjoying our lived, or the little things each day that give us pleasure ( a cup of coffee, making someone laugh for me), and through it all keeping ones integrity intact.
    God Bless,
    Paul Meuse

    • Beautiful, thanks Paul.

      • I agree. Thank you very much Paul. I don’t think I belong being mentioned in the company of writers like Dixon and Ford, but I thank you for the compliment.

        Yes, it seems the endless Deep State war against Trump has paid off for them and he’s given them a free hand to do whatever they want, where ever they want and that can only lead to more war. More false flag terrorism and more war. We’ll keep speaking the truth, laughing every now and again and drinking way too much coffee watching it all go down the toilet. Like Riddick said, “had to end sometime”

        • Hello Scott,
          Over 15 years I followed different bloggers, and eventually they show that either they’re naive about something, worse. I need to get a blog back up and running.

          You’ve been consistently spot on in your analysis. And, from early on while many praised and still praise Julian intelligence asset Assange, you and a handful of others said what he was.

          After the lies of Bush, Cheney, Rice, Powell et al on Iraq were exposed, and more people became sceptical of the MSM, they needed a an operation like Wikileaks. It’s perfect; the masses believe every word out of Assange.

          He doesn’t criticise Israel. The rape charge and his traveling all about was to suck people in. I’d seen an interview with his Australian hair stylist and friend, a gay man, who said he didn’t believe the charges of rape because Julian didn’t like women:-

          Then there was Snowden. At first, I felt maybe he’s legit, but after reading your take on him I researched and saw how fast he went from a door security guard to a sensitive position in an agency that requires years and years of a proven track record.

          Your assessments on the False Flag attacks whether in the US, UK, France is spot on and timely with good research. Syria, on and on.
          I also love reading Glen Ford, and the other writers at Black Agenda Report. I like seeing the header ‘Bernie Sanders is an Imperialist Pig!’
          I read The Saker too, but, don’t always wade through the lead articles.

          Scott, your consistent, an anti- Imperialist to the core, raise many thought provoking questions, do excellent analysis, and go right at the key questions, and provide insights not found elsewhere. Like the body language between the FBI agent and police spokesman in Vegas.
          I once was a mental health counsellor, and put a lot of stock into body language. And you’ve a good sense of humour. What I said before was deserved.

          • thank you Paul. That is very nice of you to say.

            • Sometimes people need to see what good they’ve done, and give credit to themselves.

              I’m glad I was in the Marine Corps (grunt), and Vietnam. Twice. 5 months total at max… because I learned big time that what I believed was a lie, and my government was just a bunch of lying, thieving war criminals and genocidalists.

              The war made me anti-war. I’ve Nam friends who believe we should have used nukes. Many repeat the line that we “fought with one hand tied behind our backs.”
              America? One hand? What about My Lai (just one massacre), or free fire zones, or kill anything that moved, napalm, Agent Orange, B-52s, carpet bombing…
              The Vietnamese had one hand behind their back compared to the US. No air force, no navy, no squadrons of bombers and fighter jets, or fleets of helicopters. And they liberated their country. I’m glad.
              All the Best
              Paul Meuse

              • what about Operation Phoenix? We don’t ever fight with one hand tied behind our backs. Sometimes we fight with both hands hidden, sometime with just the Invisible Hand, but never with one tied behind our back.

                • come on, scott — don’t you know it was the peaceniks who lost vietnam for us? if you’re in doubt, just watch a hollywood movie. i saw one a few years ago where a character said “like in vietnam, where we didn’t give our guys what they needed to win” — or in “hamburger hill”, where some of the villains (though unseen) were the “hairheads” back home who were writing morale-breaking “dear john” letters to our guys in the field. and of course there was “forrest gump”, where some of the villains of the film were the hypocritical anti-war types who were slapping their girlfriends.
                  who could’ve foreseen that media & entertainment would have such insights as to why we lost in vietnam — contrary to all relevant facts. i guess i need to watch more tv, lol.

    • Beautiful…. good start for this morning when reading it…. 🙂

  2. ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW> Greg Palast is Related to Mossad Chief David Kimche:

    Gee do you think there is a connection to that gang in Vegas?

    • First, I had never heard of Jimmy Dore until I watched Craighton’s presentation. Bollyn, on the other hand, is a person who makes much sense to me. I regard him as being the best 9-11 researcher. I think he may have a connection with anti-Zionist Jews, however, therefore a basis for prejudice. Anyway, if Bollyn says there is a family connection between this guy that Dore is interviewing (in the video) and Israeli state military intelligence, I think it is almost certainly true.

  3. Another Las Vegas witness found dead…robbed and shot, just like Seth Rich…

    The FBI is cleaning up loose ends.

    • Neon Nettle is a prime example of what Cass Sunstein referred to as cognitive infiltration. The man found shot near the church was not the parking valet. NN takes true stories and then changes one or two details to make it seem related to Las Vegas. They claimed that a “second shooter” was arrested in Johnson City TN, early Monday morning October 2nd. Johnson City is about a 30-hour drive from Vegas. They then claimed a “key witness” (not) committed suicide in Rochester, NY by “shooting himself in the back”. What the police actually said was they found him in the back of his house – in the back yard. Again, no factual evidence linking him to Las Vegas. The one I’m not sure about involves Kimberley Suchomel, who was at the concert and died of apparent natural causes. There’s a long FB post attributed to her that mentions multiple shooters, but her account has been closed and I can’t say whether she wrote the FB post or not.

      • I don’t post anything from N.Nettle. To me it’s a variant of Sorcha Faal, Veteran’s Today or Di$info Jone$. Like the last two on that list, you can find a glimmer of truth in somethings they produce every now and again, but overall they purposefully create disinformation to distract us or cull us back to the establishment thinking or simply to garner clicks for their advertisers.

  4. Palast was never good. His info was good enough when we knew so much less. Now, he’s exposed for what he always was: a gatekeeping sellout p.o.s. Loyalties to another tribe.

  5. Will the MSM now savagely attack the DNC and Clinton Mob for their collusion with Russian sources to steal the election?

    WTF am I thinking, must of had a brain fart.

  6. I don’t think that Trump stole the election; the impression I have is that someone stole the election for him because they really didn’t want Mrs. Clinton to be president.

    • He is a psyop, misinformed and disinformation expert.. So, nothing he says can be taken at face value… But, there is this video Steve Piecznik released less than a week before the elections, and no one has held his feet to the fire about his proclamations in this video:

      1. That he and a bunch of retired intelligence and armed forces members got together and staged a counter coup to Hillary’s silent coup

      2. And, to that end, it was this same group who had supplied Assange with the DNC and Podesta emails.

      And, no one that I know of has asked him why he was compelled to announce their “countercoup” to the world 6 days before the elections.

      Whatever the real story might be, the true lesson is that no one really really gets “elected” to the white house.

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