Heads of the Deep State Warn of More Dramatic Terror Attacks from “ISIS”… Days After Busing them Out of Raqqa

by Scott Creighton

As the story of the Uranium One deal rises Phoenix-like from it’s ashes by the Deep State’s Mockingbird press (for some unknown reason), CIA head Mike Pompeo and acting DHS chief Elaine Duke are warning that “ISIS™” though on the run from Iraq and Syria, is planning new bigger terrorism attacks in the UK and the US in an effort to remake themselves into a useful and potent boogyman like they have been in the past.

Considering the fact that we just lost 4 military servicemen in Niger to an ambush “believed to be planned with ISIS” one might assume that we can expect to see these Saudi-backed destabilization terrorists popping up all over the place in the next couple of months.

“The attack, apparently carried out by militants affiliated with Islamic State, was the deadliest since Trump took office, yet the U.S. military’s Africa Command still does not have a clear “story board” of facts that commanders usually gather swiftly after deadly incidents. That has senior Pentagon officials and lawmakers suggesting incompetence.

The questions arising from the incident, particularly about the availability of additional military support to the patrol, echo those raised in the aftermath of the 2012 Benghazi attack in Libya, which resulted in the deaths of four people: U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, foreign service information officer Sean Smith, and CIA contractors Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods…

The unit was driving in light unarmored vehicles that are sometimes preferred by Special Forces units for maneuverability and speed. Given the sophistication of the attack, U.S. military officials believe Islamic State may have played a role in helping plan the attack.LA Times, 10/19/2017

I guess we shouldn’t have bused them out of Raqqa before handing over that part of Syria to the Kurdish death-squads, huh?

CIA Director Mike Pompeo on Thursday said ISIS remains an “enormous threat” despite setbacks the terror group has suffered on the battlefield, including being driven from the group’s self-declared capital of Raqqa.

“It is clearly the case that there are terrorists around the world who are intent upon using commercial aviation as their vector to present a threat to the West,” the CIA director said in remarks at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies’ National Security Summit in Washington…

“The fall of the caliphate is great news,” the CIA chief said. “It is a historic achievement … But it’s partial at best.”

Pompeo called ISIS “an incredibly difficult adversary” because of its ability to inspire and direct attacks from afar. Also, he said there’s always a potential for ISIS to essentially morph into something else in the future.” CNBC 10/19/2017

“Elaine Duke, the acting secretary in charge of defending the US from terror attacks, warned small scale knife and vehicle attacks were only a means to gain funding from supporters and keep followers engaged in their unholy war.

It comes as MI5 boss Andrew Parker warns the UK is facing an unprecedented threat from terrorists.Speaking at the US embassy in London, Ms Duke said: “The terrorist organisations, be it ISIS or others, want to have the big explosion like they did on 9/11. They want to take down aircraft, the intelligence is clear on that.

“However, in the interim, they need to keep their finances flowing and they need to keep their visibility high and they need to keep their members engaged, so they are using small plots and they are happy to have small plots.” Daily Express UK 10/19/2017

All of a sudden the Deep State is making news talking about the threat “ISIS™” still poses to us and our soldiers across the world. Threats about new 9/11-scale attacks as well as smaller ones carried out by their members and others associated with them. Seems like a dark picture of a problem we can’t seem to get a handle on. Right?

Yet, when Pompeo says they were “driven out of Syria” he’s not kidding. They were driven out in buses. Buses arranged for them… by us.

“The SDF is now in control of the former capital of terrorism,” Mr Sllo told the Daily Telegraph. “A formal declaration will be made from the city soon, after the clearing operations end. Raqqa is still full of landmines.”

The fighters limped out from their final redoubt in Raqqa’s central hospital on Tuesday and onto waiting buses...

After a devastating four-month battle, the remaining 200-odd fighters gave up their fight and agreed to an evacuation deal which saw them bused out of the city to the last-remaining slivers of territory still under the jihadists’s control to the south.” Telegraph, 10/17/2017

But that’s not quite the entire story. They were driven out in buses arranged by the coalition in a deal we struck with them… alongside a bunch of civilian hostages they took with them, to prevent the Russians and the Syrians from bombing their terrorists asses into the afterlife.

Islamic State fighters remaining in Raqqa, once the group’s de facto capital, have brokered a deal that would allow them to leave the city with a number of human shields, according to agencies in Syria.

Omar Alloush, a senior official of the Raqqa Civil Council, told Agence France-Presse a deal had been reached to allow fighters out of the city, which is on the verge of being captured by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

“Foreign fighters are included in the deal,” he said

According to Alloush, up to 500 fighters including both Syrian and foreign-born jihadists remain in Raqqa. Coalition sources put the number lower at 300-400 fighters. The coalition estimated earlier this week that 300 to 400 militants remained in the city. On Friday, a local official said an estimated about 100 militants had surrendered.

They [Isis] have 400 hostages with them – women and children – in the national hospital,” Alloush told AFP.” The Guardian, 10/14/2017

And of course, this is not the first time we have made travel arrangements for “ISIS™” now is it?

A couple hundred vehicles of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighters were allowed to leave the northern Syrian city of Manbij as U.S.-backed forces seized the town in recent days because the militants had civilians with them, according to a U.S. military official.” CBS News, Aug. 16, 2016

Without delving into hyperbole, this is a remarkable moment in history, is it not?

Think about the callousness it takes for Pompeo and Duke to make statements like they did in the same week we allowed “ISIS™” to ride out of Raqqa on chartered buses with their terrorized hostages in tow (how many were raped on that trip you think?) while the entire country is fixated on the story of those 4 marines killed in Niger… BY “ISIS™”

These four men, Sgt. La David Johnson, Staff Sgt. Bryan Black, Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson and Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright, died two weeks ago on Oct. 4th in an ambush by “50 ISIS fighters”.

One, Sgt. Johnson, was believed to have been alive when the other soldiers were evacuated and “left behind” but Gen. Mattis says that didn’t happen.

Defense Secretary James Mattis said on Thursday that the “US military does not leave its troops behind” but did not provide additional details into why the body of Sgt. La David Johnson was recovered nearly 48 hours after his 12-member team was ambushed by 50 ISIS fighters in Niger.CNN

The ambush happened after a routine meeting with local tribal leaders in a small village. They were waiting for our soldiers to return to their light armored vehicles as the Special Forces team returned to them.

The attack consisted of 50 assailants with fully automatic weapons and RPGs to take out the vehicles.

They had been told not to expect any resistance.

The obvious question is… how did “ISIS™” know our troops would be there?

A congresswoman from Florida has successfully turned this story into a question about how the president handled a difficult phone call.

Last night, CIA’s unofficial spokeswoman Rachel Maddow devoted the first half of her show to justifying how and why US soldiers are in a crappy little country like Niger in the first place and then she dedicated the second half of it trying to imply Trump was responsible for their deaths because he put Chad on the “no fly” list. That was an amazing bit of mental gymnastics that could ONLY have been written with the assistance the CIA themselves by the way.

Everyone is suddenly focused on our recolonization efforts in Africa. The efforts kicked off by the Benghazi psyop all those many years ago.

This ambush stinks to high heaven but not because of a phone call and not because Trump included Chad on the extra-screening list of countries.

It stinks because 4 people are dead and no one really knows why we are really in that country in the first place.

It stinks because somehow, suddenly, members of an organization WE JUST BUSED OUT OF RAQQA got some intel on our guys… who had been fed BAD INFO on them.

It stinks because we aren’t supposed to be capable of a level of critical thinking that connects these obvious dots… or at least, we are supposed to be polite enough to pretend like we can’t.

In a week where so much attention is being paid to fallen service members and Gold Star families, you would think our Deep State leaders might just have enough common sense to nix on the “ISIS™” boogeyman stories for a few days. At least they could have waited till the charter buses returned and cleaned. That might have been nice.

But you know, that Uranium One story was scheduled to break this week so I guess they had to stick to the program no matter how painful it might be to the families involved.

You do know uranium is traceable back to it’s country of origin, right? And that story is all about setting a pretext to explain how US nuclear material MIGHT JUST end up being used in the next 9/11 attack…

food for thought.

9 Responses

  1. Perhaps the term Deep State should be replaced with just The State? Not much very Deep or subtle about it these days. It’s all above board for everyone to see on Company News.

    The Deep State may have been an applicable term in the 20th century when it only occasionally surfaced for air. Seems less applicable in the NAC…particularly now with McCarthyites and Birchers dirty dancing in the halls of power.

    • Can’t disagree with any particular part of your comment. However, when one looks at world affairs and the direction we are heading from a wider perspective, the revealing of the so called deep state, which, as you point out, has now practically become “The State”, is due to the fact that a whole new governing body has been constructed ABOVE the nation state.

      Call it World Government, call it New World Order, or call it whatever you want. The “state” of most nations (especially in the west) is fast becoming the local governing body, taking its orders on big issues from the world government, like the CFR, the trilateral commission, the UN, the EU etc, which are being run by unelected technocrats, financed by multinational corporations and financial interests, an enforced by armies and law enforcement that no longer represent or protect the population they are meant to.

      • Agree that the nation-state is mostly just an outdated PR concept. But I’d contend that the “whole new governing body” is neither new nor whole. We’ve had multinational corporations/governments come and go for hundreds if not thousands of years. Certainly not on the scale we’re seeing these days, but nothing new in terms of imperial tendencies.

        And while I also agree that the various world organizations you listed have an undue influence on policy, I guess I have a hard time believing that they’re much more than a large, poorly-sorted cartel. Like any cartel populated by greedy pendejos, there’s a tendency for contrary factions within the cartel to squabble and screw each other over. So I don’t think they’re very unified or particularly effective at governing.

        At any rate, it’s not the world government that I worry about. It’s the fascists across the street.

    • that’s a very good point.

  2. Seems our service men & women would rebel and stop fighting and start demanding to be sent home. How can they honor the government that kills them? Or do they know?

  3. Hey Willy!
    Wondered if you had noticed that the “glorious Kurds” as you so aptly call them have raised the big banner of Ocalan in a square in Raqqa.
    After removing ISIS . (wink wink) of course. Yet another deal between the Kurds and ISIS or as I like to call the symbiotic entity “KurdIShIS”

    The PKK in Syria shows their true hand, backed fully by the US and most of the media ignored the very obvious and blatant in your face display


    Meanwhile Bibi Netanyahu is lobbying world leaders for the Kurds and you’ll love this quote:

    And an Israeli spokesperson had this to say

    ” An Israeli official, who declined to be named, told Reuters that Israel had security interests in Kurdistan.

    “This (territory) is a foothold. It’s a strategic place,” the official said”

    Yup, it is strategic to Israel- All of what they can steal is very strategic for Israel 2.0. Don’t think it can get more obvious, can it?


  4. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Don’t quite get it? If we captured them – why are we supplying the buses and putting them back on the street to organize elsewhere or blow up any place they please? They are POW’s and should be sent to Guantanamo Bay prison. Releasing dangerous people does not make any sense.

    Haven’t we learned anything or do we still have holdover Obama people still making decisions.



    • They are not POW…. they are our rescued mercenaries…our government backs and trains the ISIS fighters…. we are the disruption in other nations….
      sad but true…..

  5. “we” took over the world domination agenda from ww2germs.
    Many millions slaughtered by “us” since Korea VietNam MidEast etc.

    my only personal hope is to see the Beast with its uniforms suits
    expensive luxurious accoutrements etc
    COMPLETELY PULVERIZED! Starting with Destruction of dollar.

    Please Russia China NorthKorea, don’t wait for d.c. to obliterate u first. deth to murdika.

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