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  1. Thank you for covering this.

  2. Which American city will be sacrificed this time? Pretty sure it won’t be DC or Silicon Valley or any street the FED has a mob outfit on.

    My guess would be somewhere in the central part of the US, to let us know that no one is safe.

    Maybe some Syrian/Iranians patsy’s er perps will be framed? And some Palestinians gave them tactical support?

  3. Goebbels goering himmler et al were more subtle & discreet than are
    the u.$ monsters. & here’s the kansas hic-cup pompeo saying cia
    is gonna be more ‘vicious’…
    They’re actually openly bragging that THEIR i.s.i.s. will use nukes for their next Nine-Eleven.
    (mebbe we de-serf Apocalypse…we’re a truly disgusting herd)

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