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  1. Isn’t it interesting how “the biggest mass murder in the US” has fallen off the headlines so fast? It has been completely obscured by the intensive coverage of the curious case of simultaneous collective memory retrieval of Hollywood actresses who have been sexually assaulted/insulted/offended over the past 20+ years by a movie producer.

  2. And they pulled themselves out a whopper of a ‘scandal’. I wonder how long they have been sitting on it!

  3. And the fires in Northern California, where the temperatures are burning at metal melting temps, but still leave the organic material intact is nothing unusual. Don’t mention sightings of blue rays coming down and then BANG a big hot nasty fire gets started. Don’t mention that city plans to align with Agenda 2020/2030 are almost an exact template of the areas that got torched. Areas planned to be rezoned for increased density and much smaller units- of which the former residents will never be able to rebuild because of these changes and the time/cost to do so.

  4. We might even see sighting of Bigfoot/Squatch as this goes on. I love reading your coverage of this kind of stuff Scott. I need to donate again to help you keep on keeping on!

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