Jesus Campos Comes Out of Hiding on Ellen Degereres’ Safe, Feel-good, Drivel Show

by Scott Creighton

[see update at end of article]

Jesus Campos has come out of hiding. His acting coaching and FBI debriefing now complete, Jesus decided to go do his ONE media interview with the sycophant to establishment power Ellen Degeneres on her morning show where she constantly coddled him and praised him like a school child getting through his first recital. She even ended up giving him prizes in the end. I’m surprised she didn’t make him dance.

This is a joke.

He was accompanied by his “maintenance man”, Stephen Schuck, who served as his safety valve as Jesus struggled with the new timeline, the one recently released by Sheriff Lombardo which is designed to provide legal cover for MSM and Mandalay Bay. Whenever Jesus had to recite a part of the new revised timeline to the consummate “journalist” Ellen, Stephen was there to pat him on the back, babying him through the performance like you would a small child at a perverted “Little Miss” contest somewhere in the sticks of West Virginia.

Ellen says this is Jesus’ first and LAST public appearance. She never asked him a hard question. Never asked him to explain the lack of a recorded radio call to security (like Stephen’s). Never asked him why he hid for so long (until after the last lawsuit-proof version of events was released on Friday). And never asked him to explain in detail how the story of his part in all of this changed dramatically (he was first reported to have been shot AFTER the assault on the grounds down below the hotel and also reported to have been shot while taking police and security down the hall toward the room). And she didn’t ask him about reports that he was working on a stolen SS number.

In fact, all Ellen did was provide a nice safe place for this ass-clown to come out of hiding with his newly revised, barely memorized story.

UPDATES after the break

UPDATE: right back at you Rachel!

UPDATE 2: @senorchompers sent me a link to an article by Daniel Hopsicker at Mad Cow Productions about Paddock’s history of flying, his planes and his apparent lack of any real income. It’s well worth the time to read it.

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  1. [willyloman’s edit:

    this is the latest persona created by “g” or “gran1t3” or “reprehensor”. This makes 5 in total that I know he has used. He quit this site yesterday after being outed as an influence peddler by myself and others:

    Scott, I wish you the best man. I’ve got to get back to saving the world by spreading disinfo so the sheep will never know about my Masonic boss sunstein. My job here is complete.”

    So he is banned and I will continue to erase his comments as I catch them but I am sure he thinks he’s clever enough to maintain access to the comment section of this website.

    As you can see, enhancing and supporting the establishment line on this event on this website seems like a big project for him since this is his SECOND comment after declairing victory and leaving yesterday. Looks like his bosses want him to continue making a jackass of himself as long as possible.

    here is his info from this comment:

    and here is his info from his last comment made yesterday:



    as you can see, it’s the same IP address, ergo the same guy. CogDis is a play on his Sunstein roll as a cognitive disinformation asset. It’s a joke to him.

    He and all his personas are banned and I will continue to remove his future comments as I find them and uncover them. I will not waste my time explaining why in the future.

    • What did he say?

      • The reason I ask is I actually enjoyed your responses to his distorted point of view. Those talking points are the same you see with the commoner (well some were sheer idiocy or not knowing the latest developments). But it would help to have your debunking of them right there for us all to use. Why did you ban him?

  2. It is an insult to Americans …. having Ellen’s show treated as an outlet for national news…. but then again maybe not…. Campos was pre-recorded and edited… his interview was treated as entertainment and rewarded with prizes …. so it wasn’t national news… Campos was the only one..not smiling. ?/ Wonder why he doesn’t smile?
    Maybe killing people makes him anxious… maybe he prefers the quiet dark corners….. yeah… I wonder if he isn’t one of the shooters. dumb me, HUH?

    • Even if he wasn’t a trigger man, just a handler to make sure the assets were able to move about Vegas and the hotel with ease, maybe knowing the kinds of monsters he’s hooked up with and the fact that they know what HE KNOWS makes him a little uncomfortable. Especially now that his version of events is so dramatically central to MGM’s legal defense.

    • Well… If Campos plays his cards right, his name might also become immortal, and his bank account really really fat from movie royalties…..

      Like this guy:

  3. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

    Don’t have to worry ’bout old dirty Harvey, but still need this gig. Who are those huge ugly guys just off stage staring at me and my director? They look like they want to break some knees or something. OK, just read the questions on the teleprompter and look concerned. Smile as much as possible and keep it light- you can get through this.

    Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

  4. I bet Mr. FBI man (who was watchin Sheriff Lombardo’s every move) was present on the Ellen…disguised as a pillar or a tree!

    • she does this thing where creepy clowns come in and terrify the guests. I bet he’s just off camera wearing a red nose and floppy shoes. not that he needs props to be creepy.

  5. LOL… you guys are funny

    • Thanks Jan10! Do you remember Ellen sold chubby housewives of her cult the biggest war criminal named W? W paints, W hugs and make out w/Ellen …all forgiven! W is the wayy better than Dump now. Yap…that Ellen!!

  6. May I request resurrection of an eaten comment?

  7. Excellent article detailing the misinformation that accompanies these mass casualty events and steps taken to mitigate:

  8. Has 30 guns, just in case the first 29 jammed.
    Avoiding every surveillance camera in hotel/casino.
    Using state-of-the-art flash suppressors that obscure 100% of flash.
    Fire 2 different caliber weapons simultaneously (Rambo style).
    Kill and wound more people by himself in a 10-minute fire fight, that eclipses the killing rate of any fire fight in the history of warfare.
    State-of-the-art weaponry that only ejects every 100th shell or so.
    Cleans weapons after the shooting so that they look nice and pristine for the photos.
    Breaks windows in two different rooms, some 100 feet apart, so he can keep himself in shape while firing, by running back and forth, firing from both windows.
    Hold breath for a long time, in order not to pass out from the noxious fumes filling the room from the discharge of 1,000’s of rounds.
    Decides to wear some weird shooting gloves so as not to damage is finely manicured hands.
    Manages to kill 50+ people from over 400 yards away, but can’t hit a stupid security guard from 10 feet away with a couple of hundred rounds.

    A second person shot by Paddock, and we hear about it more than three weeks later on a daytime talk show.

    One of two key/material witnesses to the biggest mass shooting in U.S. history resurfaces, after disappearing for most of a week.

  9. I’ll leave this here for anyone who finds it interesting:

    ” . . . [A] former guard who worked for the property in the early 2000s cast doubt on Lombardo’s statement Monday, telling the Los Angeles Times no such security system existed during his employment there.

    ‘There was no alarm system for opened doors when I was there,’ he said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. ‘You know how often people would have to call hotel guests if that was the case?'”

    I suppose it’s possible Mandalay Bay updated its security system since 15 years ago, but like the former guard said, there would be a ton of calls for open doors if such a system exists.

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