FBI Implicates Obama & Clinton In Russia Bribery Plot

I have got my own issues with Jimmy Dore as of late but this is good coverage of this story so I wanted to share it with you guys.

The Clintons are the most corrupt political family this country has known since I’ve been alive and perhaps if I were a better historian I could say “the most corrupt ever” but I can’t. But they have to be close to that title. And yet… they are still revered in this country by the centrist/corporate left and the Deep State’s assets in the complicit media as some kind of morally upstanding political dynasty. It’s offensive when you think about just how totally corrupt our system has become.

8 Responses

  1. I suppose when it comes to sheer, naked greed, the Clintons have even the Bush family beat.

    • well, Prescot did invest in Nazis… the original Nazis… it’s kinda hard to beat that. But, they are getting there. Killary hired some neo-Nazis in Ukraine so that kinda helps.

  2. As far as I am aware, there isn’t a single Clinton ‘charity’ that isn’t a scam.

  3. Why now, when they have had this information on her and the deal for years. I think they are running with the “Hillary bad!” story as cover for the complete and utter mess they made of the Vegas shooting. And there is a Senate committee running the investigation so they are controlling the message internally. I have absolutely no faith in these people.

  4. This is BIG really big. You know the MSM, Rachel Madcow, Ketith Obermensch, etc will be doing their best to keep this under wraps. Any attempt to prosecute by the current Justice Department will be condemned as a partisan witch hunt. It’s up to us in the ‘fake’ news, independent news, alt news community to keep this story alive.

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