“Hero” security guard of Las Vegas massacre ‘checked into a quick clinic’ after vanishing

from the Daily Mail

Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos (pictured for the first time since the Las Vegas massacre) visited a 'quick clinic' on Thursday after vanishing moments before he was due before the media 

Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos (pictured for the first time since the Las Vegas massacre) visited a ‘quick clinic’ on Thursday after vanishing moments before he was due before the media

Jesus Campos, the hero security guard who was shot in the Las Vegas hotel massacre, checked into a ‘quick clinic’ after vanishing moments before he was due to speak to the media for the first time since the attack.

Campos (second from right) is shown accepting an award from the International Union of Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America on Monday

Campos (second from right) is shown accepting an award from the International Union of Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America on Monday (so he showed up Monday after the shooting to get an award from these thug-looking dudes)

The security guard is yet to be interviewed since he was shot by Stephen Paddock on October 1 on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel.

As of Friday morning, the whereabouts of Campos (second from right) were unknown

Looks like the ‘hero’ can party with the 5 Families but he can’t do an interview?

On Thursday, Campos was due to appear at a press conference after being given an award for his bravery but he disappeared.

His union representative revealed on Saturday that Campos was taken to a clinic shortly afterwards but he did not know which.

‘Right now I’m just concerned where my member is, and what his condition is. It’s highly unusual…

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48 Responses

  1. How come he is the only one not smiling? How come he looks mentally ill?

  2. Something feels sort of bizarre with this. My first feeling when I heard about this fellow was that perhaps he had been one of the actual shooters in the event. It must have been a rather minor injury since he appears to be able to walk with just a cane.

    • some say he was shot, some say it was a ricochet others say it was “shrapnel” from a bullet strike (which could be anything) so who knows what it was. I wonder what’s under that bandaid on his face. a tattoo perhaps?

  3. IF Paddock was a covert agent who for whatever reason did not complete his mission, or even interfered with an existing one, it is quite possible many witness are members of his (betrayed? team, which is why the statements from those nearby seem suspect in many cases (and no doubt part of why the sheriff has difficulty getting useful answers to important questions). If Campos isn’t really a licensed security guard that also points to his using that as cover for the team.

    Note that Paddock’s “skill set” seems to line up with arranging gladio safe houses full of weapons. MGM probably had a nice no-questions-asked contract for some “safe rooms” as well given it’s prime location across the street from the secret Janet Air terminal. The one whose fuel tanks Paddock hit.

    Finally, given the anti-Iran pressue Trump has felt, including from wealthy casino owners, it may well be Paddock was a hero taking steps to avoid another FF designed to push Trump into bombing.

    • you know, the story is so absurd, the official one that is, it’s possible something happened in that room that’s very different from what was suppose to happen. But have you ever heard of a weapons deal with only 23 rifles? Plus, why the hell would he bother bringing them up to his room? I fully expect we will never know how Paddock made his money, not really anyway. He certainly didn’t make it playing video crack. It does make me wonder though: if he was (and he probably was) some kind of asset for the Deep State or the CIA, why would they cash him out as their patsy and risk his real background being exposed? Even if they wanted him out of the way for something, why do it in such a big way that attracted so much attention to him?

      • Guessing that cashing out Sensitive Steve wasn’t part of the game plan. Now we’re seeing two lines of cover up for a) the KIA “millionaire” gladio contractor with family on the FBI payroll, and b) local police concealing their own incompetence.

        I’m sure Jones, Whatson, and Coulter already know the ‘real truth’ that this was a BLM attack on country music fans. And the pinko liberal deep state is blaming an innocent real estate/weapons investor.

      • The clue may be the relative lack shells in his room. Perhaps his job was supposed to be providing cover for other shooters on the ground. Was he firing blanks or deliberately underfiring? Why aim for fuel tanks over and beyond the concert area and nearly beyond the range of his weapons? Perhaps he was never supposed to shoot people or perhaps he was and chose not to.

        And thinking of him as a patsy rather than a hiccup in the machine may be a big mistake. Patsies are usually defined by an information trail of some sort and previous contacts with “the machine.” Here it’s almost as if he or someone else took great pains to leave no such trail beyond his gambler/real estate investor cover story. And now it feels as if everything is carefully stage managed in terms of what is “discovered” and revealed from here on out, no story having been prepared in advance as is usually the case.

        This lack of a prepared story line signals something was bothched/disrupted. He also does not fit the common “patsy with a known alienation story” pattern.

      • With all due respect, why would he buy all those guns on record over the course of over a year, book 3-4 hotel rooms all in front of large venues that he could shoot from, bring tannerite explosives, bring cameras, all that ammo (including tracer rounds), Kevlar, wire his gf 100k, and has his gf pack up all her stuff and move to the Philippines? That’s all indicative of a suicide mission. Why would he get cashed out as a patsy when he clearly made moves suggesting he was going to do a shooting?

        • https://youtu.be/wWA8o2FSKbUOn HOT!!! October 2, 2017, Scott Edmiston who allegedly met with Paddock in September, was stopped in Tennessee’s largest ever Weapons Bust on a highway while speeding … video intro is 1:49mins …go to 13:08min … How come this ain’t All over the “News”?

        • ah, the old “but he bought the guns” line of reasoning. You know, IDs are easy to fake. Especially if you control the agencies that make them. Hell, you don’t have to give someone a fake ID with someone else’s name on it beside your pic if you can give them a real one, right? For that matter, you can manufacture the records of the gun sales yourselves, if you happen to have access to someone at the DHS. I’ve seen ONE gun dealer say he sold Paddock THREE weapons over the course of a year. Not 43. Where are the other ones?

            • the article is full of details about how one dealer after another refused to speak with reporters. there were a total of 2 (TWO) that said they remembered him… they sold him a combined 4 (FOUR) guns over the course of two years. The rest of the story comes from “sources” in ATF. Once again, you’re full of shit.

              • Three dealers Michel, Sullivan, and flamigetti all saw him and sold to him and remember the transaction. Are you implying that all the gun dealers are in on it? We have records of all his purchases and actual people saying that they sold to him. Are you just arguing for the sake of arguing or what?
                Btw thanks for letting me post despite me putting contrarian posts on your site. I think that in itself is highly admirable.

                • one name. keep that in mind, thank you.

                  And don’t put words in my mouth. I was very clear about a POSSIBLE answer to your conclusion that he “must” have done it since he bought all those guns. Uh, no. Not only is that a flawed logical analysis (and if you need some help with that… he could own 500 guns and they could move them ALL to a hotel room but that doesn’t mean he did shit… and you know it), but you can’t even prove he bought all those guns because the VAST majority of them were purchased from chain stores that have REFUSED to comment on the sales… is that not correct? Is that not correct as per your own references? Be honest now…

                  and.. lastly.. geraldo rivera just went on Tucker Carlson and laid out the exact same argument you’ve been laying out here. Great company you’re keeping these days. He almost pulled out the “Occam’s razor” bullshit line verbatim. Of course he threw around terms like “conspiracy theorists” and that kind of CIA lingo… you haven’t gone that far… yet… but, there you have it. Geraldo is on your side. Good for you.

                  • The chain stores refused to comment for liability in lawsuits. If they didn’t sell to him, they would simply issue a denial. Either way, we know that he bought the guns at the chain stores because it was reported that the chain stores all contacted the feds to advise them of the purchases by paddock. In addition, I provided three eyewitness accounts of selling guns to paddock. It’s obvious he bought the guns.

                    Now lets assume the guns were planted in his hotel and the reports were fabricated entirely.

                    What about all the other indicia of a man intending to go on a suicide mission shooting spree, namely that he brought: two cars – one with explosives (and explosives at home), 3 surveillance cameras, thousands of rounds of ammo including tracer rounds, kevlar, gloves, a hammer to break out the windows, and a handwritten note with trajectory calculations. Or how about the fact that he wired his gf 100k knowing his estate would be sued?

                    Or why did he book several other rooms around that date at elevated positions overlooking massive crowds of people – insisting on views of the events?


                    Why did he go target shooting two days before?


                    Look, I understand you are under a lot of stress man. I don’t want to argue with you. I don’t want you to feel attacked if I provide a different opinion of what happened. Your logic and my logic are running two different ways, I respect that. I’m going out of my way to make sure only substantiated facts are presented and I provide links to sources. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong here?

                    Boston was a false flag. Both malaysian airlines were too. So was 9/11, 7/7, charlie hebdo, and snowden (your finest work, i might add).

                    But this one… I’m skeptical.

                    • There you go again posting bullshit.

                      Lombardo said in his last press conference that he has seen no evidence to suggest Paddock took target practice before the shooting. What you link to as “proof” is from the Washington Post, the CIA’s Washington Post, and it’s from Oct. 7th and it says he was seen “on a road” law enforcement use to go to target practice. Ergo it’s BULLSHIT and if you bothered to read it (or thought we wouldn’t?) you would see it’s bullshit.

                      Second, WTF are you talking about me being under a lot of stress? WTF has that got to do with anything? I could be under torture and I could still do this work better than you ever could.

                      So what if he booked rooms in other places over-looking venues. He was a millionaire leisure king. He liked drinking, gambling and going to concerts. Mostly COUNTRY MUSIC CONCERTS because he liked COUNTRY MUSIC and COUNTRY MUSIC FANS so, if he could afford to book hotel rooms overlooking venues, he did. How many other shootings did he conduct during those events? Oh… none? Right. So what has that got to do with anything?

                      Maybe he brought two cars because he drove one there and the real planners of this event brought the OTHER ONE … you know… the one filled with all the INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE?

                      What? Are you stupid? How and WHY would he bring TWO VEHICLES if he was doing it himself?

                      You know, you ask why you’re being treated this way… well, first of all, because when someone has a legitimate discussion with someone else, they learn as they go. They say things like “oh. I did not know that” or “I never considered that”… what YOU do is you IGNORE information that debunks your points. You just make your case as long as you can and then when it’s beat, you act as if it never happened and try pushing something else… LIKE YOU ARE DOING NOW.

                      You know maybe I’m “treating” you this way because you said I was “two steps from Alex Jones” or some other derogatory bullshit like that which is TWO STEPS FROM CALLING ME A “CONSPIRACY THEORIST”

                      Lastly, this is just remarkably bad logic:

                      “Either way, we know that he bought the guns at the chain stores because it was reported that the chain stores all contacted the feds to advise them of the purchases by paddock”

                      The Feds tell you that, right? And how do they know the “Stephen Paddock” who bought those guns was the REAL Stephen Paddock? So no… logical fallacy… we don’t KNOW he bought the guns because some fed TOLD US they SAID HE DID. That’s not proof and if I need to tell you that, you haven’t been paying much attention over the years you’ve been here.

                      I also treat you this way because you use multiple personas on my website, sometimes on the same thread, you repeat establishment talking points GIVEN TO THEM BY THE INTELLIGENCE STATE… you deliberately MISREPRESENT MY STATEMENTS… and of course, you aren’t having a discussion here… you are trying your best to insert disinformation in an effort to make your case.

                      The question is whether or not you KNOW it’s disinformation.

                    • Lol ok man it’s your blog and your credibility. I think I’ve more than made my point. And judging by your response it was effective. That said I think it’s too bad you want to call me an asset, compare me to Geraldo, and dodge my points (you still have not mentioned the laundry list of items and things he did to indicate a suicide mission).
                      I’m going to summarize your logic:
                      As a patsy paddock booked a few hotels in Chicago and Boston and Vegas to see various shows (one was country, the other is pop). He decided on Vegas and decided to gamble. Then on the 1st he was confronted by an attacker who killed him, brought up 23 guns, thousands of rounds of ammo, and began to set up shop with all the other items found. Oh wait, before any of that happened the feds bought 43 guns in paddocks name. Equipped them with bump stocks and scopes and tripods. Brought all that upstairs too. Then to be on the safe side they wired his gf a surprise amount of 100k (or made paddock do it while still alive). They loaded his car with explosives. Went to his house and put some there too.
                      Then they shot everyone up, and on their way out they spoke with the swat team and told them to stand down. From there they just walked out and the rest is history. All that was left to do was produce the fake gun records and pay off a few dealers to say they sold guns to paddock.

                      So aside from a few technicalities, that’s your theory? And don’t say I’m putting words in your mouth, that’s what you imply by saying paddock was a patsy who was in Vegas to gamble and watch country concerts from 32 floors up.

                      You know, what’s appalling is in every response from you, I was attacked with ad homonyms, gas lighting, and fundamental attribution error. Instead of acknowledging damning evidence you twisted words and cherry picked. Shame. James Tracy did the same thing when I exposed his intentional lieing over the real estate deals in sandy hook. That’s when it became clear to me that he wasn’t in the business of truth, rather he was in the business of intentional disinfo and/or doing anything for a click.
                      Scott, I wish you the best man. I’ve got to get back to saving the world by spreading disinfo so the sheep will never know about my Masonic boss sunstein. My job here is complete.

                    • aaaand the last of the info peddler’s behavioral tricks… you declare victory and go once outed. Tell me what my oversimplified theory is, accuse me of what you’ve been doing, discredit by association with a discredited other and apply mocking and innuendo as you valiantly walk out the door.

                      Boring. Predictable. Cliched. Like you got it straight from a manual or something. Seen it before. Many times over the past 10 years.

                      Like all of your references, justifications and excuses as to why the official story is the “Occam’s razor”… there’s not one single original thought bouncing around in that head of yours. Maybe thats’ your problem.

                      Whatever it is, you’re done here. So bye bye.

                    • He’s got a point there. Doesn’t look like a patsy op to me either. Looks like Paddock did it, the only question is – was he alone?

        • Why do I keep getting the same message post?
          I tried posting a video from Scott Binsack and It Is IMPOSSIBLE to do, due to AI doesn’t want to But, this same crap comes to me 8X a Day, WTF 🤔

  4. I’ve never known of a Union to be so involved with a Member in this way, usually Unions are involved in Labor relations / Contract grievances etc.
    I would expect his MGM Employer to be saying more than his so called Union.

  5. Do those Five Families happen to be involved in organised crime? Does it still hold sway over gambling and tourism in Las Vegas? Isn’t capitalism wonderful.

  6. This man also has some very key info that is not covered like you would expect. On October 2, 2017, Scott Edmiston was arrested speeding in Tennessee with the largest amount of Guns ever seized in a traffic stop in Tenn history . He supposedly met with Paddock and had a lot of the same weapons found in Paddock’s room. Intro ends @1:49min …Go to 13:08min

  7. This man also has some very key info that is not covered like you would expect. On October 2, 2017, Scott Edmiston was arrested speeding in Tennessee with the largest amount of Guns ever seized in a traffic stop in Tenn history . He supposedly met with Paddock and had a lot of the same weapons found in Paddock’s room. Intro ends @1:49min …Go to 13:08min

  8. 2nd attempt to post this! On October 2, 2017, Scott Edmiston who allegedly met with Paddock in September, was stopped in Tennessee’s largest ever Weapons Bust on a highway while speeding … video intro is 1:49mins …go to 13:08min … https://youtu.be/wWA8o2FSKbU

  9. I asked a question on quora if There were any eyewitnesses who still believed there were multiple shooters and I got this response:

    Eileen Wood
    Written just now
    According to friends of mine who were in the crowd that night, it was impossible for the people on the ground to know where the shots were coming from or how many shooters there were. They and everyone around them assumed the shooter (or shooters) was in the crowd. No one even dreamed he might be in the hotel.

  10. The Mail? Really?

  11. […] #10:  10/16/2017 . . . And, of course, security guard Jesus Campos, who took a shot from sniper, Stephen […]

  12. May I ask what G’s other screen name is?

    • G = gran1t3, granite, and reprehensor

      reprehensor he took from the guy who used to run 9/11 Blogger before he sold it and it was taken over by the LIHOP crew of disinfo assets. I used to think he was the same guy and would make comments inquiring as to that but “G” would always ignore them, letting me think he was “reprehensor”

      of course you would have to have been around the truth movement for a while to get that reference.

      • Thanks for that, Scott.

        I was giving G the benefit of the dumb earlier on, with all of his MSM talk… But, his style, his comments, the frequency of his comments, the fact that they are concentrated on this topic… It’s all too much, man… Way too familiar as the mo of someone assigned to your site. Very reminiscent of that Bob character, or whatever his name was, with the Aurora shooting… the one who was supposed to be working for a newspaper, and was writing a book, etc.

        • yeah, I remember him. He worked for an online periodical owned by the same guy who basically owned the research wing in the college James Holmes attended and worked at. Research in military defense contracts if I’m not mistaken.

          • I’ve read a lot, over time, of things you have said about these cats, but not sure I know exactly how you feel about them, but you can wear these guys as badges of honor, I suppose. “They” feel you need to be monitored, Scott Creighton!

            • I don’t know what he is or why he’s here. What I do know is that as folks try to undermine our work, they often do the opposite since their efforts are so transparent and devoid of logic, facts and reason. Used to be I got a lot more of em when I was writing about the Cheonan or the Boston Bombing or Sandy Hook or “LOVE Malala!” or Aurora… in time they always give up and stay silent. I don’t even have to ban em for the most part. Plus, it’s good for us, you know? They try out their logical fallacies over here and we get to bop-em one after the other… makes us think and keeps us up to date on where they are going to go with their little official stories. Like a previous comment left by “G” or whatever his name is when he wrote that the “simplest” explanation for what happened was probably some kind of latent pychopathy in Paddock’s biological makeup. That’s where this is going to go and we are going to be told we need the supercomputers at Google and Facebook and their algorithms to analyze everyone’s digital footprint so they can predict who’s gonna “go nuts” and kill a bunch of people in the future. That’s the “Occam’s razor” theory by the way.

              • That “Occam’s Razor” bs gives away a ton of trolls, as the argument is either rarely applied properly or it ignores even more appropriate applications of the razor. In this case Occam tells us that if Paddock walked and talked like a covert a duck, that’s probably exactly what he was. Any psychopathy would have simply been a hiring plus with HR.

              • “latent psychopathy”? lol. i forget which event it was from, but i seem to remember the media making up for a lack of a motive by saying “there’s no motive because there’s no rational or understandable reason for doing this, etc, etc”.

                i worked in psychiatric facilities for ten years. i worked with many people who were severely mentally ill and needed lifelong care. i can tell you with absolute certainty that even the sickest among them could tell you why they had done this or that or had behaved in a certain way. their reasons may not have always made sense to other people, but unless they were entirely non-verbal they could tell you.

                i am eagerly awaiting the state’s assessment of paddock regarding his motive.

                • I’ve written that so many times, it’s good to hear someone with some knowledge on the subject confirm it. Being “CraAAAaaAAzy” does NOT mean the ABSENCE of a motive. Often times the MOTIVE is what shows just how disturbed someone really is. Like watching Hillary these days or John McCain… EVER. thank you for your comment

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