Stephen Paddock Wearing Gloves? Photos Prove Reuters Story is BS (AE video)

Supposedly Stephen had “sensitive skin” according to a “text message interview” they conducted with someone claiming to be Eric Paddock. But photos prove he didn’t wear gloves very often, if EVER. I have been able to find not ONE SINGLE image of Stephen Paddock wearing those gloves… with ONE EXCEPTION… his death photo in that room surrounded by weapons he supposedly owned.

So why was he wearing gloves?

links available after the break

Tucker Carlson show 10/12/17

Tucker says “something is not adding up”

photo of Paddock dead in room wearing gloves


Reuters BS “text message” interview

video of Paddock walking through casino without gloves

New York Post cites Reuters talking about “allergies”

8 Responses

  1. To you everything is either suspicious or unexplained. To me it is abundantly clear: he did not want to leave fingerprints!
    Why, if he was ready to commit suicide and he knew they would find his body there anyway?He is posthumously mocking the investigators: “See if you can pin this on me, ha, ha, ha!” (He had no way of knowing ISIS would betray him by outting him but sill: no fingerprints!.)
    This does not exclude Paddock ALSO being sensitive to cleaning fluids. Haven’t you ever heard of inmates asking for their last meal before going to electric chair with care to avoid high-cholesterol foods? Well, Paddock had a similar concern: why get skin irritation before dying?
    There! No problem there for me.

    [PS. Unrelated to the topic: If by “Routers” you mean “Reuters,” the correct pronunciation is “Roiters.” No big deal, just a small correction.]

  2. Just guessing, but I’d say the “authorities” needed a way to cover for the fact that others did the shooting since Paddock’s fingerprints wouldn’t have been on the guns anyway. Mr. Paddock was murdered/suicided so he couldn’t tell what really happened. The delay in getting the police to the room to stop the shooting was that the room had to be staged to match the script, guns placed around, body put in place, notes and papers placed, maybe they had to put some bullet holes in the walls, etc., maybe scatter a few casings around, before photos were taken, etc

  3. Whenever a gun is fired a residue is left on the hands of the shooter, and this residue can be detected later. If the real shooter (whom I don’t think was Paddock) wore gloves, this detectable residue would be on these gloves. By putting these contaminated gloves on the hands of Paddock’s corpse, evidence would be manufactured that implicated Paddock as being the shooter.

    • that is true. I wonder if they can tell the difference between different weapons and different ammo from the residue? Like gunpowder load, stuff like that? I imagine different ammo manufacturers use slightly different gunpowder, so I wonder if they can see if those gloves have only fired one type of weapon or not. that would be interesting.

    • Residue would be on the face as well. If they failed to find residue on his face (i.e., LHO) it wouldn’t do the lone gun nut story any favors.

  4. It’s pretty obvious Paddock was a pro at spy games and living a double life. His ease of movement and lack of fear engaging in activities that might get others in trouble (loading guns through the service elevators and multiple cash transfers?!?) are marks of someone who does have a license to kill, or at least a license to deal in killing weapons. Something seems to have gone very wrong and using his training he reacted to, and/or caused, much of the confusion we are still trying to decipher.

    Either that and/or an interagency war has broken out. The break-in at one of his homes reeks of Spy v. Spy, seeing as how it was after a previous search. Was someone going back to compromise the scene or checking to see if had been compromised already? Another “fingerprint” could be his hall-monitoring set-up, which may have followed spy protocols taught somewhere in the deep state. If that is exactly what his monitoring rig shows it explains why no one will come out and tell the truth, as that would mean saying the entire shooting had covert fingerprints all over it.

  5. […] Stephen Paddock Wearing Gloves? Photos Prove Reuters Story is BS (AE video) […]

  6. Guns get hot. I think the better question is look at the tens if thousands of dollars in guns and accessories but $2 gloves to boot? Those look like cheap gardening gloves. Thin cloth

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