Lombardo Pulls a NEW Lawsuit-proof Timeline Out His A$$

(warning: adult language and themes)

You have got to be kidding me. Could they make it any more obvious that they are just making this up as they go along? This is quickly becoming offensive.

This new timeline is OBVIOUSLY designed to reduce the MGM Grand’s liability exposure and it is offensive.

links available after the break

Sheriff again shifts time gunfire started in Vegas massacre http://wfla.com/2017/10/13/las-vegas-police-shift-timeline-again-in-concert-massacre/

Las Vegas Shooting: Sheriff “Offended” By Reports Of Incompetence Over Changing Timeline http://deadline.com/2017/10/las-vegas-shooting-sheriff-joseph-lombardo-offended-incompetence-changing-timeline-hotel-security-guard-1202188026/

Las Vegas Sheriff Lombardo gives timellne update for 1 October mass shooting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoxUUrWqz3E

Jesus Campos has Left the Building https://willyloman.wordpress.com/2017/10/13/jesus-campos-has-left-the-building/

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33 Responses

  1. I agree with the sheirff we shouldn’t have to spend so much time figuring out the timeline.

    First off Jesus should have a radio. He’s a security guard. The maintenance guy has one if the security guard doesn’t mgm should be made liable. Which brings me to my second point if Jesus has a radio the maintenance guy shouldn’t be in that hallway. But okay let’s say the maintenance guy doesn’t hear the first shots fired at jesus and turns down the hallway that according to the him it was obvious to him that Jesus was hit and that he had to get to him. How they made it out of the hallway is fuzzy to me but ok.

    Third point it’s mention on the police scanner that they wanna see cctv from the 29th and 32 floor. I’d love to see the suspect drilling the stairwell door shut and the 200 rounds. While we are at it I’d love to see the video of the shooter at the front desk of ny ny or the Audi with wires hanging out. I’d like to know why the cops believed they were being fed diversions.

    And last thing this is hard to overcome but the service elevator thing is hard to believe I mean maybe because he was a high roller but according to Mr. Wynn the suspect made fairly modest bets but ok whatever let’s say he had access there is no way they don’t have cameras in there. Which lets say they don’t then mgm would be liable for damages.

    • From what I read he did have a radio but it may have not worked so he used his cell phone too. They didn’t say why it didn’t work but maybe because of the gunfire and radios picking up surrounding sound more than a cell phone that isn’t on speakerphone?

  2. One thing I would like explained concerns the guest evacuation on floor 32. The sheriff’s account and Stephen Schuck’s account seem to indicate that guests were evacuated prior to Paddock’s room being breached. However, the account of the guy in the room next to Paddock seems to indicate the room was breached ( an “explosion”) prior to his evacuation. Some details are missing here that I would like to know. http://nypost.com/2017/10/02/man-staying-on-same-floor-as-vegas-gunman-describes-chaotic-terrifying-scene/

    I am also still confused about the various groups of police that were on the scene on 32. It was my understanding that a group of police who had been in Mandalay Bay for other reasons were on the scene first, but they had to call for a SWAT team before the room could be breached, hence the reason for the delay between first arrival of police and the actual room breach.

    The 60 Minutes program seemed to indicate an ad hoc group of police had formed on their way to the scene first, comprised of one gang expert, one K-9 unit guy, some other person, and only one SWAT guy. This is not really a SWAT “team.” I can’t figure out if these guys were part of the first group on the scene or part of the group that supposedly arrived later. I think such info is important for understanding the delay between the time the police arrived at Paddock’s room and the time the room was actually breached.

  3. I also have been wondering whether the clear sound guns in two different locations in the cab driver’s video is actually (1) the gunman firing out the window, and then (2) the gunman moving inside to fire down the hallway (which would sound more muffled, and hence, farther away).

    If there was only one shooter, this would make more sense than the official timeline(s) provided. I’ll be curious to learn whether the timeline changes yet again to one where the shooter began shooting out the window, then briefly paused inside to shoot down the hallway before continuing to shoot out the window. Otherwise, the cab driver’s video still leaves a lot to question.

    • Interesting idea. Who was he shooting at down the hall and how confident was he that he could leave covering the hall to re-enter his room to fire out of the window? And how many times did he repeat this?

      I can’t remember where I read/heard it, maybe from Scott, but I am sure someone said that ‘Paddock’ had nailed the hotel room door shut. Is this accurate?

      I just know that something about this stinks. In the UK the entire Las Vegas story is on lock down and it’s as if it – the largest mass shooting in recent US history – never happened. From non-stop coverage to nothing for the last 12-13 days.

    • first of all, a shooter in the window leaning out of the window isn’t supported by either commons sense or what we see in the videos from below. A sniper, or anyone with common sense really, would know enough to break out the windows and fire from well inside the room so their muzzle flash doesn’t give away their location. So he would already be “inside the room” as you put it.

      Second… it really wouldn’t make much difference in terms of sound whether he was firing outside from inside the room or turning and firing down the hallway. The sound isn’t that much louder in front of the gun as opposed to beside or behind it. That’s why shooters wear earphones to protect their hearing. Yes, it would be a little louder, but not to the point of the difference we heard in the cabbie video.

      I understand the pressure to review these things when they happen and to succumb to the general consensus thinking on them over time. It’s not fun being the only woken person in your circle of friends, is it? But logical fallacies aren’t going to make you feel any better. Or maybe they will.

      But no, to your point, a gunman turning from inside the room 32 floors away wouldn’t sound that much different when the sound is still coming out of that same broken window 32 floors over her cab’s roof. That would never and could never account for the difference we all heard.

      And it CERTAINLY wouldn’t explain that witness’ statements about the sound coming from a completely different location. She was there after all, recording it. We can hear it in the recording and she certainly could while sitting right there. Do whatever mental gymnastics you think you must… but those shots came from someplace else.

  4. Kymberley Suchomel, a witness to the shooting has died apparently from a pituitary tumor. http://www.seacoastonline.com/zz/news/20171011/vegas-shooting-survivor-california-charity-co-founder-dies-suddenly

    She was one of several people who think there were multiple shooters and was pretty vocal about it on her Facebook page. That page has been made private but here is the archive of her story:


    • Judging by this post and your recent comments, you’ve opened up to the idea of multiple shooters in the last 6 hours. If this is some sort of twisted attempt to threaten victims &/or journalists into silence, somebody outta take Occam’s razor to your nuts. If not, very sorry, thanks for sharing.

      • I’m still not convinced but I’m not going to ignore the possibility. The audio on second listen is pretty damning. Hard to explain that as him shooting one way and then shooting the other. Maybe shooting in the room and then right on top of but then you hear a second gun which sounds to be the same type and cadence on top of the first. Narrative says that’s echo. I don’t know what an echo would sound like being on the ground and hearing shots from an elevated position with glass buildings all around. I don’t think anyone does because no one has done it unless they were in a war zone in a modern city. Many witnesses say there was multiple shooters but I’m having trouble finding any with specifics. The quotes lead me to believe that they felt like there were multiple shooters, but the vagueness and lack of detail (eg I saw a man wearing black shooting a gun 50 yards away at concert goers). If someone has a quote that is a little more specific I would appreciate it.

        • Anyone but rio gios. That kid has an overactive imagination if you ask me

        • Here’s an example from the Michael savage show – a woman called in and said this:
          “There was somebody walking in the crowd, spraying their guns back and forth and shooting people, and he was getting closer. The shots would stop, the officer got up and walked out, and I heard his radio because I was right there, and we heard, “We have active shooters,” and then my officer who was protecting me said, “Where is he? Where is he? Do you see him? Is he behind us? Do you have a visual?

          It sounded like somebody was actually walking from the crowd, from west to east, through the crowd and shooting, because everybody was going one direction, because there was no way out. Then they would stop, and there would be higher pitches, and then no sound, and then the sound would start again, and they were on top of each other… they sounded at the same time, and the one that was lower kept getting closer sounding to us… I’m thinking, Oh my God, it sounds like there’s somebody on the ground that is shooting… Mandalay Bay was on our right, and the girl that was standing right beside me got shot straight in her stomach, and how did this bullet come straight down and make a left turn and hit her in the stomach?”

          The second paragraph she says “it sounded like”
          Did anyone get an actual visual on a shooter? I

          • You’re starting to remind me of a long winded pseudo-skeptic bastard child of Michael Shermer. You’re going to have to get a lot better at proving the eyes & ears of everybody paying attention to this don’t work. I’m not wasting time finding something you request. Turn around and slither on back to the maggot you find story leaks & make threats for. Tell him/her that you’re fucked on this one “G”.

  5. Nothing but a masonic zionist alphabet agency military psyop to hide further truths, to divide us, to steer the behaviors and mindset of an already dumbed down population, and to make sickos more rich. It’s truly pathetic.

  6. I would like to see the very first BBC report on this, which I am sure is the most accurate and, according to their track record, would have been made some 20 minutes before the shooting started.

  7. I am most surprised that someone is bothered or appalled by this. This is just another day at work for the news media and FBI.

    If people are going to believe building 7 fell in its footprint in 7 seconds due to fires, Hilary had no bad intent, no one knew about Weinstein, the unemployment rate is 4.2%, Abu Ghraib was unsanctioned, waterboarding is not torture, Jessica Lynch was a war hero, Pat Tillman was killed by accident, we are winning the war on drugs, Jon Corzine committed no crime, cable tv providers broke no anti-trust laws, we’re trying to make Syria safe for demoncracy, Palestine is a terrorist state, Paddock made millions gambling in Las Vegas on video poker, microsoft and google don’t spy on us, ….. this one is a cakewalk.

    The real surprise, and I think the one that bothers you Willy, is that they are now more like 3rd graders bringing us a note from the teacher saying, “Billy, needs to stay home from school tomorrow and play video games, nothing important will be going on in school.”

    • You hit on it right there. It’s just so “in your face”, so obvious, it’s insulting. At least before they tried to mask their duplicitous and nefarious intentions… now they just say “nothing nefarious here” and that’s it. and people just sit back and take it and suggest everyone goes along with the gag, as is evidenced on this thread.

      • Hey, Scott, have you considered taking Black Agenda Report off your blogroll? They’ve published three whoppers in short succession (first one here) : https://blackagendareport.com/index.php/freedom-rider-true-conspiracies The genuine left is supposed to question and scrutinise oligarchic power, yet when people like you actually do it, the professional pwugwessivs always predictably get pissed and then attack you with mental gymnastics along the lines of “You’re distracting from real conspiracies with your naughty false flag theories of violent or military or espionage-themed events! How dare you think like this!” Margaret Kimberley is now seemingly taking her cues from Julian Assange.
        Why is the American left so dogmatically anti-gun? Do they think the French Resistance fought the Nazis, or Fidel’s guerrilla won the Cuban Revolution, with toothpicks?

    • Good examples, one correction – he made his money at real estate, not gambling:

      Relatives said Paddock was worth at least $2 million when he sold off the real-estate business.[19][20] Among his most profitable investments was an apartment complex purchased in 2004, which gave him more than half a million dollars in annual income by 2011. The IRS records show he made $5 million to $6 million in profits from its sale in 2015

      • is that Wikipedia?

        • Yes sir. Handy utility for getting quick sources. Here they are:



          They teach us in college that Wikipedia is a poor source, but can be useful if you understand what sources they used to get their information.

          • yeah, thats wonderful, but the LA Times article for example makes a lot of claims that are then put in Wikipedia as fact, yet, they offer no references or links to back them up. The other source you cited was TIME magazine. Need I say more?

          • one more thing. you have been around for a while so I’m cutting you some slack here, but you aren’t gonna be posting under two different names on the same thread again, you understand? And don’t tell me about different email addresses being assigned to different devices. It’s the same IP address. Some might think you are trying to make it appear your one opinion is the consensus around here when you do that and a lot of places would ban you immediately for it. I know you’ve been around for a while so I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt but you need to make sure whatever account you use on one thread or the other if you have already left a comment is the same one you are logged in under before leaving another. Because from now on if it happens again, I’m either going to erase the follow-up comment with a different name or simply edit it and put the first name on the comment so people aren’t confused.

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