Jesus Campos has Left the Building

by Scott Creighton

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The story of Jesus Campos has just gotten a little stranger. Now he’s gone missing apparently.

Last night he was scheduled to finally break his silence and do no less than 5 interviews for major news outlets including Hannity on Fox News but he pulled a no-show for all of them.

The Mandalay Bay security guard shot by Stephen Paddock in the moments leading up to the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history was set to break his silence Thursday night with five television interviews, including one on Fox News, Campos’ union president said.

Except when the cameras were about to roll, and media gathered in the building to talk to him, Campos reportedly bolted, and, as of early Friday morning, it wasn’t immediately clear where he was.

“We were in a room and we came out and he was gone,” Campos’ union president told reporters, according to ABC News’ Stephanie Wash. Fox

Laura Loomer who is in the area and has been working on an independent investigation into the Las Vegas shooting, heard Jesus didn’t make any of his interviews so she went by his home… and he wasn’t there either.

She’s also confirmed there is a gag order placed on his family.

You might recall, first we were told Campos was shot while moving down the hall toward room 32-135 with Las Vegas police along side him after the main shooting took place.

Then they said he had been shot after the main shooting outside by himself and when he met the officers he had was already wounded.

The latest version is that he was hit by some shrapnel or something at 9:59, a full 6 minutes before the shooting started outside by one account and 9 minutes before by the first.

Campos has a Go Fund Me page set up… not for medical costs because the Mandalay Bay and his union covered them… but instead, “(f)unds will be used to provide relief and financial support for him while he gets back on his feet”

Over 700 people have given Jesus $35,000 of his targeted 40k thus far.

I wonder if anyone checked his clothes or hands for gunpowder residue as they whisked him out of the hotel.

Just saying.

Remember how Sheriff Lombardo told us all that Jesus called into security right after he was shot at 9:59 and then they released a call and it wasn’t him but the maintenance worker, Stephen Schuck? Has anybody heard the recording of Jesus’ call yet?

And remember how one of the cops that FINALLY went into the room at around 11:20pm (70 minutes after the shooting ended) said there were guns and DRILLS AND TOOLS lying around all over the place?

Remember that?]

What did Steven Schuck do again? Maintenance? Do they use tools? I bet they do.

All that aside, the story of Mr. Secretive Campos is getting stranger. Seems he got cold feet last night and made a break for it out one of the windows at the studio or something. I guess he needs more coaching from the American public relations firm Hill & Knowlton.  They’re good at that kind of stuff from what I hear.

Keep in mind, this guy isn’t a suspect (?) he’s a “hero”, right? A hero and a witness and a “victim”. And he’s hiding? I wonder what he’s hiding. Makes you think, don’t it?

Anyone who still has any questions about this mass casualty event being on the level… you need to just grow up.

26 Responses

  1. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.”

  2. He might have been spirited away by XXX agency to prevent the press conference.

    Seems like there is a bit of a clean up panic going on after they totally botched the storyline, the timeline and the entire narrative. Youtube videos are disappearing faster than you can say POOF.

    And check these links out… (I haven’t been able to keep up with everything being written about LV shooting and all of the youtube videos… sadly, even yours…… my apologies if these have already been posted or mentioned )

    Break-in at Las Vegas shooter’s home in Reno confounds police

    Key Witness in Las Vegas Shooting Kills Self and Daughter Following FBI Raid

    • David those sites are spewing Russian propaganda. Snopes (yes I know, but they are usually pretty good) thoroughly debunks the two sites and their claims:

      I too have been posting and reading since 2008.
      Let’s try to vet our sources a little?

      • Thanks for catching that, G.

        But, who’s gonna vet Snopes? I have read enough of their stuff overtime, and I can’t say I trust them much. The fact that they end their “article” with Lombardo’s words as their argument against multiple shooter “conspiracy theories” says a lot, doesn’t it?

        The 1 October mass shooting in Las Vegas has prompted a slew of conspiracy theories and hoaxes, many focused on the involvement of “second shooter.” During a press briefing on the day after the massacre, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo directly rejected such theories:

        I want to emphasize we believe Paddock is solely responsible for this heinous act. We are aware of the rumors outside of the media and also on social media that there was more than one assailant. We have no information or evidence to support that theory, or that rumor. We believe there was only one shooter and that was Stephen Paddock.

        Snopes is a major limited hangout operation and they have three categories… The first one, “provably false” are the claims they debunk for real… Like the one I seem to have swallowed until you set me straight…

        Second one is the “there is no evidence to suggest…” category, where they, acting as THE authority, as if they have actually and sincerely investigated ALL evidence…

        And the third is the “the spin” is utter nonsensical arguments like the one I shared in the above Lombardo-quote example, which is en par with TV punditry…

        Not to mention that a different arm of the same octopus is creating the fake news and poisoning the well, which snopes is then debunking (like the one I shared). It’s a good schtick…

        Prompted by you, I did visit snopes and read all of their LV related pages. Their MO is always the same, and it is not what they are debunking, but the stuff they are not that tells the story… Not a peep about the sound recordings, and an absurdly preposterous and unscientific “echo”explanation to debunk a witness account of multiple shooters.

        Although this rumor is a variation on the “second shooter” claim, it also fails to take into account the difficulties faced by eyewitnesses in identifying the specifics of the shooting as it happened.

        Due to the close proximity most Vegas casinos share (many are connected to neighboring venues) and the acoustics of the Strip, a barrage of gunfire from one location could easily be mistaken for one from somewhere nearby.

        and a last example that exposes Snopes for who and what they really are…

        Are there unanswered questions about whether there was a “second shooter,” multiple shooters, or from where the bullets were fired?

        No. The concept of a “second shooter” became embedded in American consciousness after the first conspiracy rumors circulated about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. A meme that appeared after this particular mass shooting highlights purported “inconsistencies” in the “narrative” of the incident, but it does not vary much from the other conspiracy theories that come up after every such incident:

        • I know I’m in the minority’s here but I really don’t think there were multiple shooters. If you use Occam’s razor and go for the simplest explanation, anything besides paddock shooting up the place by himself is just too much of a stretch. All scenarios – from shooters on the ground simultaneously, to shooters in hotels – are just too convoluted and corroborated by scant evidence or the opinion of a single eyewitness. I don’t think audio recordings are showing anything more than a remote possibility of two shooters and certainly would never hold up as actual evidence of such. There is just too much evidence pointing to one shooter and too many trash conspiracy sites making click bait claims. Obviously shootings garner a lot of business for websites and people (myself included) get a lot of fear induced entertainment from these mysteries. We all want to know and we all know about corruption and lies and plots because it’s human nature and we’ve come to expect that from this world and our capitalistic society. I’m just saying I really don’t see a conspiracy here unless it’s mere incompetence. I also have the misfortune of knowing one of the deceased which makes it a lot more real and makes complicated conspiracies seem really foolish. I can now relate to how sandy hook people felt. I bought into no one dying at sandy hook for a long time and thought all the people who spoke out and got all mad at us theorists for challenging them were fakes. Now I understand that no matter what you say or show someone to prove your son is dead, there will still be people like James Tracy that will find a hole in your proof. I don’t trust snopes, or metabunk, or skepdic. But I always go to them to see what they have to say and get the other side. This site by Scott is truly one of the only sites that dares to tackle deep state politics without going off into the fringe. And he’s right most of the time because he doesn’t put his (real) name and reputation behind click bait. I think we are in a secondary stage of the internet now where people are awake, but they are also awakening to the truthfulness of the sites that told them to wake up in the first place. An age of discernment if you will. Anyways, I agree snopes takes the official narrative high road every time – like with 9/11. Total garbage. Maybe there were multiple shooters, paddock is a patsy, the fbi shot everyone from two or more locations to stage a false flag with real victims for some Hillary agenda or to get trump impeached or Russia… or maybe some dude with psychopathy in his genes became disenchanted with the world and shot up a concert so he could go out infamously.

          I didn’t notice you were lilaleo – I’ve seen you on here since I started. Oh and I always have 4 email accounts and depending on what device I’m on it pre-populates with one of the email accounts when I post here so I’m G, granite, and reprehensor. Just disclosure – I’m not trying to be multiple people, my password thing just posts as whoever it wants sometimes.

          • ah, see that. Silly me. I’ve been doing actual research into the bullshit story for nearly two weeks now and all I really needed to do was say “Occam’s razor”

          • no one here said the FBI shot anyone (except for that witness they shot… then lied about… multiple times) and no one said anything “Hillary agenda”, “trump impeached” or “Russia”

            I guess it’s easier to make your points about “Occam’s razor” if you manufacture a bunch of easily disputed theories and then falsely attribute them to me.

            You want to know the real Occam’s razor evaluation of this event? Gladio really did happen, they conduct strategy of tension operations all over the world now, they are doing it again and yes, they screw up sometime.

            But there is a motive and there is a reason they keep changing the timeline to suit their needs.

            There is evidence of multiple shooters in multiple locations.

            There is no reason at all for this man to have done this act (which, as I have pointed out, also serves their needs perfectly)

            You know, when you come in here suddenly saying things like RT is “spewing propaganda” and that SNOPES is pretty accurate most of the time… it’s hard to take you seriously… especially when you offer up straw man arguments against what seems pretty obvious to most of us.

            • SCOTT ! I wasn’t putting examples of all the sites that are saying bs. Jesus. I don’t agree with the audio being two shooters. What possible scenario would involve two shooters – it’s weak. Everyone knows about the stay behind gladio and I don’t dispute that. As far as this tragedy I believe it’s one guy followed by incompetence and lawsuit fears prompting lies by all sides covering their asses. Dude I even stated you were one of the few sites that are real. Don’t take offense because I don’t agree with the audio. It’s just an opinion and if I’m wrong then I will gladly admit it. Right now I just don’t see a smoking gun.

              • This site spews Russian propaganda.
                That’s what I was talking about. The article is written by Sorcha Faal. Enough said.

                • I didn’t have any problem with you saying that about nnettle though of course, to be more accurate, it’s disinformation, not “Russian propaganda”, unless of course you think Putin’s been handling Sorcha Faal for the past 12 years while he was doing his 9/11 disinfo routine. No, as you well know, I was talking about what you suggested about RT which sounds an awful lot like those 20 handpicked intelligence agency assets from the 3 agencies who said Russia “meddled” in our election. Speaking of which, what’s your thoughts on that?

                  • Russian meddling? Of course they are. And Hillary totally got robbed in the election because of it.

                    Seriously dude? I differ from you on one thing due to lack of evidence and now I’m a sunstein asset.

                    And frankly, your two weeks of reporting hasn’t shown dick, nor has anyone else’s for that matter. That’s why I’m not jumping on any bandwagon yet. I’m trying to keep a level head and you’re speculations as of late are two steps removed from Alex Jones. If you disagree with that, then stick your neck out and say what you think is really going on. False flag from the fbi? How? He’s a patsy? Based on what evidence? There’s nothing solid to work with but if you think you have it figured it then commit to something instead of all this innuendo with no credible evidence. If not quit harassing loyal readers.

                    • ooo. looks like you’re getting a bit testy with the references to Alex Jones and all. You wanna call me ‘alt-right” next? I mean after all, you’re going off about “Russian interference” from RT and saying SNOPES does good work sometimes… you wanna call me a “conspiracy theorist” don’t you?

                      To your point, in case you haven’t picked up what I’ve been laying down “G”… yeah, he’s a patsy, that’s pretty obvious by now isn’t it?

                      And when I said in MULTIPLE videos that Aaron Rouse was lording over the sheriff’s office and directing what they could and couldn’t say, seems pretty obvious what I was driving at there as well doesn’t it?

                      I don’t know who did it or why. I can point out what’s being done in the wake of it and draw conclusions as to who really does have motive (since your perp suspect certainly had none) but ultimately, I don’t know who was behind it so no, I didn’t say it was a “false flag from the FBI” as you so cleverly attributed to me…

                      but I did say, and rightly so, it certainly appears they are clumsily crafting a narrative they hope will stick (one that wont see MGM Grand sued) and it’s pretty fucking obvious to some of us who still possess critical thinking skills that is exactly what is happening.

                    • hillary was robbed? hahaha! my god, you’re gullible! sorry, buddy, but it takes a special kind of stupid to believe the “russians put trump in office” narrative.

      • RT is “spewing Russian propaganda”? What, do you work for Hillary and Podesta now? and you cite SNOPES?!? Maybe I underestimated you with my Hillary and Podesta comment. Obviously you work for Sunstein.

        • Lol. I wish I had a job that would pay as good as Sunstein does. I work in IT. Born in Taft ca. Can vouch for no conspiracy with the taft shooter and the dead girl in Vegas. Other than that I’m open minded. I don’t see anything wrong with the snopes article I referenced. Sure they may lie 10% or more of the time. Show me a website that you trust 100% and have full confidence in that site not having an agenda, slant, or repeating mis/disinformation. You site hedges, Chomsky, and god knows how many other people that have been compromised at one point or another. Big deal. Sometimes there are sites that get across the truth but also have bs. Big deal. That’s why we sift wheat from the fares and that’s why I come here because you do it best. You don’t like my opinion on an event we are still waiting for factual info on? Cool. Debunk me or site links (politely preferably). Don’t call me a sunstein shill though, that’s just laughable.

          • Your Occam’s Razor fails to account for “follow the money” or “cui bono?”. You can’t make a plan unwieldy in its sheer complexity, but you have to take into account multiple possibilities if you want it to succeed.

          • You brought up James Tracy ‘g’, implying that his reporting on Sandy Hook was substandard or somehow disrespectful, or some such thing. Correct me if I’ve misinterpreted your opinion.

            Maybe your views will change if he wins his lawsuit against the university that fired him and the union which claimed to represent him. After over a year of preparation, discovery and deposition the trial is soon to begin. From the motions I’ve read, his victory seems assured. That would virtually nullify the concerted attacks upon him by the media. Of course, his vindication won’t receive 1/100 the attention. Why would the media promote the first victory against the Sandy Hook conspirators?

  3. Comment got eaten (about the break in to SP’s house and the murder-suicide of a key witness)

      • Thank you, Scott. I appreciate it.

        BTW, you know that I have been commenting at your site for years now… And I also have some reference point through experience with other wordpress sites. The number of comments (mine and others’) that the wordpress is sending to spam on the Las Vegas related pages seems to be off the charts…

        • WordPress has been pretty good over the years, not pulling websites or blocking content, but I agree, I notice a lot more comments going to spam these last ten days that usual. of course, I do have more comments and page views so that could be part of it. But for the most part, WP still hasn’t censored my website at least, so, I can’t complain too much. Plus, yeah, sending comments to moderation sucks, but I can find them. its not like they straight up delete them, you know. so there is that.

  4. Maybe he will hang himself in a closet……

  5. From (they are silly right wingers but this is informative) update of the press report today:
    ♦Sheriff Lombardo:

    17 medical facilities were utilized to treat injured and wounded victims.
    546 people transported to hospitals with injuries. 501 have been released.
    58 people deceased
    45 people remain hospitalized, some in critical condition, death toll could increase.
    The fuel tanks at the adjacent McCarren airport “were fired upon with intent” by Paddock. However, it is affirmed by McCarren officials that firing bullets into the fuel storage tanks would be “very unlikely” to ignite them.
    Paddock check-in date was September 25th. Paddock occupied room on Sept. 25th. Registration name changed on September 28th to Marilou Danley. However, occupant did not change.
    Initial autopsy of Paddock showed no physical brain abnormalities per coroner. Additional lab results on microscopic analysis of brain ongoing.
    Confusion over timeline and Sequence of events was not “incompetence”. Lombardo states he is “offended” by claims of cover-up or incompetence.
    Timeline established via use of: security logs, Jose’ Campos, CCTV, dispatch recordings, cameras and radio calls.
    9:59pm human entry into security log of fire door block.
    10:05pm shooting of Campos. Campos called via radio and cell phone. Campos under fire at 10:05pm.
    10:17pm police and hotel security arrive on 32nd floor and begin evacuating guests.
    Lombardo: “No conspiracy”
    FBI and LVMPD working together. FBI working on comprehensive background research of Stephen Paddock.
    Lombardo: “confidence there are no other actors”.
    FBI now taking over research and investigation aspects of events.
    ♦Special Agent Aaron Rouse (Las Vegas FBI field office)

    200 Agents working case. Many with spe

  6. Wish I could say I am surprised.

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