Vegas Shooting Updates: Police Were ALREADY in Hotel Before Shooting Began

by Scott Creighton

There’s going to be questions that will never get answered. I’m sure of that.” Sheriff Lombardo

I agree with him on that one.

Nobody’s trying to be nefarious; nobody’s trying to hide anything. What we want to do is draw the most accurate picture we can, and I’m telling you right now, today, that timeline might change again because it’s a human factor involved. The individual that put the timestamp associated with the radio call they received. Maybe their watch was different, or maybe they looked at a different time when they put it down. So it may condense smaller — maybe less than six minutes when it’s all done, but let’s not let’s not get wrapped around the axle on that. I think it’s important for people to understand that no matter what that timeline is, the response was as quick as possible. I don’t think the response could have been any faster.” Sheriff Lombardo

Me thinks he doth protest too much.

The first known suit against MGM in this case was filed Wednesday in Clark County District Court on behalf of Paige Gasper, who was attending the country music festival and struck with a bullet that shattered her ribs and lacerated her liver, according to the lawsuit.

The complaint accuses MGM, along with Paddock’s estate and other entities, of negligence in “failing to maintain the Mandalay Bay premises in a reasonably safe condition” for not responding quickly enough to Campos’s shooting or noticing Paddock’s preparations. Chicago Tribune

Ah, there’s the rub. When the lawyers for the mega-corporations get involved and fingers start being pointed back and forth… information seeps out and the government steps in with massive slush funds of hush money.

Attorney Richard A. Patterson, who has already filed legal papers to prevent the distribution of any of Paddock’s assets on behalf of victim John Phippen’s family, said the latest revelations of a six-minute delay between the shooting of Campos and the beginning of Paddock’s shooting rampage suggest “incompetence” on the part of Mandalay Bay.

We are talking six minutes here. This is amazing and shocking that they didn’t respond faster,” said Patterson, who was planning legal action against MGM Resorts International on behalf of victims and the families of those killed or injured.

I think everybody’s question is, what if they had gotten there?” Patterson said. “There are high-speed elevators to the 32nd floor. A couple of minutes makes all the difference. At the very least, they could have distracted the killer. Maybe they could have prevented it.LA Times

An express elevator to the 32nd floor AND an armed security detail in the Mandalay Bay security office? And it took 18 minutes to get to the 32nd floor AFTER a call came down about someone shooting 200 rounds down the hallway at two of their EMPLOYEES?!? PLUS LVMPD officers were ALREADY in the damn building BEFORE that even happened?

Some police officers had already been inside the Mandalay Bay building responding to another, unrelated call when the attack happened, Clark County Assistant Sheriff Tom Roberts said.

There are no hotel surveillance cameras in the hotel hallway, only on the floor’s elevator banks, and the timestamps on the hotel’s communications systems have in some cases been inaccurate LA Times

Of course SOME of the time-stamps were “mistaken”

Clark County Assistant Sheriff Tom Roberts said the hotel dispatched its own armed security team to the 32nd floor, which arrived “right around the same time” as Las Vegas police, who officials have said arrived on the floor at 10:17 p.m. But the gunman had already fired his final shots out his hotel window at 10:15 p.m. LA Times

Someone is getting sued on this one. But remember, according to the sheriff, the cops did everything right LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO and the story will CHANGE SOME MORE… shaving off some more of that response time… just so you know.


Nobody’s trying to be nefarious; nobody’s trying to hide anything.”

14 Responses

  1. There’s no way in hell mandalay didn’t immediately call 911 regarding 200 shots fired – unless they were in on it somehow. So if we assume they aren’t in on a grand conspiracy, then the responsibility is with the cops who took way too long to get up there and now they are pointing fingers at each other over who is going to pay.
    Campos is being guarded by private security so that means he is being handled by mandalay, not the feds. He is mandalay’s ace in the hole testimony. Which explains why the cops never really addressed him as a hero and why they are coming up with this timeline modification five days later so they can take a hero and somehow make it not their (the cops) fault.

    • cops and feds cant contract private security?

      • If the cops want a witness to be safe they do it themselves. If mgm wants a witness to be safe they contract it out. Therefore, Campos likely has nothing of value for the feds.

        • it’s not a matter of whether or not campos has anything of value for the feds. as it is, campos is their witness — and they’re not going to allow him to give an interview until he’s up to speed re the official narrative. that’s why he spent four days “preparing” for his interviews (according to his union rep), and also why he’s been missing the last several days. no doubt his story will corroborate the (new) official story once he’s in front of the cameras.

  2. “The individual that put the timestamp associated with the radio call they received.”

    Whenever the call went into the 9/11 dispatch center, that’s the official time, not sure what Joe boy is babbling about, but if I had the FBI circling me like a pack of hungry hyenas, I’d be making mistakes too.

    But hey, you’re supposed to by ‘oohing and ahhing’ over the Hollywood perv scandal, one that was over 30 years in the making, with victims on at least two continents, and nothing happens until the Las Vegas shooter story gets more holes than some of the victims.

  3. Hi Scott,

    This is another point of view by Mike Adams on a second shooter being 250-270 yards from the music venue.

    Jim Stone has taken it one step further and found the Skyvue towers that are adjacent to the dirt mound. It’s left over from an abandoned Ferris Wheel project. The two supports (200 ft high) have mechanical doors and stairs inside to perform support on the Ferris Wheel body. The structures are within 250-270 yards from music stage.

    Paul Craig Roberts is the recipient of trauma surgeons from UK/US sharing their observations of the shooting victims and crime scene.

    • Same sound, same rythym from pauses, same amount of shots… only difference is one is muffled the other is clear (sounds distant and close). Unless there were two shooters firing a second or two apart the exact same gun, ammo, amount of rounds, etc… well, it’s probably just the echoes off the buildings.

      • you know that is completely false

      • You know, G, being wrong in a discussion is perfectly alright in principle… But I’m having a real hard time the way you are massaging bullcrap into the discussion and the underhanded language you use, filled with MSM talking points.The entirety of your comment I am replying to sounds way too much like the Harley Man’s comments.

        • now that I think about it, that’s a great analogy. Same rythym from pauses, same short lines. Same self contradictory summation. Sounds like it was written by the same person doesn’t it?

  4. The silence in the UK about the LV shooting is deafening.

    Thanks for all the good work, Scott.

  5. So sad how wounded patients or relatives of casualties during this tragedy are unable to obtain fair compensation from hotels and concert venues supposed to be safeguarding their premises.

    • It must be said that Stephen’s “performance” is worse-acted than an episode of “The Young and the Restless”. I could sell you detergent with more enthusiasm.

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