Mandalay Bay Disputes the LVMPD’s New Revised Timeline of Shooting Event (AE video)

by Scott Creighton

They released a recording of the maintenance man’s radio call to security for help but not one from Jesus Campos. And they have yet to release or even give us details about when Mandalay Bay called 911 to ask for emergency help after being told by employees that someone fired 200 rounds down the hall at them on the 32nd floor. LVMPD never specified when that call came in either.

As such, MGM Grand, who owns Mandalay Bay, is now publicly questioning the new official timeline.

The company that owns Mandalay Bay has questioned the new timeline. “We cannot be certain about the most recent timeline,” said Debra DeShong, a spokeswoman for MGM Resorts International. “We believe what is currently being expressed may not be accurate.”

Las Vegas police did not respond Tuesday night to questions about the hotel’s statement.” ABC7

The question of liability is hard to ignore. If the first timeline was accurate, that means Mandalay Bay hotel security could have and should have called 911 and told them of an active shooter a full 9 minutes prior to the start of the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest festival and that may have been enough time to effect some kind of emergency action like evacuating the festival grounds or even getting someone up the freight elevator to that floor.

If no call to 911 happened at that time then we certainly need an independent investigation into this event because what we have now is certainly not working. The feds are apparently bullying the local sheriff’s office and they seem to be in direct conflict with Mandalay Bay security and the MGM Grand corporation.

Not to mention the fact that there were clearly more than one rifle being fired at the same time from different locations.

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  1. It will be interesting once the Insurance company investigators get involved. Wouldn’t it be awesome if this IMO false flag were undone by an insurance company:) I remember when the librarians were the ones who refused to give information on their internet users to the FBI/CIA etc., without a warrant. It’s often the quiet ones who won’t give in.

  2. Gotta admit… I liked watching that Las Vegas Police Chief eat shit on behalf of the FBI. How many law enforcement people know what is really going on yet none of them prepared to take action. Oh dont get me wrong…. I would never expect any of them to stand up. The act of joining and or staying with law enforcement tells me they are sub- human scum bags. But you gotta wonder about the conversations they may have with their loved ones and how the lie they live marches on 24/7.

    • I’m glad someone is willing to work in law enforcement. I doubt you’d actually be happier without it, unless you live very far away from urban centers.

  3. yes Mitch gubmint killer stooges thugs seem to occupy same evil DNA, all the way up Chain of Command to the billionErrs/ orange-tinted apparition et al.

    You think the fed-gestapo has chipped the sheriff with the HeartAttack app?

    The little devils must really be Frantic that their Exercise Drill PsyOp–
    so brazen & blatant–is gonna be exposed! Like NineEleven & the entire neo-Gladio program so far, the Guilty Perps at the top seem to believe we’re all obtuse & MassMedia “Authorities” have us in a head-lock. They obviously believe they are entitled to get away with murder ( or with non-murder in this case) So their Operations are pretty transparent,
    So it’s time have a nuclear apocalypse to divert our attention…
    Welcome police-state. It will soon be a FEMA vacation,
    to speak such words as these.
    Gotta Git OuttaHere! (aka1939 germ)

  4. Hi Scott,

    Great videos these past few days. Have you touched on the inside trading prior to the shootings?

    Thanks for all your stellar work.

    • Oh, now isn’t that innnnnteresting – insider trading – what a surprise. I re-posted this article on FB, and when I hit the “Post” button the FB mind-control algorithm popped up a window trying to send me to Snopes to “fact check” it. So Zuckerberg already has this article flagged. First time I’ve seen that happen. So I edited the post to include a drubbing of FB and Snopes for that intrusion, to reward their effort to help me.

    • no. that is interesting

  5. Here are some interviews with the building engineer who was summoned to the 32nd floor due to a reported emergency exit that was stuck shut. My question is, who summoned/dispatched him, and how did anyone *know* the *emergency exit* was stuck shut? Someone would have had to try opening it. Is that a random check that the hotel would perform daily? If the guy misspoke, and it was really just stairs (not emergency exit), still, who would be taking the stairs down 32 floors? Some info is missing here.

    Another question: were there other guests staying on the 32nd floor? Where did all 200 bullets go that were fired down the hallway? Surely some entered other guestrooms? Did anyone else call 911? Why haven’t any of these people spoken to the media, unlike, say, the guest below the shooter on the 31st floor? I understand that many people would still be out and about at 10:00 p.m. in Vegas, but surely not everyone.

    • Watching one of those videos I can tell you, he’s full of shit. he’s lying. Also, isn’t it odd he looks to be of military age and has that “Special Ops” look about him?

      • Yeah, no emotion whatsoever from him aftter what would have been a near-death, combat zone-like experience. Has he ever been mentioned in the press conferences alongside Jesus Campos? And where is this Campos guy, this hero? You’d think his face would be plastered everywhere on the internet.

        • I’d ask this guy if there were any other people in the 32nd floor hallway that we should look forward to hearing from in MSM TV interviews — or was it only Jesus and you dodging bullets?

      • I certainly hope that’s not the case, but having said that, my first impression of this building engineer was that he has the same kind of poise as young military men, veterans, and law enforcement officers I have known. I’d be surprised if he were not at least a veteran or in the Reserves. If not, then I wonder whether he does something performance-arts related as a side job in Vegas that requires self control and focus. Very poised, with no obvious signs of stress in a stressful situation (interview on national television).

    • Here’s an early account in the NY Post from one guest on the 32nd floor — he makes it sound like he was staying in a room on the same wing as Paddock:

    • This guy says he was responding to “a fire exit door that would not open”.

      Earlier, LVMPD Undersheriff McMahill said that Campos responded to “a ‘door alarm’ on the 32nd floor” (but doesn’t mention Stephen Schuck).

      Schmuck and McMahill must be referring to the same thing: someone(?) apparently reported to the hotel that a fire exit door wouldn’t open.

      “On October 6, Las Vegas Metropolitan Undersheriff Kevin C. McMahill, confirming the initial timeline, praised Campos for his heroic actions.

      “Jesus Campos is a true hero,” McMahill said at a press briefing. “He was dispatched to what they call a ‘door alarm’ on the 32nd floor. He went up there to investigate the open door and as he was doing his job diligently, he came under fire by our suspect. As you know, he was struck in the leg, turned around and retreated, notified his dispatch — which was absolutely critical to us knowing the location as well as advising the responding officers as they arrived on that 32nd floor.”


      • Actually — it sounds like two different things:

        1. Schmuck responding to: “a fire exit door that would not open”.
        2. Campos responding to (according to McMahill): “a ‘door alarm’…to investigate the open door”.

        I could see the need to investigate the opening of an emergency door alarm — and that an opened emergency door would set off an alarm somewhere.

        • Clarification: I can imagine that an opened emergency exit door would set off an alarm somewhere. And that security would be made aware of an emergency exit door being opened.

    • Someone else mentioned the gag order currently in effect for all Madalay Bay employees. I read that this was by order of the FBI. Yet somehow this Secret Service agent lookalike is permitted to talk. Intereresting.

  6. Scott, one of my posts went into the abyss. Could you by any chance retrieve it? It contained links to two interviews with the building engineer (aka “maintenance guy”) who was on the 32nd floor. Thanks!

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