Major Change to Official Story of Las Vegas Shooting (AE video)

by Scott Creighton

Now they say the security guard was shot at 9:59 when someone fired 200 rounds down the hallway on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel on Sunday night and that guard IMMEDIATELY told security what happened.

So where is the record of the 911 call from security at 10:pm calling police to help with the shooter? Why were they still wondering what floor he was on 15 minutes later?

“Mr. Paddock (or shooters?) might have believed that the chaos caused by the shooting “would have enabled the first responders to be directing their attention in other locations, which would enable Mr. Paddock (or shooters?) to just leave the hotel,” Sheriff Lombardo said.” New York Times

Paddock shot the guard at 9.59pm local time, Lombardo said, six minutes before beginning his deadly assault on the Route 91 Harvest festival in an attack that began at 10.05pm and lasted 10 minutes.” The Guardian

“The sheriff said that Mr. Campos had been on the gunman’s floor to investigate a door alarm in another room and that after being wounded, Mr. Campos immediately told casino security officials he had been shot.” New York Times

“Campos was struck in the leg, retreated and notified his dispatcher, McMahill said. “This was a remarkable effort by a brave and remarkable man,” he said.” CBS News

links available after the break

Las Vegas Gunman Shot Security Guard Before, Not After, Targeting Concertgoers

Stephen Paddock Shot Security Guard Jesus Campos Before Massacre: Sheriff

first version of the timeline from Oct. 3 2017

my article describing the first major changes in the official timeline

One Response

  1. Lambardo’s lashing out at the press is his frustration for being forced by the FBI to sacrifice his integrity…for being forced into the position of TV puppet by his FBI puppetmaster. He’s wondering, “Well, why can’t Agent Rouse just do this himself? He won’t even let me see the evidence.” Would hate to be the wife and kids of Mr. Lambardo right now.

    The CIA is the international Wall Street mafia.
    The FBI is the domestic Wall Street mafia.
    Both urgently need to be dissolved, for the sake of humanity.

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