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  1. Rather than the useful idiot (or plant) asking the sheriff about the “Muslim connection” someone should have asked him to comment on the subject of “two shooters”


    The “Muslim connection” BS has been planted by the media themselves. It is useful to have someone play it back to them so they can wrap up all the people who ask questions in one package of “flat earthers” and conspiracy theorists.

    • “Muslim connection” obviously planted by zionist thugs such as spamella geller, daddy adelson and our “true savior” mossad!

  2. Glad I don’t have Herr Rouse standing next to me at work.

  3. So besides the whole guard being shot 6 minutes before the mass shooting happens which was “minor”. They also glazed over him being at the hotel starting on the 25th. So he moves all his luggage to the next room or it all stayed in the car?
    Scott u mention the Harvey Weinstein thing being a distraction how about the vice president leaving an NFL game before it starts.
    Based on the evidence is it possible that the victims of the crime could put together a class action lawsuit against the police department or other law enforcement departments, as well as mgm?

  4. There Is NO TATTOO On Paddock’s Neck


  5. Back in my Firefighter/EMT days, ran on more than a few suicide by gun.

    The large caliber guns will blow a hole in the back of the head, splattering bits of brain and skull all over the damned place.

    The small caliber guns usually don’t exit the skull, but the force of the bullet and the heated blast will distort the skull something fierce.

    Didn’t see either of those on the alleged Paddock suicide photo.

  6. DRILL…-ING? Such B.S. … The hotel security guy gets shot but, the Po-po don’t know until they get off the elevator and see the guy?🤔 Why did they go there then.
    The ” biggest Mass shooting” & the sheriff doesn’t want to give the “perp” anymore notoriety yet, this guy’s name will be blasted throughout the media for a Longtime!

    • Yeah the drilling thing seems funny. I suppose it’s a desperate way of explaining bullet holes that don’t jive with the narrative?

      Almost sounds like their cover stories got hoarked from Bob Dylan’s album Blood on the Tracks:

      The festival was over, the boys were all planning for a fall,
      The cabaret was quiet except for the drilling in the wall.
      The curfew had been lifted and the gambling wheel shut down,
      Anyone with any sense had already left town.

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