Las Vegas Shooting Eight Days In (AE video)

by Scott Creighton

The MSM seems to have dropped the Vegas shooting story like a hot potato as the officials involved in the investigation still say they have no idea why Stephen Paddock did what they claim he did… by himself. They are now erecting billboards looking for clues and talking to anonymous hookers who claim, with no evidence by the way, to know Stephen… intimately.

The story has devolved past the point of ridiculousness and so… it just slips down the memory hole while politicians and security company executives look to profit from the event.

links available after the break

my coverage of the event so far

my coverage of the American Gladio campaign

here’s the secret hooker story

here’s the “speaking in tongues” story

here’s where they say they have no idea about his motive but they are putting up billboards story

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38 Responses

  1. Was sheriff Lombardo replaced by undersheriff Kevin McMahill?

  2. Hey Scott, you know I love your work, especially since you’ve started the videos. I have a problem hearing you…it feels as if you are whispering. I must hold my fone directly to my ear. Of all the yhibgs i listen to, i can set my fone down and listen easily at work. Dunno if its something you can or want to evaluate, just thought I’d let you know.

  3. Does anyone else other than me recall the “hooker” story they ran on James Holmes following the Aurora shooting? I think it was one of those same British media websites or possibly the NY Post that ran a story about how James visited a prostitute shortly before the massacre, and the encounter became violent at some point. Exact same story as the one they’re peddling about Paddock. I watched nearly every minute of the Aurora trial and listened to all the testimony and taped psychologist interviews, and no one ever mentioned any hooker encounter, let alone one that became violent. Not once.

    When I see a prostitute story involving sexual violence now associated with Paddock, I tend to question whether the media or the supposed prostitute are lying. Could be true, but it took several days for anyone to come out of the woodwork with that story–possibly they were shopping it around for $, which calls its authenticity even more into question.

  4. Can anyone here who’s experienced with these types of weapons comment on the smell factor? What kind and what level of a smell and how much smoke this many rounds would produce?

  5. Double points for ‘Tacti-cull Humanitarian Intervention in the Americas Day’. Well played, sir. Well played.

    The strangest aspect of this attack, in my view, is the unprecedented risk exposure. Much riskier than hit and run attacks like San Bern. For example, how did the planners know that some redneck wouldn’t run and grab a deer rifle out of his truck and start aiming for the muzzle flashes in the windows? Even a half-drunk redneck would have little trouble hitting a stationary target at the sort of ranges involved.

    So, I wonder if Steve wasn’t the intended patsy? Perhaps he was part of the attack team that just happened to take a well-placed round to the face from a concerned citizen. That may account for the relatively abbreviated shooting spree and low number of casualties (hundreds instead of thousands), as well as the muffed security/response narrative.

    To go a step further, I wouldn’t be too surprised if it turned out that Steve and his weird brothers were not only on the FBI payroll, but also moonlighting as mass-casualty contractors (i.e., the three large white guys described in San Bern). I don’t expect those sort of contractors would need to be a) young and handsome, or b) foreign. They’d just have to like money, and possibly blow.

    Anyhow, the attack seems to have been very poorly planned. Maybe because they were rushed to distract from Puerto Rico, Catalonia, and the growing awareness amongst football fans that our national anthem is an ode to state-sponsored terrorism.

    • “how did the planners know that some redneck wouldn’t run and grab a deer rifle out of his truck and start aiming for the muzzle flashes in the windows?”

      They didn’t. You will notice I said earlier that the camera in the room with the shooter(s) was a baby monitor. They did that so they could watch what was happening inside the room. And I think they wanted to see what was happening just in case someone did exactly what you are talking about.

      • Right. Makes sense that they’d want to know what was going on in the room(s). But why leave the camera(s) behind if you don’t have to?

        And what could they do about it even if they knew the attack was compromised by return fire? Doesn’t seem like they had much of a contingency plan to implement (aside from sending in the butt-faced FBI/NKVD guy to intimidate local LE).

        Of course I’m just spitballing here, but (if I was a betting man) I’d bet the attack team panicked for some reason. Possibly when their co-worker took an unexpected round to the head. They bailed without cleaning up after themselves. And the intended patsy got lucky with a new lease on life.

        Also, the apparent use of ammunition that is (as far as I know) totally unavailable to civilians is another huge fuck up. Suggests sloppy work and an over-reliance on media narrative-fixing.

        • I think you are correct. there is an over reliance on the media to fix the edges they messed up but I also think there may have been an over reliance on the local authorities. Remember how the FBI guy hangs over all the locals during press conferences? He’s making sure his presence is constantly felt. My guess is he’s pressuring them like the FBI pressures all witnesses to these events.

      • Scott, by quoting the “baby monitor camera” you are accepting the official story that this camera actually existed. Don’t we pay you to question the official line on almost all matters? That’s your claim to fame, isn’t it?

        There is a danger in watching endless hours of brainwashing TV, even if you are a critic of their bullshit. And that danger is that you fall for some parts of their bullshit.

        • I didn’t know I had a claim to fame. And I certainly didn’t know you paid me for anything.

          The detail about the difference between the other two cameras and the one inside the room is very telling and very interesting. I wonder why it is you seem to want to reject that particular part of the story.

    • “Maybe because they were rushed to distract from Puerto Rico, Catalonia, and the growing awareness amongst football fans that our national anthem is an ode to state-sponsored terrorism.”

      No. No excuses accepted. After all this time and with a vast false flag experience under their belt, they should be able to do it a lot better, with no or fewer dangling threads. Either their central command is unable to control the execution of the operations or their learning curve is almost flat. Why, only reading the material on this site regularly and with due attention to detail they would have been able to “optimize” each successive operation. Did you get this, Rita?

  6. i’m thinking of the scene in “fargo” when the cop is interviewing the hookers:

    hooker: “he was kinda funny looking.”
    cop: “funny looking how?”
    hooker: “well, he wasn’t circumcised.”

  7. Good job as usual. One minor correction: The song on SNL “I won’t back down” is not by Bob Dylan, but by Tom Petty, who died this week.

  8. Hi Scott,

    I am so bummed that Debbie’s youtube content at Sane Progressive has been taken down… her facebook stuff will probably be next.

    Are you happy with wordpress? Or do you think they are next to censor?

    What happens when every questioning voice gets eliminated?

    I had an idea recently. What if one day a month was chosen, say the 11th [for 9/11] where people would not show up for work or school in protest until our democracy gets restored. If enough people joined in, the MSM couldn’t ignore it. Plus it would have an economic effect, which is all these bloodsuckers seem to care about.

    Anyway, just a thought, hope you keep doing what you do as long as you can.

  9. The point about this story being dropped like a hot potato is an excellent one. I’m no expert on the workings of the media but maybe someone who is could add some expert comment on this.

    For example, we know that the media has become highly concentrated in the past few years, concentrated into just a hand-full of companies. And we know that the mainstream media basically takes the “news feed” that is fed to them daily and they run with that, almost automatically. So the news feed, or specifically the organizations like Reuters that send news feed to TV stations, newspapers etc. almost certainly stopped sending stories to the media. That is probably why the explanation for why the story has been dropped.

    My point is that by being more familiar with the mechanism behind the mainstream media, the more we will be able to interpret who is brainwashing us, and what their agenda is.

    • P.S.

      “almost certainly stopped sending stories to the media” = “almost certainly stopped sending stories to the media on this topic”

  10. I tried posting this to an earlier thread twice yesterday and it got disappeared both times – it is a VERY interesting explanation of Sheldon Adelson and Michael Chertoff’s connection to the Vegas shooting. Let’s see if it posts on my third try here:

  11. I’ve been trying to post a comment with a fascinating important video three times in the last two days and they have all been “disappeared”. What is going on with your comments section eating all my comments?

  12. Here’s a change to the “Official Timeline” that is really, really interesting.
    Something sure is rotten. . .

  13. Here’s an interesting thought I just had:
    I have been bothered by the non-believable lack of a LOT more blood around Paddock – I have seen very clear steady footage of other mouth shots (that politician guy at that press conference way back in the late 70’s or early 80’s) and the amount of blood was extreme. So the photo of Paddock does not make sense, unless…

    he was already dead when he got shot in the mouth. That might explain the lack of more blood. If his heart stopped sometime long before, there might not be any blood pressure to cause massive bleed-out. Maybe someone sodium morphate poisoned him long before and just kept his clean dead body in the room, then much later popped him in the mouth at the time that fit their patsy setup. With no blood pressure a high volume bleed out might not take place.

  14. Couple of interesting threads being explored about Paddock (from the Clyde Lewis broadcast last night). First one of his airplanes is now owned by Volant Associates, which is a Department of Defense contractor that does “special missions” for the guys.

    Second, he owned a business called Paradise Ranch of which there is a similar one named in the Philippines that is rumored to be involved with child trafficing.

    Related? Relevant? Who knows?

    But if other ties are found that show a lot more going on with this guy, no wonder the MSM is dropping this fast.

    See the podcast with Chip Tatum here (American Seal of Approval):

  15. My apologies if this was shared here before.

  16. posted a video I feel is quite interesting… Went to spam..

  17. Re: Harvey Weinstein. I’m still not sure there is something to the timing, but I am more suspicious now considering that the reporter breaking the story is Ronan Farrow. If you don’t know his back ground, he is very much a Washington insider, having been part of the occupation government of Afghanistan. as well as advocating for “humanitarian interventions” etc. For what it’s worth.

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