Marilou Danley is Pulling a Marina Oswald on Us

by Scott Creighton

When Marina Nikolayevna Oswald was taken into custody for “questioning” she didn’t believe her husband had anything to do with the assassination of John Kennedy. She was held for months by federal authorities and later kept in “protective” custody by the Secret Service while the Warren Commission did their thing. By then she was saying Lee wanted to kill everyone INCLUDING Nixon and some random general he didn’t like. In the end she testified she thought her husband was guilty. And after that, she was allowed to go on with her life.

After the Boston Bombing Ibragim Todashev was picked up by the FBI and “questioned” in Orlando. He ended up being shot in the back of the head from someone standing behind and above him. The feds said he grabbed a gun, then they said it was a sword, then they said it was a broom. They wanted him too say he thought his friend Tamerlan Tsarnaev was guilty as well. I guess the interview didn’t go so well.

It’s no wonder the FBI never records interviews… or at least they SAY they don’t.

Today Marilou Danley is in custody and it appears she has chosen option 1 over option done.

People don’t understand the gun-grabbing push that is behind the American Gladio campaign. The real one. Not the phony one being sold to fans of folks like Rush or Di$info Jone$.

Let me explain it for you.

They don’t want to take everyone’s guns. Don’t be ridiculous. What they want is to set up unelected boards in every state where they will assess your social media footprint or your emails or your letters to editors or your protest history, things like that, and make a determination as to whether or not you can be trusted with a gun.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a weapon you intend to purchase or ones you already own.

They want to evaluate you to decide if you have the right… to your rights.

That’s one reason I get so mad when I read over and over again folks like Mike R. from WRH reporting on what drugs some American Gladio patsy took or didn’t take. He’s playing right into their hands.. kinda like a Cass Sunstein cognitive infiltrator. That’s why his work is never featured on my website anymore. And probably why mine is never featured on his these days either.

That’s what they want. “Common sense” gun legislation. And they couldn’t pass it under ObamaGod, though they tried, they couldn’t. He was from the wrong side of the isle.

But now we have a new flip-flopper in Chief, Donald Trump, and he’s already said “it’s not the right TIME to address the gun issue” or something to that effect.

Folks are going to be more accepting of “common sense” gun control under Trump especially since they decided to target a bunch of their own at a country music festival. Yes, passing legislation mandating various scanning equipment in hotels, colleges and high schools is part of it but it’s not ALL of it.

There is so much to this it’s hard to explain in one brief article. Not only do you have the element of being separated from your constitutional rights by an arbitrary decision made by unelected hacks but, when it starts… what is going to happen? The decision will be made based on numbers of criteria like your internet footprint for instance. So that means everything you type or say online will factor in… so people will start self-censoring.

Also consider the fact that once ONE constitutional right can be taken from you due to what you say and do online becomes the norm… how long before another right can be taken from you? And then another and another?

That’s what this is all about. Yes, American Gladio is a strategy of tension operation and there are many aspects to it, but this “common sense” gun control agenda of theirs is one of them.

To that end, the Feds now have Marilou Danley in their possession. She’s the live-in girlfriend of the patsy du jour Stephen Paddock and this is what they are saying already:

Marilou Danley, the woman investigators hoped would provide key details into the motive behind her boyfriend’s deadly shooting attack, said she remembers him exhibiting symptoms such as lying in bed and moaning, according to two former FBI officials who have been briefed on the matter.

“She said he would lie in bed, just moaning and screaming, ‘Oh, my God,'” one of the former officials said.

The other former official said Danley spoke about Paddock displaying “mental health symptoms.” NBC

They have no mental health history to use on this patsy so they are going to try to fabricate one. In fact, his LACK of a history of mental health issues makes him a BETTER candidate for what they want to do because they want to be able to diagnose mental health issues themselves in the future based on other, less professional criteria. Like comments left on websites or social media posts for example.

Hence, Marilou’s contributions to this effort are critical and, from what I see so far, she’s opting for the Marina Oswald route rather than the one Ibragim Todashev took. Hard to blame her.

Stephen Paddock was carefully chosen to this end in my estimation. He is older, no outward political affiliation to speak of, he is from the upper class and was a country music fan which makes his attack on country music fans even harder to understand.

They wanted someone completely outside the standard model for an event like this because they wanted to show ANYONE could “snap” and be dangerous… ergo, when they pass their “common sense” gun laws they will be able to justify stripping the rights of all sorts of people regardless of whether or not they APPEAR to be dangerous.

In short he’s a perfect candidate… because he isn’t.

He isn’t ISIS. He isn’t ANTIFA. He isn’t Muslim or some radical Christian looking to kill abortion doctors. In short… he’s perfect for what they wanted. He’s a blank slate, a true sleeper cell of one and that is what they are going to sell the people of this country when they come out and say they have “experts” who can apply the algorithm and predict violent behavior from folks to protect us all from this kind of senseless violence.


Of course, with this much planning involved, there is always a motive. This kind of action, this kind of effort isn’t taken by a mad-man gone crazy and flips out and kills bunches of people. It was WAY too contrived for that.

There is a motive. There is ALWAYS a motive. And in that motive we can determine the mental state of the perpetrators. Plural.

Yes, someone is mentally ill. Someone thinks the ends justify the means and the greater good will be served by doing some bad… and that ladies and gentlemen, is true mental illness.

The patients are running the asylum.

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  1. “…he was moaning in his sleep.” What do you bet there will be studies showing sleep agitation is a precursor or sign of a deeper mental health issue. Solution?

    Install this wireless sleep analyzing monitor to give you a better nights’ restful sleep. Comes in 3 tasteful unobtrusive styles. Teddy bear, Jewelry box, and Orwell’s 1984 book. Free Android/Iphone app included. Don’t you owe it to yourself to get the very best night’s sleep….. for the children?
    Hurry while supplies last, Sleeptite only 19.99.

    • Very funny, Ranchpig. I was also thinking of Orwell’s “thoughtcrime” when Scott mentioned “pre-crime”.

    • And Di$info Jones is already doing his usual blatant exaggerating. He’s saying that “the girlfriend is saying he’d lay in bed FOR HOURS moaning and screaming”. SMH. It seems everytime he brings it up he exaggerates more and more. Pretty soon he’ll be saying ‘he was laying in bed FOR DAYS moaning and screaming’.
      This is probably my #1 irritant with Jones. He always shits in the punch bowl by taking real incidents and adding sensationalist lies to bolster his agitprop.

    • This is already a real and popular product for sleep apnea. The new machines to assist with sleep apnea require allowing the companies that sell the machines to monitor you all night, every night, or insurance will not pay for the machine if you are not using it every night and sleeping on their approved schedule.

      • my doctor tried to get me to do a sleep test about 3 weeks ago. I decided to put it off then the hurricane hit and I haven’t yet. I have no intention of doing it.

  2. Been watching this unfold on the m5m and this site. Kudo’s once again for the awesome breakdowns. My friends just stare in disbelief when I bring these topics up. Like I am the one with the disorder! ITM and follow the algo’s. Also totally enjoy watching your YouTube vid’s.

    • yeah I get that a lot. but you know what? Someone I talked to on Tuesday came to me yesterday saying “you know, what you were saying, it makes sense. I watched some videos and listened and yeah, different guns clearly and different locations” so, hang in there. It gets better.

  3. Both Steven Lendemen and Paul Craig Roberts are calling the Mandalay Bay Shooting a Hoax.

    Lendemen cites a ballistics expert who points out that no sounds of bullet impacts or supersonic “cracks” can be herd as the “bullets” pass overhead, in any of the cell phone videos. Ergo the sounds of gunfire were recorded and played from an amplifier somewhere, perhaps atop the hotel.
    Are we done being traumatized by this kind of fraud, people?

    • Christo, it would explain a lot….like why no cell phone videos that depict a real shooting?, why use crisis actors when you should have thousands of concert goers who could be much more believable and relate the real terror of seeing bodies hitting the ground…

      Yesterday I posted a video of an Orange County fireman that was wounded in the leg( fake looking to me} but at 14 sec mark you can see some girls laughing when allegedly gunfire is raining down on them and the guy with the green short clearly states ” thats not a gun”

      There are just so many discrepancies and in light of the aftermath that it seems more logical to me that maybe people were reacting to only the sounds of gunfire while there was no real gunfire

  4. My last comment seems to be lost in the web. My new thought is What is going on with N. Korea or Washington that would need a distraction of this magnitude.

  5. Hey Scott!
    Don’t know if you caught this?

    A mass casualty response training exercise took place just two days prior to the Vegas Shooting

    “That event was simulated: 100 patients, mass casualty, coming in to the 99th Medical Group, which eerily was almost the exact same number of patients we saw downtown …..

    What are the odds? And yes this has gladio/stay behind written all over it!

  6. WP is chewing up my comments again today. well..I’m gonna keep tryin posting.

  7. Scott, they are telling soooo many conflicting stories about Marilou Danley, it will make your head spin. Mine is!

    Right after landing, her lawyer singed nothing about praise about Paddock…how good and kind he was to her etc etc. Then they bring out a fat manatee-esq Starbucks employee, “described the couple’s relationship differently. A supervisor at the coffee shop told the Los Angeles Times that Paddock often berated Danley in public.”


    Like your aunt knows you more than your mother?? Com’on!

    “”I knew Stephen Paddock as a kind, caring, quiet man. I loved him and hoped for a quiet future together with him.

    “He never said anything to me or took any action that I was aware of that I understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen.”


    MSM want us to be asylum bound for sure.

  8. Scott, they are telling soooo many conflicting stories about Marilou Danley, it will make your head spin. Mine is!

    Right after landing, her lawyer singed nothing about praise about Paddock…how good and kind he was to her etc etc. Then they bring out a fat manatee-esq Starbucks employee, “described the couple’s relationship differently. A supervisor at the coffee shop told the Los Angeles Times that Paddock often berated Danley in public.”

    Like your aunt knows you more than your mother?? Com’on!

    “”I knew Stephen Paddock as a kind, caring, quiet man. I loved him and hoped for a quiet future together with him.

    “He never said anything to me or took any action that I was aware of that I understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen.”

    MSM want us to be asylum bound for sure.

  9. You wrote “The patients are running the asylum.”
    That says it all….. perfect description….

  10. Any info on the Paddock family’s possible relationship with FBI? Daddy was a bank robber (but he never hurt nobody). Gangland meth dealing brother who sounds like a wannabe Whitey Bulger. Perhaps the family had lifetime Club Fed membership?

    Oh and not to split hairs dude, or make another unapproved Strangelove reference, but “some random general” was none other than Bircherfuhrer and deviant extraordinaire Edwin Walker. So not random.

  11. Good analysis as always. The pre-crime meme is gaining wind and yes, the whole “you don’t have any privacy anymore” is part of the psychological programming that has been going on for a while. But it is all for the good since there are so many evil people out there that appear quite normal on the surface but harbor horrible intentions underneath.

    i would like to propose we call this “Operation Santa Claus”. Stationed in his all-seeing bunker with freakish little slaves, only he knows who has been naughty and who has been nice. And if you aren’t nice, well then no toys for you.

  12. See video at Northentruther site, kenny’s sideshow. This one is the game changer.

  13. Danley’s official statement says that Paddock surprised her with a ticket to the Phillipines about two weeks ago. A hairdresser is claiming she cut Paddock’s hair two months ago, and both he and Danley mentioned her upcoming trip to the Philippines.

    Also, I thought it odd that her brother reportedly said Danley told him “not to worry” and that “she would handle this” when they spoke following the shooting.

  14. Liberals and leftists should begin examining their anti-gun prejudice. No one in his or her right mind desires violence for the sake of violence, but when push comes to shove, a firearm can serve as a valuable means to defend your life or those of other people. It doesn’t matter if your attacker possesses more physical strength or fighting ability than you- if you have a gun with ammo in your hands, and you know how to use it, you are almost equals. Japanese samurai were unable to understand how a simple tool could render their previouly all-important skills and knowledge obsolete. On both Merika and Mexico, I can see the same effort to habituate people to disarmament and a lack of defense. On the other side of the border, despite the police and defense agencies clearly not doing their fucking job when it comes to keeping the citizens safe from organised crime, as some amateur vigilantes have taken up the initiative, the moraliats continue to cry “You can’t take the law into your own hands!” (but seemingly everyone else, from the cartels to corrupt functionaries, can). Mexicans are not only a weak society afraid to defend themselves, but act self-righteous about it.

  15. This event is a psyop, just like all the others. Stop digging into the bullshit.

    • I agree that it’s a psyop. You only have to look at that crisis actor brother of Stephen Paddock. He displays a zero amount of the trauma that a brother of the biggest mass-murderer in US history would really show. Just look at how often he grins, smiles or chuckles in his interviews.

      I know what you mean about digging into the bullshit but remember, there are always readers of this and similar websites who are new to political topics. This especially applies to young people. So you and I might not need to dig very much into the bullshit but websites like this need to repeat things, and spell things out for the newbies.

      • P.S.

        In fact, if it was real, the brother would be so traumatized that he would not be able to give any interviews at all just one or two days after the event. Would you be able to do it if it was your brother who did such a thing?

  16. here hoping Russia and China will put u.s. Out of our misery
    (without destroying the rest of the precious planet).

    as we the sheeple sleep scurrying in the ratrace

  17. well, what’s to be done? sit & watch as the neo-nazi nightmare,
    this orange devil, push the button, destroy the planet?
    i sure hope there are some retaliatory devices placed underground around d.c. etc as DETERRENT.

  18. Excellent analysis Scott. The insane are indeed in control of the asylum. And not just politically either. They’ve got scientific academia, the business world, and the military industrial complex under tight control now. Three guys just got a Nobel Prize for gravity waves. Good Lord! There are no gravity waves traveling at the speed of light! For crying out loud, the Earth orbits the sun and the orbit is perfectly predicted by Kepler’s equations, which have no time component at all. Yet, light takes 8 minutes to get from the sun to the Earth. If gravity took 8 minutes to affect Earth from the sun, there could be no orbit of the Earth around the sun. It is not just politics that is being presented as an illusion, a big lie. It is the very fabric of what we are supposed to think is our reality.

    • where are crime scene fotos of blood etc

      • you do know blood doesn’t “pool” on grass, right?

        Here’s a girl with some blood on her leg. guess that’s “special effects”? you see what she is lying on?

        they put grass or artificial turf in front of the entire stage area and where most of the people were hanging out watching the show.

        do you know what this liquid is… for a fact, do you know? cus I don’t

        In this one I see spots on the asphalt. don’t know what it is, but there are some spots. can you say… for a fact… it isn’t blood or some of it isn’t blood?

        Lastly, read this. It’s from some who is intimately involved in gunshot wounds. Not as a victim but as an Army medic and later an ER doctor. Gunshot wounds aren’t all the same. Some bleed a lot. Some very little… on the outside. I have known of people having been shot and not even knowing it for an hour or so later. It all depends on where they are struck.

        I don’t begrudge folks having theories about what happened, but if you are going to voice them here, please have a little more than “where are the blood pool photos” to back them up please.

        Every one of these Gladio events is different. Not two are exactly the same. Some involved staged scenes and others involved real attacks.

        I don’t know which this is yet but I have seen little to no evidence to suggest these people, all the cops in Vegas, the thousands of people who were there, the 58 who reportedly died and all of their associated family and friends, the entire medical staff of each one of the 10 or so hospitals who treated the wounded and all the other associated people involved in this are lying.

        In fact, that is a rather contentious and offensive claim and frankly I think it’s made sometimes in an effort to deligitimize the work being done by a lot of researchers out here, me being one of them.

        There are a myriad of reasons to question the official story of what happened last week. I don’t see too many valid ones questioning the legitimacy of the victims as of yet.

        • Thanks, Scott. That definitely needed to be said. I can attest that people were indeed shot–a member of my extended family was among those shot multiple times (most of the wounds were flesh wounds from bullet fragments), along with this person’s partner. Miraculously, their major organs and bones were spared, although they may need surgery to remove the fragments, as the Las Vegas hospital did not perform the surgery (no doubt as both people were stabilized and the beds were needed for the more critically injured). People were being discharged to return to their family physicians/hospitals near their home towns in neighboring towns/states for follow-up care and any surgery that wasn’t immediately needed.

          I also learned from a coworker that a member of his extended family and that person’s spouse were in attendance and witness to the horror, but luckily managed to escape without injury.

          • As with the Aurora massacre, this was one of the first places I turned, as this blog summarizes events well and serves as a kind of aggregator for discrepancies that need to be noted and analyzed before they “disappear” from the news. (For example, Stephen Paddock allegedly stopped by a local senior center to ask the cook there for an enchilada recipe shortly before the shooting. Why? )

            Stephen Paddock’s brother Patrick called him “the least violent brother” among the Paddocks in an interview. Despite that, much of what I’ve read from people who have interacted with him (aside from brother Eric and one former employee), paint a portrait of someone with one or more cluster b and c personality disorders–OCPD especially–and/or possible ASD, plus the possible disinhibiting effects of a prescription medication. Not unlike many other alleged perpetrators in recent mass casualty events.

            Whether these are facts and have any causal relationship to the events in Las Vegas is worthy of discussion and analysis. Indeed, it is possible that individuals with such traits could be prime targets for becoming an unwilling participant in a false flag event due to their particular vulnerabilities.

          • Scott- Were are talking about over 500 people wounded by fire from a high powered rifle. Every one of those injuries should have caused profuse bleeding. We should be seeing large pools of blood on the grass and pavement. We should be seeing long trails of blood with lots of bloody footprints leading out of the concert arena. Except for a few staged looking still shots, the available photographic evidence shows none of this. Its another fake shooting, like Sandy Hook, Aurora, Orlando, Isla Vista, San Bernardino, etc. etc. But thanks for your enlightening commentary.

            • “Were are talking about over 500 people wounded by fire from a high powered rifle”

              no. Not all the injuries were caused by bullet wounds. Many were trampled, broken ankles from running, that sort of thing. I don’t know how many were actually shot. My guess is “a lot” but not ALL of the injured.

              “Every one of those injuries should have caused profuse bleeding. “

              In the movies maybe, but not ALL bullet wounds cause profuse bleeding. I have already linked to an article written in 2015 describing what bullets wounds look like from a former medic in the army and an ER doctor. The major threat from bullet wounds is not external bleeding but internal bleeding. already covered that.

              “We should be seeing large pools of blood on the grass and pavement.”

              How are you going to see a “large pool of blood” on grass? If it is actual grass, it’s going to soak down into the soil. And if it’s astroturf lying on pavement (that’s actually what it is by the way) then blood would soak down through the matting and pool UNDERNEATH the astroturf, so again, you wouldn’t see it. Think about it man. And as for the missing “pools of blood” on the pavement part of the park, there ARE pools of liquid spilled on the pavement in the photos. Can’t tell what they are, but there are some there. Just go look at the images I provided.

            • much appreciate the cogent clear observations re blood at scene.
              Irrefutable Logic. i don’t comprehend why TheHost here so adamantly
              attempts to insist that actual bullets killed & injured hundreds,
              which the scene doesn’t support.

              Plenty of ‘sound & fury’ on the available tapes. The ExerciseDrill was carried out by the Rulers to prove Crowd Panick thru sound effects.
              & Strategy of Tension, Fear & ‘loathing’?, Seizure of Citizens’ capacity to Resist the impending PoliceState aka gun control.

              i heard the hotel cameras are said to not have been operating LoL

              Time due to Git outta Dodge.

              Imminent Financialization Re-Ordering
              aka StockRacketCrash/ dollah debt derivatives Debacle/
              Food-Chain Breakdown. etc …
              F. E. M. A. concentration camps for 3 hots & a cot.

      • this is probably one of the most disturbing photos. the bodies of the dead are blurred out, but you can see where most of them were shot and died. on the astroturf or the grass.

        my point is very simple here… if you have proof of something, by all means, share it. But if you don’t and if it’s possible (likely actually) that this is one of the Gladio events that involved a team of assets actually shooting and killing innocent people, why the hell would you be willing to insult their memories without real facts to back up your claim?

        • I look at the above photo and many questions come to mind. Why were dead bodies left in a field like that?? Who declared them dead with no need to transport or revive? Who made that decision?

          Where are the police( protecting the crime scene}? No EMT or anyone even bothered to cover the dead body?

          Where are any emergency personnel whatsoever ?

          Where is the outrage from families who had a family member left in that field??

          I believe many think there were no real injured because so many ” injured” were interviewed and there injuries simply do not look real.

          The guy in this video is purported to have had a bullet pierce his skull….it.simply does not look real and logic tells me if they have to make video interviews like this then maybe there were no real injured.

          • 1. the bodies are still in the field because, clearly, the shooting just happened or is still going on. The image comes from a bystander, notice his hand in the pic?
            2. they’re just lying there. no one’s made any determination as of yet apparently.
            3. no police and EMT possibly because it just happened.

            sometimes in these events fake victims are added for effect. I agree with that. Numbers of injured will jump up suddenly and some of the victims are suddenly thrust out into the media world ready to take the lead in whatever politization of the event was planned. Sandy Hook is a prime example. But that doesn’t mean real people weren’t shot. Like I said before, it’s a lot easier to pull these off successfully with a couple assets and some small number of officals on the take than it is to get hundreds and hundreds involved in the Big Lie.

            • Well if the shooting is still going on then your bystander taking the photo is not too concerned about ending up like all the people laying in the field that he is photographing….. nor do the others standing off to the side seem to concerned

              If they do mix real victims with fake victims..maybe my problem is that I have only seen videos of fake injuries…some have been posted here on this site……Still waiting on one that depicts a real gunshot wound victim

              With all those allegedly critically wounded…why did the body count not climb in the ensuing days after the shooting?….A rememberance video of the deceased victims was made on Oct 2nd..less than 24 hours after the shooting… did they know more would not die from their wounds?

              I agree that having a few” assets” as you call them to do the shooting would be easier than to hire hundreds of crisis actors but where is the evidence that these assets did any shooting?

              • you mean aside from the sounds of gunfire and the sounds of rounds hitting the pavement on the ground and aside from the photos I just shared and aside from all the people running and screaming?

                • The photos you just shared above are believable to you but not everyone …I stated my reasons that I dont think they are genuine like I said I dont think bodies would be left in a field like that with nobody around while some guy calmly stands there and photos it…but hey……

                  Running and screaming people is not evidence of a team of assets at work…in fact there is no evidence that a team of assets carried this out…None. If someone yelled there was a bomb you could get people running and screaming…You could pay people to run and scream etc etc….

                  Sounds of gunfire is NOT evidence of actual gunfire. Cristo posted on article on this site from ballistics expert stating he did not believe the sounds to be authentic and could have been piped in through the speakers. I am open to all possibilities and just trying to follow the available evidence that is presented to us.


                    piping through speakers, huh? yes… it COULD have been that. Only, about 90% of the people there would have said it was coming through the PA system. Maybe DIFFERENT speakers perhaps? Yes, that is possible as well, only, you would now need to add additional audio engineers and techies to that list of a thousand plus people who knew this was all a big scam… and no one would tell anyone about it. So, we are now back to where we began, right?

                    What I am saying is very simple: if you have solid evidence of something, share it. But I work in evidence here, not “why don’t we see… (fill in the blank)”. yes, they are hiding videos from the security system at the hotel. That’s evidence of a coverup of SOMETHING… what? is the question. In and of itself… it is not proof of anything. part of a puzzle, a piece of it, is not a completed puzzle.

                    But meanwhile, check out the link above. they are already saying they need to start censoring Youtube and Google because some video channels and some websites are promoting the “no victims” story.

                    Just like I said.

                  • actually, there is a lot of evidence a team carried this out as opposed to one guy.

          • Sorry, but if this guy had really been shot in the head his hair would have been shaved off where the injury occurred. Not to mention the fact that he would have a big hole in the back of his head.. Can’t you see that this is fake? Why would this guy be lying if the event were real.

            • sometimes ringers are inserted into pools of victims because they want someone they can count on to promote their agenda in the future. so, his injury may or may not be real… but, as to your question as to why THIS GUY is lying after a REAL event… there is your answer. Your mistake is in thinking it’s ALL “either or” and you haven’t considered the possibility of pre-planned plants being inserted into the mix so THEY can be the spokespeople for the message in the future. Here’s a hint… watch what this guy does in the future in terms of various agenda items. If he becomes a leading “victim spokesperson”, then there you have another clue.

              • It makes no sense to “insert” a fake victim Into the mix, when you have hundreds of real ones to choose from. If this event really happened, then surely they could find a real victim who was all in for the gun control agenda. No Scott, this guy is lying ( as he clearly is) because there are no real victims, and the sponsors of this event need witnesses. This guy will undoubtedly get a Go Fund Me check in the near future. Who know how lucky he is about to get at the slot machines.

                For some more bloodless footage checkout this video from the emergency room door at the hospital:

                Why is the floor spotless? Where are all the bloody footprints from all those good samaritans bringing their friends to the hospital? Seriously, what this looks like is another drill, which is exactly what the ER doctor in charge called it during a televised interview.

          • The man in the video has longish hair… the ER probably shaved just enough to clean the wound and maybe stitch it.. They don’t shave your entire head anymore…. his top layer of hair will fall over the wound. The bullet did not go into his head… it grazed it and came out…. I think this is a real victim.
            And the people blurred out in the other picture…. how many emergency vans can handle those who can walk out or injured to be carried out? Of course they left the dead for later… the injured were handled first…..
            the video of going into the ER… no bloody foot prints? LOL Stretchers are used for badly injured and you are put on one outside and quickly pushed in the Er. Only the able injured have to stop at the ER desk. The hospitals were prepared and waiting for the injured…. they work quickly …..

        • Blurs? No ambulances or responders or cops.
          Insult victims memories?
          Has Everyman gotten his mind right?

          • Ditto.!!!…but my last comment was not posted…..

          • and how long after the shooting was that photo taken? Was the shooting still ongoing? You have no idea. And again, what is your response to my point about “blood pooling” on astroturf? Accusations of “getting my mind right”.


            • Agree with Scott. The no victims argument is a tough sell in this case. Just because the gunshot wounds you’re seeing don’t look like what you’ve seen on the Walking Dead show doesn’t mean it’s all fake, man.

              Based on the penetration of the airport fuel tank some 600 m from the hotel, I assume the shooter(s) were using some sort of military type projectile (i.e., M855A1) designed to penetrate steel/armor. These rounds have poor soft tissue performance at ranges beyond ~300 m. They tend to result in “ice pick” wounds that are only lethal if they hit something important.

              • One thing is certain – An inexcusable crime has taken place and it does not appear likely that it was perpetrated by the accused (ie, patsy). A major crime, another big lie false flag, has been committed against the minds of the American population (yet again). On top of that, it very likely involved the cold-blooded murder of dozens of Innocent people just to sell more fear and hatred, the two largest markets in the current American economy.

                • Just try to imagine what its like to be under O U R taxpayer Bombing
                  Invasions/ ‘special’ forces Death Squads/ Thousand Bases/
                  Contous Threat Of Nuclear Genocide…
                  Damn to Hell all of u.s. NEO-Nazi A B O M I N A T ION.

                  Where did we put that Suitcase in D.C.
                  Ask Kim cuz i ain’t tawkin…

                  • “Just try to imagine what its like to be under O U R taxpayer Bombing
                    Invasions/ ‘special’ forces Death Squads/ Thousand Bases/
                    Contous Threat Of Nuclear Genocide…”

                    I can’t. It’s inconceivable. I can imagine how inconceivable it is, but not what it’s like to actually experience it.

          • You expect a cop to stand guard over a life less body? They knew it was a shooter or shooters .. the police were not in the field….. they were trying to find the shooters .

            what is wrong with you?

            • “what is wrong with you”. Jan’s gotten her mind “right” as well.

              Some of us aren’t disregarding reality, trying to find ways for the Rulers to evade responsibility for another brazen grotesque diabolIcal Hoax Frame-up.

              • One thing for sure, there is nothing wrong with my mind… it is still sharp enough to see that you are deliberately disregarding the facts ..
                of the pain and death of innocent victims…. and yet you do believe it was a frame up … they framed Paddock….. Hoax?
                I think you have your ‘needle’ stuck … get some fresh air and drink plenty of water… you may be dehydrated.

  19. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I lived next door to one of the victims. Kelsey Meadows. My parents know her parents. We are from a small town and everyone knows everyone’s business. She really died at the concert. Take that for what it’s worth.

  20. P.S. Paddock, Stephen… Which Ruler & Agents Murdered Him?

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