American Gladio: The Las Vegas Shooting

by Kurt Nimmo, Medium

At the risk of sounding like what the corporate media dismissively calls a conspiracy theorist, I believe the shooting in Las Vegas was a psychological operation. It wasn’t pulled off by a lone wolf gunman. It was an orchestrated event designed to frighten the American people, establish order out of chaos, and keep the state’s effort to disarm the people front and center.

There are major problems with the official story, most notably the complete lack of a motive. It makes zero sense that a wealthy individual who apparently enjoyed life and didn’t have a history of mental illness would suddenly and without warning kill nearly 60 people. Because this makes virtually no sense, the corporate propaganda media has avoided talking about it.

Instead, its grasps at straws. It cites the fact Stephen Paddock’s father was a bank robber wanted by the FBI. It’s not explained how this would affect Paddock and his alleged behavior. During an interview, Paddock’s brother said they hardly knew their father…

His family and neighbors say Paddock gave no indication that he had converted to Islam, as some believe, or that he was an assassin connected to Antifa. A neighbor said he believes Paddock was a patsy…

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10 Responses

  1. Interesting theory. The lack of motive is strange but many of these killings seem to be based in a strong hate of something.

  2. “It cites the fact Stephen Paddock’s father was a bank robber wanted by the FBI. It’s not explained how this would affect Paddock and his alleged behavior…”

    The reason it’s not explained is that the FBI’s premise is that Stephen Paddock’s blood was tainted by the acts of his father. Legally this notion is called the corruption of blood–and is expressly rejected in the U.S. constitution.

    Notable too is the FBI’s reliance on Paddock’s father merely “being wanted” by the FBI as the basis of its story rather than any conviction by a court. Thus the FBI has no use for that trifle known as the presumption of innocence.

    It’s curious that each time the FBI departs from the law and indeed the rule of law, it inches closer to the English one-supreme-king regime of “law” predating the Magna Carta signed in 1215. Given the fact that the FBI no longer bothers to make even a pretense that it follows the law, one must wonder who its true king is.

  3. There are a lot of whackos in every country but in America they can get their hands on semi-automatic rifles. Stop this and they return to being non-entities who can only dream of carrying out acts of mass slaughter put not fulfilling them.

  4. The photos kind of look like a gun deal gone wrong more than somebody planning a shooting spree. But I highly doubt a real gun deal would be done like this, so it actually looks more like a sting operation pretending to be a gun deal for folks who know nothing about a real one. Sort of reminds me of the whole John DeLorean cocaine setup, which effectively ended competition for the Corvette (and others).

  5. How can a lone gunman in Las Vegas, apparently with no military training or background manages could kill or wound nearly 600 people from a distance of 390 yards in only a few minutes?

  6. Jorge, the exercise/ drill/ frame-up is clearly a blatant Deception
    by The Enemy…the Malignant Overlord Rulers.
    It appears that they are “going for broke”.
    A complete Putsch. Attack N.Korea. PoliceState Lockdown.
    Engineered Financialization Meltdown. Concentration of Wealth.
    Death to amurdika

    • That will be the end of USA as a nation. Who knows if «the Donald» will be the last of the american presidents?

  7. Most of this article is on target, but Nimmo had to insert libertarian talking points, of course. (American society is manipulated for the sake of oligarchs’ wealth at least as much as “The State TM”. These neoliberals in disguise never compare the actions of other govs who aren’t as owned by Wall Street, or they demonise them for the glory of the capitalist free-market gospel.) All of the media pushes propaganda at some time, whether because of incentives, coercion, or the human need to persuade other people in favour of our interests. Moon of Alabama, Ronald Thomas West and other “alternative” blogs or new sites are still idiotically (or dishonestly) harping on RTE while ignoring the Gulenists, Israel, Greater Kurdistan, etc.

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