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  1. Around the 1:15 mark, an automatic weapon fires for nearly 10 seconds. That had to be a drum magazine, not the standard 30-40 round mags we’ve been shown in pics from Vegas…

    And there is definitely TWO different caliber weapons firing, some times together.
    So did Paddock use each arm/hand to hold the assault rifles/machine guns and fire that way?
    Not even Rambo could do that with a drum magazine.

  2. you guys have to let me know when a comment gets eaten by WP. just found a bunch in the SPAM folder. Comments from folks who don’t usually get sent to SPAM. I checked it randomly but I don’t do that often unless someone tells me a comment is missing. Please let know when it happens. Thanks.

  3. Hi The video I talked about from Twitter yesterday…it’s now on Youtube! Bottom left hand side, make of it what you will!

  4. Hi again. Apologies, I should have been more thorough when checking Youtube. The original video of ‘shooter in the fairground’ has appeared. Its unedited which gives a different conclusion after watching…it needs a warning attached too I think.

  5. Paddock’s employment included about two years as a mail carrier from
    1976 to 1978. After that, he worked as an agent for the Internal Revenue
    Service for six years until 1984. He was then an auditor for the U.S.
    Defense Contract Audit Agency, for 18 months before joining a defense
    contractor firm which later became part of Lockheed Martin.

    “Stephen Paddock worked for a predecessor company of Lockheed Martin from 1985 until 1988. We’re cooperating with authorities to answer questions they may have about Mr. Paddock and his time with the company,” Lockheed Martin reportedly said in a statement. Lockheed
    Martin did not disclose which company employed Paddock, but the
    Maryland-based defense contractor was created through the merger
    of Lockheed Corporation and Martin Marietta in 1995.

  6. Not sure if this has been posted yet, but I just read a New York Times article in which Eric Paddock is quoted to have said that Stephen carried two cell phones on him from two different carriers at all times. The brother explains that this was just part of Stephen’s preference for planning and preparedness, in the event that one carrier network was down.

    I found this fact really odd, though, especially for a loner retiree who wasn’t exactly in routine contact even with his closest family members. Two cell phones, two carriers. Why? It would make more sense to say that only one carrier covered one of the areas where he lived and another carrier covered Vegas or another location he frequented, but that’s not the reason the brother provided.

    Also interesting to note is that Stephen Paddock allegedly called security on a noisy neighbor on the floor below him, twice, the night before the shooting. I wish the Times had asked what the neighbor thought when he allegedly looked above his window and saw a curtain flapping in the wind. Was he not evacuated from the suite below the shooter?

    Anyway, I’ll put this here in case anyone else finds it interesting:

    • There’s a story from the Kansas City Star about the man occupying the suite directly below the room with the windows broken. The man is apparently from Emporia, Kansas and is staying at Mandalay the whole week — even after the shooting — for a “work conference”. Don’t know whether this is the same guy referenced by Lambardo, that reportedly alerted authorities to the sound of gunfire in the floor above.


      • certainly sounds like he’s the guy. I wonder if he had a laptop linked to a baby monitor in his room.

        • I was thinking this guy might be able to corroborate the details of the police/FBI report — at least the beginning. For example, if he did call authorities, he could say precisely when because the info might still be on his cell phone (if he used his cell phone for the call).

          Also, I find it odd that he said the “breach” and foot traffic from the police in Paddock’s room was more remarkable (louder?) than the gunfire, which he said he initially dismissed as fireworks. Hell, he didn’t even realize the shooting was emanating from the room above his until he heard the room number announced on his law enforcement scanner. I’m thinking — could be wrong — that having semi-automatic gunfire originating from the hotel room above you would be like waking up to a jackhammer outside your bedroom window: unmistakeable and very loud. Like you would literally be able feel it and smell it.

          A hotel guest down the hall from Paddock’s room also said he initially though the noise was fireworks (I think I read that in a NY Post story).

          • Yes. If Stephen Paddock heard *music* from a room below him and called hotel management to complain, then surely the hotel guest in the room below him could hear the gunfire at an extremely loud level. It sounds extremely loud in the cab driver’s video, which was supposed to be 32 floors beneath the shooter.

    • thank you. that’s interesting

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