Las Vegas Shooting: Taxi Cab Recording Suggests Multiple Shooter Locations

by Scott Creighton

Scott G. sent me a link to a video recorded by a cabbie in Vegas who was at the Mandalay Bay hotel Sunday night waiting in the cab line for a fare. Her video would seem to suggest there were multiple shooter locations during the attack since it is directly underneath where the broken windows were located and on the same side as the shooting. I went to Google earth and made a graphic of the locations so it’s easier to put her location in the proper context before watching the video.

Here is a graphic laying out the scene which shows I am correct in my assessment of the locations.

Here is a screen-shot from her video.

She is right in front of what they call the “porch” at Mandalay. That’s basically the front door. In the graphic it’s where the line from the “the hotel is about 400 yards from the stage” call out is.

Now look at this:

She was right under the windows that were broken out.

Now here’s the video.

You can hear some of the rounds being fired right above her. But you can also hear some being fired from some distance away.

Draw your own conclusions but to me it certainly sounds like there were multiple shooter locations triangulating the concert.

25 Responses

  1. Wow. I lived out in that area for a while and like this cab driver, I cannot comprehend the lack of reaction. I have often compared security and police out there to the ghouls that come up from the underground in the movie “Ghost” and just disappear the bad guy. And yes, the shots seem to be coming from multiple directions/distances – they are not echoes.

  2. Looks like another Sandy Hook if u ask me. Hundreds wounded and thousands of people with cell phones taking video, yet not one drop of blood anywhere. And the same crisis actors being interviewed, sticking to the “script”.
    MSM sticking to there script…mainly how high capacity mags need to be banned, bump triggers (which they say he used, a legal mechanism that can increase rate fire to almost full auto) need to be banned and of course scary black rifles need to be banned.
    I’m calling Bull Shit. Lots of good videos on You tube breaking it all down folks. And of course Scott doing excellent detective work!

  3. You are the first place I check Scott. Look forward to hearing your thoughts later today. Surreal world we live in. Glad I took the red pill.

  4. Per the official report, two windows were broken, on different sides of the building (Paddock’s suite was right on the corner), so is it possible the remote sounding shots came from the window which was around he building corner? Silencers? Very little here makes sense, nothing in his background remotely suggests someone primed to commit mass murder, least of all of country music fans. No explanation how he got so many automatic weapons into his room. Or why he had explosives, but in his car.

  5. The taxi cab video has a much better “ring of realism” to it, but I still don’t completely trust it. There are so many people who have been interviewed that I *know* are acting. Also there are people who look a lot like crisis actors that have been used in the past. Like Gene Rosen and Paddock. Or this nurse.

  6. At least the patsy, er perp, didn’t have to drop his passport.

    Why do I get the feeling that the same SOB’s behind 9/11 were the ones who did the Vegas massacre?

    There’s definitely more than one shooter and different caliber weapons, but you wouldn’t know that watching CNN.

    From here, it only gets worse until they declare martial law and start going into homes, confiscating weapons.
    That will be interesting.

  7. The thing is after these incidents weapon and anmo sales go up. These occurrences are actually good for the weapons manufacturers.
    Also, I hardly think the government (or whomever controls it) are overly concerned about people with some rifles, they’ll just send a drone and blow up a whole block (Google what they did to “The Move” in Philly) or incinerate everything and everyone, women and children included, like they did to Koresh – hey, that group was armed to the teeth, lot of good it did them.
    There’s more at work here. I’m not quite certain what, sort of a domestic slow motion “Shock and Awe” – do not underestimate the usefulness of a frightened and therefore malleable populace.

  8. I haven’t seen this eyewitness interview getting much attention. The interviewer fails to answer the obvious followup questions, of course (like, “wait, did you actually see these shooters? How do you know they were on ground level and were moving in to shoot from a closer vantage point?” etc.

    • Not only she has no interest in understanding what this poor girl is frantically trying to explain, but the interviewer also makes sure to correct the eyewitness story and say “The law enforcement is pretty sure that it was only one shooter and it came from the 32nd floor”.

      • Exactly.

        • Also, watching it again, as soon as the young woman says, “There was definitely someone on the ground,” the interviewer turns to the young man and starts asking about whether any of their friends are missing in action.

  9. Someone line up the taxi cab close up shooting sounds to the 4th floor gun flashes in another video and it will confirm more than one shooter.

  10. Worth a look and listen:

  11. Via a comment on Zero Hedge, eyewitness (earwitness) on different sounding shots, shots coming closer, multiple shooters (not actually seen):

  12. One thing you’re forgetting, one window is directing perpendicular to her, while the other is at a nearly 90° angle from her. One window she will hear both the muzzle sound and the supersonic blast. The other window she will only hear the muzzle blast, but probably not the supersonic blast.

    • Ok. We can go from there. Yeah, it’s not actually 90° if you look at the layout of the building, but it certainly might make a slight difference. True enough. However, they are both above her 32 floors. The average ceiling height and truss height added together and we are looking at something like 320 to 360 or so feet above her. The distance between the broken windows was what? 50′? Build the triangle in your head and ask yourself if the difference between those broken windows at that distance (remembering she is right below them) would produce the difference in the sound we hear in her video AND her sitting there convinced they are coming from totally different locations. Possibly… maybe… but I don’t think so. Not that much of a difference. May have contributed some to what we heard, but not the striking differences that makes her video stand out from all the rest due to her location. That’s just my opinion of course.

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