It Took Authorities an Hour and Twelve Minutes to Breach Shooter’s Hotel Room Door

by Scott Creighton

see UPDATE at end of article

Here’s an interesting tidbit of info:

“It’s a large hotel and that’s probably why it took them an hour and 12 minutes before they were able to figure out exactly which room he was shooting from and then to get to that location and figure out how they’re going to do the entry.” CNN law enforcement analyst Art Roddick

That is 72 minutes it took before they blew out the door and found Stephen Paddock dead “by his own hand”

How long did the shooting last you ask?

The gunshots lasted for 10 to 15 minutes. It didn’t stop,” said witness Rachel de Kerf.

He stopped firing for an hour before they blew the door and found him dead? Why?

My guess would be that estimate is on the high side because time would naturally seem to slow for someone in such a situation. But still, even that one leaves about an hour between the last shots fired and them finding Paddock dead.

From what I understand, authorities weren’t even on the same floor as the suspected room for most of that time.

As officers approached Paddock’s suite, he opened fire, shooting a security guard in the leg, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo told reporters Monday.
The first responders retreated and waited for SWAT to take the shooter out. CNN

One full hour after the shooting stopped is when they breached the door and went in to find him dead. A lot can happen in an hour. Why did he stop shooting? There were still targets on the ground out there. Probably first responders and people trying to help each other. They found 23 guns and tons of ammo, right? So why did the “crazy man” on a rampage with no known motive stop shooting?

Food for thought I guess.

UPDATE: Ok. Think about this.

We know it took over an hour for authorities to breach the door after shooting stopped right?

And we know from the cabbie video it certainly seems like someone was firing from different locations, correct?

Here’s the issue: if there were other shooters from other locations, ballistic reports would turn up bullets fired from guns that WERE NOT IN THAT ROOM.. right?

Stands to reason.

So… why so many guns in the room? Why extras to go along with the two set up on tripods?

According to the reports, a group of authorities went upstairs soon after the shooting stopped. They say they went down the hall to the door of the room the shooter was in and they were repelled by gunfire from the shooter.

So some form of authorities went up to the 32nd floor and actually went to the room well after the shooting stopped.

You get where I am going with this?

If the audio tracks of those various videos are accurate and IF people were actually shot from different locations, then they would HAVE to get those rifles into that room.

6 Responses

  1. It just sounds like another insanely improbable false event. I don’t know who actually was shooting, but I don’t think it was Mr. Paddock.

  2. Mandalay Bay Hotel owned by MGM Resorts International lost huge amounts of stock value when the hotel-shooter fired on the festival crowd. It doesn’t seem like the hotel owners are Jewish.. I point that out because about 95% of casinos are owned by Zionist Jews.. the Indian owned and operated casinos are separate and on American Indian reservations (and they make more profit than their competitors).
    Now… this event would not want to be connected directly with the Zionists-Jews of Israel but could they have set this up for gun control reasons and to eliminate a non-Jewish competitor?

    • Is it possible to find out who, if anyone, shorted their stock immediately before the big event?

      • That is a good question….. I wouldn’t know how to check.

        • @Jan10, it’s time to invite larry silverstein to pull it -Mandalay Bay that is. Tramp’s sugar daddy sheldon adelson owns tons of mega casinos in Vegas. And there is Steve Wynn:

          “Steve Wynn was born Stephen Alan Weinberg in New Haven, Connecticut on January 27, 1942. His father, Michael, who ran a string of bingo parlors in the eastern United States, changed the family’s last name in 1946 from “Weinberg” to “Wynn” when Steve was six months old “to avoid anti-Jewish discrimination”

          As you can see…Muslims run Vegas, Baby! 😀😀

  3. [edit: removed by administrator and user banned for placing someone else’s email address in comment as if it is their own]

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