Twenty Rifles found in Hotel Room, Two Automatic Sniper Rifles W/Scopes on Tripods in Front of Windows

by Scott Creighton

The New York Times is reporting Stephen Paddock had “at least” 20 RIFLES in his hotel room with two set up on tripods in front of the broken windows… equipped with scopes.

Right Now At least 20 rifles were found in the hotel room of the gunman in the Las Vegas mass shooting, a law enforcement official confirmed, along with hundreds of rounds of ammunition…

The police found the gunman, whom they identified as Stephen Paddock, 64, dead in his room at the hotel

Among the weapons authorities discovered were two rifles with scopes on tripods positioned in front of the two windows that had been broken out, one of the law enforcement officials said. New York Times

20 rifles in his hotel room? His car was still with the valet service. How is Paddock supposed to have gotten 20 RIFLES past the valet and doorman at the hotel? I would love to see that security cam video.

We know from the videos that these were fully automatic weapons. And if they were set up on tripods with scopes, most likely they were fully automatic sniper rifles, which are VERY expensive.

Also we know from the videos that it certainly sounded like two rifles being fired at the same time. From photos of the broken windows, if it was a large suite he was in, the shooters (yes plural) would have been 40 to 50 feet apart so it certainly couldn’t have been one guy running back and forth between the rifles on tripods.

As I wrote in a previous article this was a grandfather who loved country music who showed up to the hotel on Thursday so he could gamble and party all weekend and attend the country music festival which started on Friday. It makes no sense that he would suddenly decide to go on a rampage against country music fans. He was a country music fan. And after spending all weekend at the festival, he must have known a number of people attending the concert that night.

This was a professional job probably carried out by outside contractors who jumped on a private jet and headed out of country minutes after the shooting.

Oh yeah, by the way, the Di$info Jone$ crowd is saying it WASN’T a false flag but instead… they are saying Stephen was “radicalized” by da ebil Moooslims and their “secret sources” are saying he wasn’t found dead in his hotel room (because that makes it look like he’s a patsy) the cops shot it out with him in a blaze of GO ‘MERIKA! glory and they found “ISIS” material on his person.

Di$info Jone$ has turned into a fat, male Rita Katz right before our very eyes.

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17 Responses

  1. Fox news is already reporting that various political leaders ( didn’t catch all their names) are calling on more gun control.
    The whore media is going by the script just like they did on 9/11.

  2. this entire thing is confusing. I watched a part of a video of a man proving that false flags are mostly ‘set up’… what we see is like a production. (a commentor left the link)
    Watching that man run while taking his own picture…. why do that? Wouldn’t he be scared that he might trip while he is looking into his phone? Wouldn’t he be too scared to even think of videoing his self?
    and some one left a picture of a man standing and watching cops hiding under and around a car as they were trying to avoid bullets.
    could this have been a flash crowd of runners and just a terror production? And why do that? We watch tV all the time and see all kinds of terror…. but we know it is pretend…..
    this seems so real…. and the media says it is….. yet so much of it seems fake…. like Paddock could not have done this… and two weapons were being fired…. yet one man is accused.
    how would a person know the truth….
    Clearly more that one man was doing the shooting… and professional killers….. and they left quickly…
    yet, how did they get so many weapons past security…. a lot of people had to be involved…. boggles my little mind….

  3. They are saying also that he was a wealthy real estate agent:
    This goes to show us the enemy can be anyone among us, including a retired wealthy real estate agent. If Trump could be co-opted to become Putin’s agent why is it hard to believe that this guy was co=opted by ISIS? Real estate agents seem to be particularly vulnerable, except for honorable exceptions like Jared.

  4. they always seem to go overboard with the number of guns in these things, don’t they? a good marksman only needs one rifle & as much ammo as he wants to shoot. it’s ridiculous to think that one guy would carry 20 rifles anywhere if he’s the only one shooting.

    • That’s an excellent point. What kind of hunter would be stupid enough to bring multiple guns to a hunt, for example? You’d get killed by a bear trying to switch between them.

    • It just goes to show you that a stronger story does not necessarily relate best to true physical events, but rather what makes the most intense psychological impact on the audience (who tends not to analyze things very rationally).

    • Tried four times to reword a comment, but it gets censored by the WordPress thought police.

  5. Automatic sniper rifles on tripods? Didn’t they already do that in that movie Shooter? And why bother with scopes?

    • Good point Edgar. Why scopes?

    • Precisely BECAUSE it was in a popular movie and our brilliant public mingles their perceptional reality with the delusional fiction of their beloved movies. The orchestrators understand that the emotional and psychological impact is far more effective than the objective believability or forensic tracability here. Forensic analysis could prove the official narrative to be undeniably and factually false here and the majority of our starstruck population will still believe it. Why? Because they WANT to believe it more than they are willing to accept the alternative. It pulls on their heartstrings and their hatestrings and believing proveably false nonsense continues to protect them from having to confront that they cannot trust those that they feel they need to trust in order to avoid taking full and insecure responsibility over their non-guaranteed and fragile lives.

  6. Oh look – ANOTHER video showing muzzle flashes from the lower center of the building, not the outer edge of the 32nd floor. That makes 3 videos I’ve seen that show muzzle flashes coming from around the 12th to 18th floor in the center of the building – nowhere near where the news photos show the blown out windows.

  7. “Di$info Jone$ has turned into a fat, male Rita Katz right before our very eyes”?

    Di$info Jone$ has been a fat, male Rita Katz since he started broadcasting.

  8. Scott – are you thinking there WERE shooters in the 32nd floor blown out windows? There are several videos of that area while the shooting is happening that show no muzzle flashes as far as I can tell. But you posted the muzzle flash video from the lower center of the building and there are at least 2 others that I posted from that same location on the building. I really want to know if there’s a blown out window down there where the muzzle flashes are seen in 3 videos (or maybe even a small hole cut with a glass cutter).

    • I don’t know. I am just posting what I find as I find it. I do know from the video I saw that I first reported on in my first video that I couldn’t see a muzzle flash from that area while the shots were taking place. However, a trained sniper wouldn’t set up his tripod directly in front of the broken window. He would set it back and probably use a flash suppressor so as to make it harder for someone to pinpoint his location, so you might not see it anyway… even if two were firing from those locations. It would make sense to set up the patsy in a room no one was firing from but… what would draw law enforcement to that floor if, long after the windows were broken out, nothing was happening up there? One of the videos purporting to show shots coming from lower floors was put up by that Dan guy who hangs out with Trump, has a crooked multimillionaire as a daddy and claims to have been special forces and owns tons of guns. He’s clearly a merc these days though he says he’s a pro gambler and “venture capitalist”. He’s also a scumbag who just happened to have his phone out so he could film himself running and making a quirky little comment as the first volley of shots rang out. So I believe that guy about as far as I could throw his bloated wallet with all the coke in it.

      I’m just trying to figure stuff out right now. I’ve only been on the story for 24 hours.

  9. Some police scanner recording:

  10. Something is really off about all this. Have you seen the footage of apparent gunfire from the 4th floor? I wrote a blog post about it today, but then again, as my post says, I love a good conspiracy theory anyhow.

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