Paddock, a Country Music Fan and Grandfather, Goes to Vegas to Gamble and Take in 3-Day Country Music Event… then flips out and kills country music fans?!?

by Scott Creighton

This just goes to show this makes no sense.

Stephen Paddock’s brother didn’t even know he had long rifles, much less several fully automatic ones. Stephen was a grandfather and in a happy relationship with Marilou.

Not only that but according to this accounting it seems he was a big fan of country music and it appears he went to Vegas on Thursday so he could gamble that night and check out the 3-day country music festival.

Recordings of the attack suggested that Paddock used an automatic weapon. Paddock, who arrived at the hotel on Thursday, was found with more than 10 rifles, Lombardo said. Relatives said they knew Paddock owned guns, but believed they were legal…

A retired man, Paddock often visited Las Vegas to gamble and take in concerts, his relatives said. Public records show he was a licensed pilot, who owned two planes. And he had a hunting license from Alaska. For several years, he appeared to live in Mesquite, Tex. But property records show he chose to move to another town named Mesquite in Nevada, where he bought a home in 2013 and has been living there ever since.

Paddock’s family said there was nothing in his past that would suggest violence. “We are in complete shock bewilderment and horror. We have absolutely no idea how in the world Steve did this. Absolutely no concept,” said one relative, who spoke anonymously to avoid hurting other relatives. “There was nothing secret or strange about him.”

Family members said that Paddock spent much of his retirement in recent years staying in hotels in Las Vegas and gambling. They said he listened to country music and went to concerts at Vegas hotels. Antimedia

The festival was a 3-day event starting on Friday and ending Sunday. So he went there to gamble and watch the country music concerts. It makes absolutely no sense he would flip out and decide to kill a bunch of country music fans.

The other issue is, yes, he did gamble a lot but if he was in that suite for that festival, chances are they didn’t comp it for him because he gambled a lot. That’s a very expensive suite and the festival would mean they were booked solid for the weekend. How could he afford that?

One more thing… 10 guns? In a Vegas hotel with a casino downstairs? How the hell could he get those past security?

None of this makes sense. And of course, he was dead on arrival of the authorities… “by his own hand”… so we will never hear his side of the story.

I’m sorry but that story makes no sense at all.

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9 Responses

  1. The story makes perfect sense. Another Operation Gladio. And people thought things would change under Trump??

  2. Waiting for lists of the dead/”dead” to figure out who the targets were, which may point to what this operation was meant to accomplish. Beyond commanding attention, of course.

  3. I have to confess something terrible: I was once traveling in the same car with people who loved country music and had it on the radio for several hours, after which I had a brief episode of intensely wishing to kill them. Luckily this happened close to the end of the trip so I will never know what I am capable of, although I like to think that if I had had firearms within reach I would have (1) been able to control my murderous impulse or (2) at least only killed “them” and no bystanders. There! I confessed. So, do I think it possible he had poorer self-control than I? Yes….. Please, don’t jump on me, country music fans.

  4. You’re right. It makes no sense at all — unless you realize it was another false flag phony terrorism scenario with an older white guy instead of Muslims.

  5. Why would it be hard to get rifles into his suite? Don’t people haul up large suitcases to these suites all the time? Are all suitcases searched in Vegas?

    • well, unless they all had folding stocks, those are really large suitcases. And how many could fit in one? two? three? we are talking about 20 rifles now.

    • The entire lone gunman story is already pretty preposterous as it is with a million holes in it. The “twenty rifle and tripods” and all that story is even more preposterous.

      But, technically speaking, he would not need to bring them in all in one go… Someone who has been staying there for three days could easily have all these weapons in his parked car (which do not go thru any kind of security check), and walk back in with a regular size duffle bag or suitcase or even a golf bag (which also do not get checked at all) every time he’d go out. Which makes me think that all such public venues will soon be adorned with Chertoff’s body scanners.

      In any case, the exaggerated weapon count is probably to make it sound more like an arsenal than a couple of weapons anybody might have.

  6. Hi colleagues, its great paragraph on the topic of cultureand fully explained, keep it up all the

    • The evidence leads me to believe this was well planned and is most likely a government run false flag. No better place to change perception on gun control than by shooting up a place where 90% of the people are pro gun. The smoking gun should be in stock manipulation. If anyone can find who was putting put options down on Mandalay bay and buying heavily in gun manufactures in the weeks leading up to the event.
      I’ve been hearing rumors that osi systems is involved in trying to put metal detectors in hotels.
      Who benefits from this? Trump, law enforcement, gun manufactures, private security companies, anti gun people,the media, and mike cronk lol.
      Who loses? Innocent people, the paddock family, anti gun control people, the constitution, Puerto Rico

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