Las Vegas Shooting Updates: 20 Rifles in Hotel Room, 2 Automatic Sniper Rifles on Tripods (AE video)

It seems pretty clear there were two shooters using fully automatic sniper rifles with scopes on tripods. Stephen was a grandfather who loved country music and went to the festival to gamble and party. Story makes no sense.

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  1. There’s no such thing as a “fully automatic sniper rifle”. Only the first shot would be accurate, which is the whole point of a sniper rifle. Semi-automatic sniper rifles, however, are common.

    • uh, wrong. the Dragunov SVU-A is “(Sniper Rifle Shortened) is a bullpup configuration of the SVD sniper rifle” “A” stands for “automatic”. its a fully automatic sniper rifle.

      “A special muzzle brake was added that could absorb up to 40% of the recoil energy and an elastic butt stock with lamellar spring was non-rigidly attached to the receiver. The acoustics of the rifle were also improved by adding a sound suppressor. The other main improvements made to the SVU over the SVD include replacement of the butt stock, pistol grip, trigger and the mounting for the sight; and shortening the barrel by 100 mm achieved perfect balance for the weapon.”

      the Heckler & Koch HK417 has a fully automatic selection as well. or some of them do. not all maybe.

      I mean, it could be a modified AR-15 for that matter. Me calling it a “sniper rifle” does not mean its something that was on the grassy knoll, but they do have auto snipers. they are just slightly more accurate tactical weapons designed to be mounted and used in distance with scopes rather than just regular sights. Could have been something like these or it could have been something else. But authorities say they were automatics, we can hear they are automatic weapons, and usually no one puts a scope and a tripod on an AK. so, yes, “fully auto sniper rifle” suits what I am talking about.

      • Hmm.

        The automatic fire sounds like a whole lot more than the 30 rounds from a rifle box magazine. It would have to be a drum magazine, or a belt-fed machine-gun.

  2. are there any photos of blood?

    The ‘authoritys’ story is P R E P O S T E ROUS .

    Who makes this stuff up?

    A ‘beta test’ before a nuclear nine-eleven?

    • there is actually a bill on the floor in the House I believe that was suppose to be voted on this week which would have weakened some already existing restrictions on gun ownership.

  3. This cabbie’s video is crazy! So close to the gun shots, or at least some of the gun shots.

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